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World wexy-qk 
Hello! In school there is a girl I really like. We talk often and flirt or what u call it. At least it is how I see it (i sound like rapist) and yesterday I was on a party in her city and I told her to show me around. The problem is that just before I was with my friends playing a drinking game, I lost and drank a lot of vodka + red bull... So i was kinda drunk when we walked.. My plans were to tell about my feeling etc when we walked.. Today, I'm invited to another party where she will be.. what should I do? Plz help no rage m10s
2015-03-14 09:28
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just talk to her?
2015-03-14 09:36
2015-03-14 09:38
Haha.. yes.. but what to say? How to express the feelings? Espcially now when i have fucked up..
2015-03-14 09:39
just apologise her, say u are drunk
2015-03-14 09:40
Act like nothing happened, just be yourself and have fun with her..she probably doesn't even care. Only explain the situation if she brings it up.
2015-03-14 09:44
just say hey, sorry about last time, i was really drunk... and go on from there
2015-03-14 09:43
Ignore her...flirt with another girl on todays party ;)
2015-03-14 11:53
This is basically how it works.
2015-03-14 12:38
This works 100% ;)
2015-03-14 13:00
In movies yes. If it's a classy, well educated girl it won't even work for 1%, if it works, she's a slut without feelings. Oh you kids.
2015-03-14 13:54
Can confirm 100%
2015-03-15 21:41
fuck party, watch katowice instead
2015-03-14 09:37
+1 you will find girlfriend later, now just watch ESL ONE KATOWICE!!!
2015-03-14 10:46
Belgium -KvL- 
I didn't go to my own marriage because of Overtime on ESL ONE Katowice
2015-03-14 11:36
2015-03-14 15:26
Chile shinteiner 
+1 cs>social life
2015-03-14 12:39
just go there and see how it goes. dont try to force things there, but make sure to keep in touch with her and make a date if the situation there doesnt fit to get further
2015-03-14 09:39
being drunk does not mean you fucked up...tell her you were with your friends and drank...and that's why you were so retarded...she'll probably find it funny... and if she flirted with you also (and it's not all in your head) you should be fine :)
2015-03-14 09:42
Thanks! Talked with her, she was understanding and she thought it was funny! I mean, i just talked about how i fucked up and that i wasnt supposed to be drunk
2015-03-14 10:30
apolagise for whatever u did last night and just kiss her lol dont talk about feelings
2015-03-14 09:54
Serbia k1ss 
Honestly, all you have to do is be like:" Hello, sorry for the last time, i was kinda drunk and that wasn't a plan cause i wanted to talk with you about something but obviously i wasn't able to that day. However, now i am str8 and i was thinking about this alot, i dont know how you will react or do you even like me but i really like you and i wanted to tell you that" I mean, maybe sounds like a gay story, but it works
2015-03-14 10:00
2015-03-14 10:11
Serbia k1ss 
sasha grey?
2015-03-14 10:12
yes my frent, but not yestest( JW yestest)
2015-03-14 10:14
Thanks! Best advice so far! Since she is good friend and we go in the same school i dont want to "force" a kiss if u understand, I want to talk and first see that we are on the same page so to say
2015-03-14 11:37
Romania blg- 
do what you did yesterday
2015-03-14 10:09
your a complete idiot, if you are searching answers on HLTV. nothing more to add
2015-03-14 10:15
Say to her let's make a baby let's do something crazy. :D
2015-03-14 10:16
2015-03-14 10:51
What is bullshit? This is true story, just from yesterday
2015-03-14 10:54
don't show that you are interested in her and its ok and don't drink stupid shit drink only water
2015-03-14 12:45
Brazil Dubaldo 
You were playing CS yesterday
2015-03-14 10:55
tell her you've got a dragon lore
2015-03-14 10:55
Germany Chivezz 
Wow vodka + redbull. I love dat but redbull is kinda expensive You seem to have enough Money just buy her Now for real I always hate it to talk about feelings n stuff when im not sure what she thinks about me . Normally i try just try to Kiss the Girls before things get serious Its ez on a party and you only balls for 3 seconds and If she doesnt want you can say on the next day you were drunk EzPz
2015-03-14 11:02
don`t think about how will she think about you , just being honest with her, unless you want to fk her./ which you need to lie/
2015-03-14 11:10
nice imaginary story, you were sitting at home watching ESL
2015-03-14 11:12
Just have fun, laugh and talk. If you start about love the game will be over very quick. It's a party so you can even dance with her. Get close and you will know when to go for it bro. It's not that difficult to see if a girl is into you or not (unless she has some kind of attention disorder combined with Histrionic Personality Disorder. < - - in this case they always act and are not themselves.
2015-03-14 11:13
you were drunk and didnt do anything? not even say something? rip.
2015-03-14 11:14
No, we talked all the way, but not about what I was supposed to do.. and I talked 1 sec about this and 1 sec about that..
2015-03-14 11:31
yes. rip
2015-03-14 13:50
y u post this on hltv... OuO But, just continue talking to her and show that ur interested in her. No need to say it, but just so she understands. Then when the time's right, try kissing her. :P
2015-03-14 11:23
EDIT: 1 more problem.. when I'm with her I dont think straight.. I dunno.. im just fucking retarded i guess.. ggwp need advice from Pasha
2015-03-14 11:35
looks like you are already crazy about her. Well don't be. Something that is hard 2 get is more interesting then something thats easy 2 get. Dont go all crazy, play it cool. Let her come to you bro.
2015-03-14 11:59
Basically, if you wanna get things started between you and her, your goal is the kiss. Forget the never-ending wave of "I really like you and I was wondering how you felt about me?". This thing leads nowhere. To kiss her, follow these three simple steps: 1. Isolate her from any kind of group (you don't need to be alone in a room, just apart from anyone else). 2. Find a way to sexualize the interaction, for example dancing is a good way to do it (which should automatically isolate you as well). I'm talking about sexualizing, not having sex alright? Don't pull your dick out all of a sudden. I think you get it, but I prefer to be captain obvious. 3. If you feel like she's having a good time (and you as well, it's also important) then you can kiss her. Don't go too fast, you'll scare her, don't go too slow, you'll appear hesitant. As an example, the speed should be the same as if you're kissing good night to someone who's about to go to sleep, natural pace. Once you kissed, you have something going with her. It doesn't mean it's official yet, but you're going somewhere. Just go with the flow from there, you'll be fine. P.S. If she denies you the kiss, stop straight away, don't try to force her, and keep the interaction going as naturally as you can, it may only be too soon and you may have another chance. If she denies you 2 or 3 times, it's time to end the interaction (POLITELY). Go find your friends and have fun, don't stay alone chewing over what happened, it won't do you any good. Who knows, maybe there are other girls who want to have fun at this party? It doesn't necessarily mean she's not interested in you, she may have other reasons, but whatever these reasons are, they're her problem, and you should have a good time with people who actually want to have fun. Don't be scared of rejection, it's the best way to know what people want and also what YOU want.
2015-03-14 12:06
They should make a movie about you picking up girls. Oh wait, they did, its called American pie.
2015-03-14 12:09
I prefer Roger Dodger.
2015-03-14 12:20
World konraderpils 
this !!! i post it in one sentence because my english is not good enough to write it like u :D but i mean the same :D
2015-03-14 12:10
Man, I LOVE YOU. Thanks! Fucking gr8 tips! Thank you! I totally understand what you mean and you are a funny guy! Thanks!
2015-03-14 12:13
World konraderpils 
why talk on party o_O drink drink drink dance with her kiss and more .... and you will see :P
2015-03-14 12:08
I haven't explained it quite good, but I was on a party not her. It's complicated but I was there and she couldnt come so I went out with her and walked
2015-03-14 12:14
don't confess m8 just try and see if she's interested. be confident, grills hate when you start being a pussy around them
2015-03-14 12:21
1) do not drink too much at that party cuz you have to control yourself 2) wait until you're alone with her in a calm corner 3) be a man and ask her if she wants to go out with you (restaurant, café, cinema...) cuz you like her (don't say anything about love or some shit) 4) if she says yes - she is probably interested in you as well, you have all options GL if she says no - make her drink a lot of alcohol at that party and fuck her, then ignore her (she will come to you - believe me)
2015-03-14 12:35
"if she says no - make her drink a lot of alcohol at that party and fuck her, then ignore her (she will come to you - believe me)" That's a terrible behaviour, and just so you know, in many countries it can be considered as rape (depending on the quantity of alcohol she drinks). I truly hope you're trolling. If you're not I hope one of these gals will stab your balls with a broken beer bottle ^^.
2015-03-15 00:30
I didn't say anything about rape lol. apparently you don't know much about girls cause if they're drunk they do a lot, so he has better chances to be successful if she drinks much alcohol. Of course he should not abuse her when she is drunk and defenseless lol
2015-03-15 10:44
I know you didn't say anything about rape. Do you know that if a person loses the capacity to think clearly (alcohol or not by the way), having sex with this person can be considered rape by the law? Of course girls do a lot when they're drunk, that's what alcohol do, taking off inhibitions, that's why you shouldn't have sex with them when they are drunk, or at least make sure they're still completely conscious of their actions. But more than that, making a girl drink because she said she's not interested in going out with you is a sad, immature and dangerous behaviour. Not to mention pure manipulation. It has nothing to do with "knowing much about girls", it has to do with refusing the reality and trying to force things upon someone.
2015-03-15 15:36
oh my god, honestly gtfo. everyone does it, even you. you go to a club and why? because you know the girls there drink alcohol and you want to have fun with them. now don't pretend being the moral master here
2015-03-15 20:21
I go to clubs because I know girls who go there want to have fun, which means they potentially want to have fun with me. I don't make them drink because I'm frustrated over being rejected (though like any other man in this world, I have been). I'm fully aware though that in parties and clubs many people can drink alcohol, and everyone is responsible for how much they drink, but it's no reason to make a girl drink just to get in her pants, and it's no reason to abuse a girl who obviously had too much alcohol to have the capacity to think properly. Furthermore, for god's sake have some self-esteem, are your social skills that low that you need them to be walking corpses to have sex with them? I don't think so. But the fact that you think everyone would do such a thing is even more disturbing. I don't know what kind of people you party with, but if that's the way you were taught to hit on girls, it's a shame, and I would advise you to stay away from the people who do that. I'm certainly not the moral master, like anyone I have done things I'm not proud of in my life, and probably will do a few more, but the purpose of doing wrong things is to learn from them, not to do the same wrong things again and again until you think they're good things. Also, there are things for which you can use your experience, your empathy and your logic in order to never make the mistake. Just put yourself in the head of the girl that you make drink and fuck, I think you'll be able to understand why what you do is wrong.
2015-03-15 21:39
Europe duke` 
well you can try not to waste yourself, drinking is pointless anyways. basically you are just borrowing happiness from the next day. :D
2015-03-14 12:43
I know i fucked up.. but today there is a new party and she will be there and I will see where we stand so to say. Im gonna write on this post afterwards so u guys can know!
2015-03-14 13:06
dude, when time goes by, invite her to some nice place and then yeah. If things didnt go well.
2015-03-14 14:03
dont get yourself too drunk and just talk to her dude
2015-03-15 20:24
Just talk to her, and say this to her: Im gonna be honest with you, i like you.. And i dont know about you but this feeling doesnt come often to me. Worked on many girls my friend.
2015-03-15 20:26
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