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Montenegro ToSapv 
Was he just a stan in for mouz for this last game vs hr?
2015-02-24 23:02
he was a stand-in but kassad said that he thinks he will join mouz
2015-02-24 23:03
should be good for him,huge talent..but idk if mouz is the good team to join,they choke pretty hard at lan. legija failed badly katowice qualifiers,chirsj wasn't so impressive either...if they can't play like they do online then they won't do any damage on lan(where is the most important)
2015-02-24 23:06
Netherlands MarcJ 
"chirsj wasn't so impressive either" ChrisJ was beast at Katowice LAN lol.
2015-02-24 23:07
Said the guy called "MarcJ" ahaha But seriously ChrisJ played lights out in the qualifier, pretty much the only reason they managed to get so many rounds vs Kabum and C9
2015-02-24 23:19
Had that name before I even played CS :P
2015-02-24 23:30
I was just joking man :D
2015-02-24 23:33
I know I know :P Just thought I'd make that comment, because.. You know.. HLTV..
2015-02-24 23:35
I know :P Just thought I'd make that comment.
2015-02-24 23:37
would give 100 sympathy points towards mouz from my site if this happens
2015-02-24 23:05
It was so awkward watching him alone in B on Dust 2, that's not where he belongs on that map.
2015-02-24 23:05
first game top fraging..not bad let hope for him he deserve a good team
2015-02-24 23:06
dunno he can speak english
2015-02-24 23:06
Nikolinho finally has some decent team
2015-02-24 23:06
iNation changed 2 or 3 players, mouz will be much better for Niko now.
2015-02-24 23:07
he have legia to tranlate to him i think so
2015-02-24 23:08
AFAIK as a stand in, he still plays for iNation, but he can easily play for any Top team in the world, he is very good
2015-02-24 23:09
i didnt check the match he was playing? lol nice
2015-02-24 23:34
Whatsup with Mouz? Dropping Allu because they don't want to speak in english and now they add Nikolinho? If they are going down that road they should just add Scream as well -Zonixx -Legija +Nikolinho +Scream
2015-02-24 23:40
Serbia k1za 
If they want to keep niko in the team they need legija as well because he's translating calls on serbian to niko.Niko doesn't speak english.
2015-02-24 23:45
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