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did allu miss?
Australia eClipz-AU 
So I remembered this one moment at 14-14 in the final that baffled me, found it and watched it back this morning. At 14:14, most important round of dust2 at the final, watch from 59:10 as Allu clear as day shoots straight through a T awpers chest and no matter who won it just makes me think this unpolished game still has major issues even on lan. Great final anyway, but yeah, check it out.
2015-03-15 22:14
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Australia eClipz-AU 
it's more like 59:30 sorry.
2015-03-15 22:16
Europe b0rne 
i just reviewed it with speed on 0.25 and indeed, the shot is straight on.
2015-03-15 22:19
Finland Abelzini 
Someone linked video of it, and it showed that he shot like 1 mm too early. :p
2015-03-15 22:22
Just watch it. The one in the video is at least 64 tick. The one you saw was probably 16 tick.
2015-03-16 00:57
Finland mixu. 
Allu started to play better when he got to know that you can drink the redbulls coincidence? I think not.
2015-03-15 22:19
alluminati :o
2015-03-15 22:46
2015-03-15 22:59
lol actually true
2015-03-15 22:52
red bull gives you skill? hahah
2015-03-15 23:00
actually yes, energizers make you play better
2015-03-15 23:20
Not all true tho as adrenalin makes your hands shake, add energizers to that and you get aimbot looking shakes ^^
2015-03-16 01:20
but faster reactions
2015-03-16 07:28
Sure but how you gona hit it if you're shaking? :)
2015-03-16 08:19
I was too surprise it didn"t hit. would have change the game actually
2015-03-15 22:19
Yepp that might be what caused NiP to loose ESL Katowice sad enough :(
2015-03-15 23:29
Most imortant round in the whole final
2015-03-16 07:45
He shot too early and looked too Far away from the corner
2015-03-15 22:20
Spain Ayrr 
watch it in 0.25 speed, the shoot was straight on. Even the second one seems like that hits too.
2015-03-15 22:24
Still he would have gotten the kill if he had his scope closer to the corner and the very Last second of the scoped in moment is not the place where your bullet Will hit its not like when he shoots it Instantly unscopes im sorry to tell you there was no problem with bullet registration when you watch it non slowmo you see the truth
2015-03-15 22:31
what? are you blind?
2015-03-15 23:02
ok dude just how drunk are you
2015-03-15 23:25
wtf are you talking about? What does unscopping has to do with anything? You don't even care to expand what you mean. And seriously, wtf? That just doesn't make any sense. I get what you mean, but it just doesn't make any sense. Also, you seem to be kinda new here. Bullet registry problems have been around since always in CSGO and older games like 1.6. If you think it has never happened before then you are just fucking clueless and never played the fucking game.
2015-03-16 01:05
Im talking about 128 TICK SERVERS
2015-03-16 07:43
That makes less sense. GJ
2015-03-16 19:14
ok dude just how drunk are you
2015-03-16 02:08
i think you're drunker than drunk pal
2015-03-17 01:04
watch it in slowmo, he clearly hits olof in the chest but bullet dont register somehow
2015-03-15 22:27
Finland Vapo 
Both shots should have hit, and be fatal, but guess not...
2015-03-15 22:20
The second shot might be a miss. First one do looks shady tho.
2015-03-16 00:32
watch it with 0.25 speed and u can see that thew shot is straight on
2015-03-15 22:22
Should be a kill there you're right, but has to do something with the strafe moving probably that when he strafed and the tik upload from the bullet didn't register due to the strafe. OR Maybe allu flicked a tiny bit to the right which is possible, when you flick really fast and fire at the same time the crosshair barley moves. One or the two. Pity though would've won 100$ :P Love NiP anyway!
2015-03-15 22:22
its neither bro, i thoughts so too in the beginning but watch in 0.25 speed, he wasn't strafing, and the scope was on him when he shot. but its wierd though
2015-03-15 22:28
Plz read my answer #21
2015-03-15 22:32
Spain Ayrr 
The shot was straight on as I was thinking. And that round was crucial for NiP, the major could ended in their favour... Fatal error from the game, volvo should take a look.
2015-03-15 22:23
Russia stat1c 
gotta wait for a pov demo (if there will be one ofc) and look there
2015-03-15 22:28
Finland phoosi 
that's fucked up
2015-03-15 22:28
download demo and watch wit bulletimpact
2015-03-15 22:28
Denmark Fr0nda 
someone pls do
2015-03-15 22:32
Czech Republic mOrOkura 
I checked that out and the first shot wasnt registered by the sever at all. It should have been straight kill but no bulletimpact. The second shot was registered and it was a miss.
2015-03-15 22:51
Denmark mathiaso 
its probaly because of gotv doesnt show the same as the players see, especially awp flicks does never look the same :)
2015-03-15 22:28
Finland Aciz 
It's spectated clips, which means it's 128 tick.
2015-03-15 22:57
luckiest team :(
2015-03-15 22:30
World Fzq 
olofm had sv_cheats 1 enabled, and godmode toggled, so even as the shot was dead on, olofm remained unaffected.
2015-03-15 22:30
chiken enabled sv_cheats 1
2015-03-15 22:32
Denmark Fr0nda 
Krimz even asked if it was 64tick =D
2015-03-15 22:33
United States BoLT- 
Wow I didn't realize it was that much of a peek by olof Then again, 16 tic and gotv Can't help but think it was a major game error though.... 14-14 on a shot that may have cost them the match (and the major) Valve needs to look into stuff like this, wonder how often it really is
2015-03-15 22:34
But has that happened EVER before and if you want to know why this happened check out my answer #21
2015-03-15 22:38
ok dude just how drunk are you
2015-03-16 02:10
Man tell me a time when this has happenes before ffs
2015-03-16 07:23
haha u kidding? do we even play the same game? are you seriously asking whether csgo hitreg has ever fucked up before? LOL
2015-03-16 07:35
On a 128 tick server give me some clips or didnt happen 64 isnt the same as 128
2015-03-16 07:41
What has the tickrate to do with the fact that server didn't register hit? If he missed it could be because of the tickrate but when the server "ignores" the whole shot it isn't.
2015-03-16 09:26
It's spectator view, not GOTV. So it is 128 tick.
2015-03-16 01:01
Here's where the shot landed, it was dead on
2015-03-15 22:34
That is not the same angle MAAN
2015-03-15 22:39
but if you look at where he had his scope before he shot then its the same place, 1 second ill show you screenshot
2015-03-15 22:42
FFS the Last second he was scoped in is not the spot where the bullet Will hit no one understands but that is the trut
2015-03-15 22:43
i know what you mean bro, and i just watched the demo on gotv with hitbox and bulletimpact, and according to the server, there was no bullet and there was no hit, so this means the server didn't register the shot. Either that or olofmeister hit allus bullet or something, ive replayed it 100 times, i still dont get it. The whole thing is bugged.
2015-03-15 23:35
Try to understand my fellow Finn he clearly has some issues on registering facts not supporting his opinion. You could say he is kind of csgo server?
2015-03-16 09:27
hahahaah n1! :D
2015-03-16 09:40
2015-03-15 22:43
2015-03-15 23:16
2015-03-15 22:40
A clear shot tbh
2015-03-15 22:35
Kinda feel bad for them now
2015-03-15 22:36
2015-03-16 09:26
i dont get it why he doesn't change to knife i really like it :D
2015-03-15 22:37
2015-03-15 22:37
Ethiopia xohs 
NiP could've won right there...
2015-03-15 22:38
Australia eClipz-AU 
I feel like it's the same sort of weird bullet reg on ppl who jump, when they crouch-slide, it seems to just go through them sometimes. There's no guarantee NiP win the round anyway but we all know 1 bullet can be match defining.
2015-03-15 22:38
Denmark Fr0nda 
They havent fixed the planter hitbox yet also...
2015-03-15 22:38
can you post this on reddit so more people see this? i agree it hit as well.
2015-03-15 22:39
Finns has always so fucking badluck against swedish...
2015-03-15 22:39
bla bla bla fucking bla.
2015-03-15 22:40
mad cuz no Portuges isnt even top 50 in cs?
2015-03-15 23:29
no mad cus bad
2015-03-16 07:50
Hungary powi 
on the video its a clear hit. shit happens ? :/
2015-03-15 22:41
Watched it and yeah, clearly, it should have hit.
2015-03-15 22:41
What about the second shot? If I remember watching it looked like a hit to me.
2015-03-15 22:42
Netherlands xdanny 
if that happened to me in a important game i would throw something for sure LOL
2015-03-15 22:42
smn | 
this disgusts me atleast i now know i'm not paranoid)
2015-03-15 22:43
could just be gotv or maybe it would have hit on 128 tick.
2015-03-15 22:44
Definitely looks weird, but it saved my 400$ so can't really complain
2015-03-15 22:46
Australia eClipz-AU 
I was so honed in on that moment live, that I knew I would come back to it, watching olof about to peek and thinking "Allu has to hit this". I think fnatic deserved the win no questions there, what bothers me is how broken some things in this game still are.
2015-03-15 22:47
I think if Allu hits that they win the round. Having your first guy in a rush dropped kinda 'halts' the rush a bit. It would have been 4 on 4 not 3 on 5.
2015-03-15 22:51
Ethiopia xohs 
This. The outcome of the round could've been completly different if that shot was registered.
2015-03-15 22:53
fix your game valve please
2015-03-15 22:50
more like erase whats left of it and add a few more skins for the losers
2015-03-16 06:15
I'm a bit confused, isn't this just a gotv demo, so it's not 100% accurate? Or is it something that never happens?
2015-03-15 22:53
Ethiopia xohs 
It could be a GOTV bug, but I doubt it since it's so clear(both standing still etc). Cs go is known for having hitreg issues, but mainly on 64tick servers.(finals were played on 128tick, meaning double the "update rate"). Sometimes things won't register as they happen between a tick, which is what seemed happen here.
2015-03-15 22:56
I think it's his POV. Would be nice to compare the server demo/gotv.
2015-03-16 09:58
Ethiopia xohs Someone made a reddit thread about it, go upvote it those who can!
2015-03-15 22:54
Czech Republic baylife 
he is reason why they lost dust2
2015-03-15 22:55
2015-03-15 22:56
that little shit there costed them the major , if allu would land that shot it would went 4vs5 situation without their sniper , so allu after than would fall a bit back and kill another one from that position , but nah valve still let`s the game to be broken because money>quality , sad to see this on a new game on a new engine and comparing to css or 1.6 where you actually shoot them not where the bullet is penetrating the player but won`t do damage is really sad , the game is growing and the money is lurking around them , not a nip fan or fnatic , i have a neutral impression on them , but furthermore i hate fnatic , and no i didn`t wrote this because they defeated my favs in semi`s , it`s just the truth ...
2015-03-15 22:57
Ethiopia xohs 
Even worse. It was a 4v5 in fnatics favor before that shot took place. If that shot had hit, it would've been a 4v4(flusha low hp as well) instead of a 3v5 as olofm killed allu right after that shot. Sad if NiP lost that map because if a silly hitreg issue.
2015-03-15 23:00
my bad , but still they could`ve turned it up
2015-03-15 23:06
Australia eClipz-AU 
download and watch the demo with bullet impacts - the client never registers a bullet impact, it's just not there at all. He fires and nothing appears at all!
2015-03-15 22:57
obv allu dont miss and dont hit. bullet jst dissapeared. b/c no bullet hole behind olof.
2015-03-15 22:58
Australia eClipz-AU 
Yep on the demo with bullet impacts on, there is no bullet. Server must not have registered it at all.
2015-03-15 23:00
it mean only 1: even 128 tick not enough.
2015-03-15 23:04
Just watched the demo and it seems like allu didn't shoot at all or atleast it's not registered even if he did press mouse1. Weird shit... There's no bullet mark on the ceiling and no fire come's from allu's AWP.
2015-03-15 23:00
Australia eClipz-AU 
Second shot hits too have a look.
2015-03-15 23:01
there is fire from allu's awp, watch it slow mo
2015-03-15 23:10
gotv is 16tick so how can you judge according to this? Or maybe fnatic used god mode cheat?
2015-03-15 23:06
It's not gotv, it's spectator view, so, 128 tick.
2015-03-16 19:18
spectator view, but 30fps video ... yee legit. demo provided is in 16tick
2015-03-16 19:30
this demo is 16 tick, end of story.
2015-03-15 23:07
It's spectator point of view and not gotv, aka 128 tick I believe.
2015-03-15 23:23
Its pov (personal overview), so basicly, thats what allu recorded. 128/64 tickrate demo
2015-03-16 00:24
It's not what allu recorded, it is what the spectator in the server recorded, 128 tick
2015-03-16 19:19
Allu did miss same kinda shot in cache and on inferno. That inferno shot was important as fuck too. chat went like ''wut?!?!?''. I watched POV stream btw, so i saw like 5-10 of these. But most ''wut?!?1'' was this shot on d2 and on inferno and cache.
2015-03-15 23:07
Conspiracy theory: fnatic have a cheat that makes the enemys' shot not register. They do it against awpers so it doesn't look obvious:P
2015-03-15 23:08
This game is awesome and I love playing it... But this kinda shit happens all the time to me as well ...I have shot ppl and it doesn't register for some reason is just flawed and needs a serious overhaul on hit registration and proper hit boxes that match the models in the game I mean most of the time I get head shots and I'm aiming over their heads makes no sense...
2015-03-15 23:08
its all fucked plz garbage this game someone make a new one the way its supposed to be motherfuckers
2015-03-16 06:17
Poland n1u 
Stop hating Allu, omg...It's his first major, he join to NiP...3 weeks ago? Give him some time, his form explodes some day - trust me.
2015-03-15 23:13
Australia eClipz-AU 
What has this got to do with Allu as A player? did you read or just type?
2015-03-15 23:14
This topic isn't a hate topic though.
2015-03-15 23:16
Poland n1u 
I know but last time many people created threads about Allu. I fear that community destroy him because they will have high expectations. I really like him since the days when he played for ENCE, so i don't want this. Let give him some time, do not make much pressure.
2015-03-15 23:37
fnatic cheaterino
2015-03-15 23:14
thats depressing to watch xD
2015-03-15 23:14
happened to him on cache aswell, when a fnatic guy jumped up on the boxes in A lower
2015-03-15 23:15
this :/
2015-03-15 23:27
the more i watch this, the more i think this is such bs. cost them the round for sure.
2015-03-15 23:17
saw it too and was like "... wat HOW?!"
2015-03-15 23:18
did we unfair?
2015-03-15 23:19
Is is always the same person on fanatic not dieting from shots? Maybe some kind of health hack? Look into it
2015-03-15 23:20
olofmeister noregmeister?
2015-03-15 23:22
Next level cheat. Instead of gaining 15-20% better aim from the supex0 hack, you gain 15-20% higher chance of shots not hitting you=D
2015-03-15 23:29
You're joking, right?
2015-03-16 09:27
there was a same kind of shot on cache. when he tried to shoot someone who was in a main on the boxes. :/
2015-03-15 23:22
this game has always had dog shit reg even on LAN, so many times you see someone shooting point blank and the guy turns and kills them like wtf....
2015-03-15 23:27
Sweden BenneDoT 
Guys spread this video. It shows the real demo replay:
2015-03-15 23:32
Australia eClipz-AU 
That looks different in slow, you should also put bullet impacts on.
2015-03-15 23:36
mad cause allu lost you the game?
2015-03-15 23:34
except he didnt, fagshit
2015-03-16 08:29
OMG that is one crazy miss - 100% on target URL w/ Timing Print screen - This has been talked about for soooooooo long, why hasn't it been resolved!
2015-03-15 23:38
Australia eClipz-AU 
The truth is, people are feeding money like no tomorrow to this company, why would valve work hard when they aren't required to In order to make shit loads of cash. Probably on a beach somewhere getting a tan as we speak watching the numbers tick over.
2015-03-15 23:43
Truth, this absolutely nailed it ofr me. That print screen is pretty hard to deny. And the thing is this fucked up the most important round of the first map in the grand final of a major. Jesus christ.
2015-03-16 01:44
That's why GOTV demos shouldn't be 16 tic so you could tell what is actually happening.
2015-03-16 00:12
Australia eClipz-AU 
It's spectators directly in the server, this will be 64 or 128 tick, depends on what it's set to. Definitely not 16
2015-03-16 00:21
2015-03-16 01:01
Australia eClipz-AU 
Wow even Allu has now tweeted about it, I'm glad I brought this to light, pro feedback / recognition is incredibly important in fixing issues, hope valve pay attention.
2015-03-16 00:21
Also HeatoN tweeted about it.
2015-03-16 00:23
2015-03-16 00:25
I think this is allu is crying. It's obvious he pressed the shot when he saw olofm for the first time(he peeks little before coming out) and he missed. It was olofm's skill that made him miss. olofm > allu end of the story
2015-03-16 07:29
its not about allu vs olofm its a game breaking bug occurring at the most crucial of times. like everybodys been saying he hits that shot it could be nip raising the trophy its not crying if its a justified cause
2015-03-16 10:07
why should valve care about fixing the actual game when majority are retards who only want new skins these days
2015-03-16 00:30
its his aimlock that makes him miss, on 7 bullet as well, so obvious.
2015-03-16 00:35
No way, how is it possible?!? The zoom of Allu's awp was in 100 percent in the target......
2015-03-16 00:52
dont worry guys, valve will fix this when they port csgo to source 2, right after half life 3 release
2015-03-16 01:02
it has happened to him quite alot this major actually maybe his rate settings are off? maybe fnatics rate settings are off? anyway, poor bloke, those shots would've probably won them that round
2015-03-16 01:13
What about this one ? 9:21 . There is no movement involved like in the dust 2 clip both players are standing still for good ol seconds yet the bullet seems to vanish in thin air.
2015-03-16 01:21
Sweden BenneDoT 
Thanks for the clip,though it looks as if he is moving no? It is strange ended anyway and i hope that Valve really try their hardest to go to the bottom with this problem even if it could be almost impossible.
2015-03-16 01:27
Looks like he was moving, just that GOTV has a bit of a delay. Send PoV demos and we can judge better.
2015-03-16 01:30
Australia eClipz-AU 
what are your thoughts on the first dust2 shot? Also upon a look at the demo, there are no impacts from Allus shot and for whatever reason there is an impact from olofs shot on Allus head which doesn't kill him either....
2015-03-16 01:34
Its a delay sync between the hitbox and the models so the models comes out before the hitbox. They need to change it badly, that's why you die behind walls sometimes.
2015-03-16 01:37
That's why the inaccurate tec9 is so powerful, it becomes accurate when the hitbox is to.
2015-03-16 01:40
Australia eClipz-AU 
For me least convincing, looks like he flinched to the right as he fired. I think when there are movement factors involved it is harder to really be sure of anything, that's why the first shot on the dust2 demo is so sketchy, Allu is dead still and olof crouched right into the shot.
2015-03-16 01:38
well, we know 1 thing for sure now, allu doesn't cheat ;p
2015-03-16 01:47
Portugal dracø 
I noticed things like this all final long, and not only by allu. Some easy ass shots from every player failed for no reason at all. cba looking for them, but I do hope valve takes a look into it.
2015-03-16 01:57
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think the issue is that problems with 64 tick servers are only really halved by 128 trick servers... So if you think hit reg is way off on 64 tick, it's only off by half as much on 128 tick. To avoid problems like this we may even need higher than 128 tick.
2015-03-16 02:25
You have to keep in mind all the gotv bugs. The one I think at fault here is the fact that while awping the scope doesn't move fluidly but more in a grid (you can clearly see that here). What most likely happened is that in game he was slightly off, but the gotv didn't show it because of the snappy aim (if you slightly move your aim in game, it doesn't always show on gotv).
2015-03-16 02:38
A short explanation what happens: Basically everything you do is delayed by (at least!) around 8 milliseconds for a spectator. Why? Since even on lan the server and client can't run exactly at the same time, there is still interpolation of one tick (cl_interp 1). So when you fire a shot the following happens internally on the server: The server looks at his history where every player was 1 tick ago, and resets the state to this. Then he checks if you hit any player, after that he fast-forwards to the current state. In this case: Allu pressed "fire" right before the enemy was on the crosshair. Happens. The client send the shot one tick later to the server. The server then goes back one tick (~8ms), sees "allu missed", and you don't get the kill. The spectator sees the shot delayed however (at least one, if not two or three ticks!), since it can't go back in the past. What happens is that allu hits on stream, but not ingame. If you have a POV-demo of the match we can check this. The video makes this harder to spot since it pauses right when the crosshair is on the player. To quote Valve: If you follow a player in "First-Person" as a spectator in a game or SourceTV, you don't exactly see what the player sees Spectators see the game world without lag compensation. /reddit
2015-03-16 03:12
yes this is quite obvious, but that doesn't explain why the shots didn't register at all on the server...
2015-03-16 03:18
When we watch gotv there is no need for lag compensation. gotv should see the same world exactly as the server see it, so a hit on gotv should be a hit on the server. This exlanation is just bullshit.
2015-03-16 07:44
What da fuq man? His explanation is totally right, you are just butthurt. Why you flame this guy trying to help everyone else understanding that he didnt hit for real, it only looked like he did on spec mode. Its not his fault that Valve does this, Allu didnt hit IG, so he shouldnt hit on GOTV. fucking Toxic community. Also that would mean everything what looks like a hit on Spec mode needs to be a kill ingame, which would be insane since all those spec modes are totally fucked up.
2015-03-16 08:55
if the shot is dead on , you really think 8ms ( or even alot more) would make it a miss ?? rofl
2015-03-16 10:46
Australia evaD3 
I was wondering how he missed the shot live. Looked dead straight. The fact his bullet didn't rego at all is even weirder.
2015-03-16 05:32
The only way to judge this is, you need to get the ineye demo from allu. If he didnt record demo than thats it :/
2015-03-16 07:40
They lost on d2 cuz of allu, its for sure....and xizt was low too, both on d2 and inferno :s
2015-03-16 07:42
Its not his task to do kills, hes a fucking IGL. It was just amazing he carried the games before with GTR, while Allu sucked D.
2015-03-16 08:48
ofc he have to do kills,not as much as other ppl but he have to kill too if they wanna win..
2015-03-16 09:14
ye and he carried them trough quarters and semis having more frags then GTR in some matches. Without Xizt NiP wouldnt even got to the grandfinals.
2015-03-16 09:59
Okay, im not talkin about his role, i just noticed that in several situations he moved and sprayed like a silver .... He can play much better than that...theese acts cost them rounds u know
2015-03-16 09:16
His rifling is pretty shit, his awp was not as reliable as well. The shot OP mentioned should've hit though. CSGO just fked NiP
2015-03-16 09:38
and also fnatic fucked em
2015-03-16 10:00
2015-03-16 10:38
inb4 fnatic busted for god mode cheats kappa
2015-03-16 07:56
sure is a tough task awping when your shots disapper to narnia... the fact that it happens on lan is simply ridiculous
2015-03-16 08:10 This one is dodgy as well
2015-03-16 08:16
There's no way that is a miss. Fucks sake.
2015-03-16 08:37
That is a hit, broken game.
2015-03-16 08:38
Fnatic only won cause the Game is broken and the Tec-9 is OP, Kappa. NiP Fanboys so salty cause fnatic just cant be better then their fav Team XD Cmon guys, fnatic just beeing better this time. Maybe next Major NiP wins :) Not directed to the OP, more to all guys commenting
2015-03-16 08:46
This shit happens way too often at 64 tick. But i sure as hell didnt think it could happen on a 128tick lan server... this game is bs
2015-03-16 09:07
disgusting.. just disgusting.. valve fuck you im not a nip fanboy neither fnatic, but come on.. this make me raging so hard when i saw that, it could have change the game, make nip won ? who knows.. F U C K Y O U V A L V E FUCK YOU VERY HARD
2015-03-16 09:13
2015-03-16 09:24
2015-03-16 10:11
2015-03-16 09:24
United Kingdom tomtmh 
broken game, steel agrees
2015-03-16 09:36
2015-03-16 09:46
GoTV be playing with people's minds.
2015-03-16 10:04
the videos are not from go tv
2015-03-16 10:40
are people still surprised by stuff like this ? :P I suspect that volvo built in a random bullet dissapearing function into the game just to troll people
2015-03-16 10:43
AWP inaccuracy? That's the only thing that explains it. The AWP is not 100% accuracte. That's the only thing that could have made him miss, unless he moved his crosshair so extremely quickly and in a very tiny amount. Or he might have moved a tiny bit maybe. Nvm, I guess the shot didn't register is what happened...
2015-03-16 12:33
wtf man, the awp IS 100% accurate
2015-03-16 19:32
No, it is not. I remember seeing on onscreen's stream that he had some mod or something of the like installed and it showed the TRUE accuracies of the weapons. He zoomed in with an awp and shot it and the bullet did NOT land on the cross hairs.
2015-03-17 00:57
Australia eClipz-AU 
I think it's an issue similar to the jumping hitbox issue, where the client side visual is different to the server side rego. Adren proved it in this video, what I'm thinking is that this may be similar with fast moving/ fast crouching targets, where their server-side hitbox doesn't match the client side visual.
2015-03-16 13:16
Ya they really need to fix this I didn't know it was that bad when jumping no wonder I never kill ppl jumping over walls like that...
2015-03-16 17:12
I dont know if that would have happen if their didnt switch reg from client to server side.
2015-03-16 19:15
Wrote about it 1 year ago but sadly not enough attention.
2015-03-16 19:25
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