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Romania iliketrolling 
What do you think about the new fnatic team?
2011-06-18 14:26
fnatic will beat SK :P
2011-06-18 14:26
United States axonz 
2011-06-18 14:26
yes EG is very bad :(
2011-06-18 18:48
hahaha xD
2011-06-18 18:57
Hungary top1 is better than EG ofc, retard
2011-06-18 19:03
2011-06-18 23:31
Great lineup :)
2011-06-18 14:27
Macau kek79 
great ... they can go far in dh
2011-06-18 14:27
very good
2011-06-18 14:27
POWERFUL LINEUP, cArn play a lil bad, Gux and manne played good, but manne was a bit confused. maybe if they work like a team, will be more synchronized. BTW: FNATIC > SK!
2011-06-18 14:28
imo they need a little bit time to pracc and yeah fnatic>sk :)
2011-06-18 14:31
yes yes if its fnatic > sk why fnatic didint even one a single map against sk , and he lost 4 .... so its pretty clear Sk > fnatic get used to it
2011-06-19 15:09
i think they're good they can beat SK they dont beat SK in last match cuz f0rp was onfire
2011-06-18 14:29
gux, dsn and carn were on fire also...but gtr, delpan and face's performances were just about average!
2011-06-18 15:00
cArn? drink water he lost 2 1on2 with a red guy his score at T was ridicolous pls dont kid with me hope for better perfomance in DH
2011-06-18 15:02
yes carn did some stupid things...but he also did some round-winning kills...and match-saving kills
2011-06-18 17:07
yeah,carn was pretty good but not onfire like f0rest,dsn,gux were
2011-06-18 17:21
yep like the 2v5 with gux he did 2 good shots with awp on f0rest and gtr the main players..
2011-06-18 21:36
great lineup. they are better than sk^black birds. sk is a fail team :D
2011-06-18 14:29
get up get down put ur hands up in the sky.
2011-06-18 14:30
Delpan was horrible.
2011-06-18 14:31
haha indeed!
2011-06-18 14:32
Delpan not consistent player like f0rp and face
2011-06-18 15:01
it's RobbaN faults, look how Delpan is being playing, he is always behind players and with ctrl shit like if he was a BOT, it's not his role, and it will never be his role, he should play like f0rest opening and playing in a free way + the spot they give him in nuke don't involve him that much in the action wich is very bad.. RobbaN should take that spot and let Delpan with GeT_RiGhT f0rest in the other BP and face in the small one :s
2011-06-18 14:32
Slovakia uno1 
it's robanns faults that he missed everything? OK !
2011-06-18 14:34
haha lol
2011-06-18 15:01
honestly sk's upper bombsite take is impossible to defend against. manne didnt frag well ct side because hes floor player, but once they started playing for retake on upper they had a lot of success. this new fnatic roster is very strong, i think till be top 3 team in the world for sure this time. 1) Navi 2) FX 3) fnatic 4) mTw
2011-06-18 14:33
agree :)
2011-06-18 14:35
2011-06-18 14:36
I think 1) FX 2) Na'Vi or SK 3) fnatic or mTw 4) M5 or Lions ;]
2011-06-19 14:30
Macedonia V1KK 
2)fnatic 3)FX my opinion :)
2011-06-18 17:21
no way :)))
2011-06-18 17:22
next move SK - Robban + carn
2011-06-18 14:35
and -Delpan + dsn :DD
2011-06-18 14:37
xaxaxa RobbaN is SK captain .... cArn is fnatic captain no chence ;]
2011-06-19 14:31
carn never leaves fnatic
2011-06-18 14:37
carn dsn = fnatic
2011-06-18 14:37
read what I said
2011-06-18 14:38
carn will never leave fnatic....
2011-06-18 14:37
Poland Pab 
i know it was ironic but anyway its impossible, carn wont leave fnatic ;p
2011-06-18 14:39
2011-06-18 16:30
and maybe -face +THREAT and newSK is oldfnatic xD
2011-06-18 18:45
great individual skills , great teamplay ! fnatic-fan 4 ever :D I think if they play like that vs Na'Vi they can beat them !
2011-06-18 14:36
2011-06-18 14:36
at de_nuke yeah but de_train Na`Vi >>> them
2011-06-18 14:37
I just watch fnatic on de_nuke waiting 4 other maps =D!
2011-06-18 14:39
16 3 fnatic won against navi with pita and Delpan and now manne » pita gux » pita
2011-06-18 15:05
2011-06-18 14:39
there is no team better than na`vi in the world at the moment
2011-06-18 20:24
simply put they justified -pita +manne with this single map..
2011-06-18 14:40
how ? can u explain ? manne was worst versus sk and what he did , pita could have done the same manne stats vs sk : 14 kills 21 deaths kd 0.67
2011-06-18 14:53
huh?? simply look at the past few results when the two teams have met.. maybe manne didnt frag a lot but his presence certainly improved the chemistry(you could see that in the game against lions as well)..
2011-06-18 14:55
but did u see sk's perfomance ? it was horrible ... if there wasn't forest...they would clearly lost... sk are playing bad for many tourneys now... chemistry improved because delpan left , not cuz of manne
2011-06-18 15:00
SK is a team of aimers and not consistent players that is what fnatic isn't
2011-06-18 15:03
hmm you may be actually right with delpan thingy but fact is, manne plays way more aggressively than pita does,somewhere it helped fnatic....besides its just his second match with the team,he will only improve.
2011-06-18 15:03
i think in history without forest fnatic wouldn't were succesfull like this :) f0rest = chapions
2011-06-18 14:40
that's bs. f0rest owes to fnatic just as much as fnatic owes to f0rest
2011-06-18 14:58
Guys, really, i'm a fnatic boy, but, if Delpan doesn't played so BAD, i think SK would win this match. He miss so many shots in DSN with his alp on CT side...
2011-06-18 14:41
f0rest was the reason why SK was holding the preasure ;)
2011-06-18 14:45
So fucking true, lusitano.
2011-06-18 14:46
haha xD
2011-06-18 14:56
anyway dsn better than delpan
2011-06-18 14:42
much much better
2011-06-18 14:44
2011-06-18 14:45
delpan can be good, but dsn is way more experienced... :)
2011-06-18 14:46
not just way more experienced, he is way more consistent, way more flexible in gamestyle and in way better shape atm..
2011-06-18 15:05
that's right :P
2011-06-18 15:14
France klwN 
so true... I am really disappointed in Delpan. seriously who needs an awp on nuke ? it's like he is completely unconfident in his abilities with other weapons.
2011-06-18 15:51
manne good at lan
2011-06-18 14:46
2011-06-18 14:56
manne has a crazy talent... and now he is on the right team :P
2011-06-18 14:58
yea. im glad that they picked him up. cArn is amazing IGL and smart player(except that todays fail against SK GTR de_nuke)
2011-06-18 15:00
sometimes everyone makes mistakes, even pros
2011-06-18 15:09
2011-06-18 16:30
Sixty percent of the time, it works everytime.
2011-06-18 17:37
chuck norris doesn't
2011-06-18 20:27
2011-06-18 23:15
21:45 bo3 Grand Final IOL4 finally bo3 and I cant wait :)
2011-06-18 14:57
2011-06-18 14:59
gonna be so intense!
2011-06-18 15:00
and im like OMG it's so sexy
2011-06-18 15:04
France klwN 
+1 :D
2011-06-18 15:49
but are they going to save tactics for dh ?
2011-06-18 16:10
they have a lot of strats :p
2011-06-18 17:26
They probably won't, they face once in group stage and that's at de_mirage. Maybe they meet up again later on but that's not sure.
2011-06-18 21:42
last match shows that carn is one of the best igls in the world. if f0rest played for fnatic he would destroy sk. robban has such a crazy line-up but still sk cannot win. manne has a lot of things to learn and be more aggressive. gux played well but dsn better. Also noticed when dsn plays with ak/colt he better then when he plays with awp
2011-06-18 15:07
yea. They should let dsn use ak/colt and not awp.
2011-06-18 15:12
2011-06-18 15:26
Yeah, they should let manne use the awp. Manne can make some bad ass damage with the awp.
2011-06-18 17:53
France klwN 
I don't have high hopes. they can beat SK, maybe mTw, but they won't beat Na'Vi for now. would be a miracle.
2011-06-18 15:52
Their most mistake is kicking Faruk.
2011-06-18 16:02
2011-06-18 17:14
2011-06-18 17:33
Maybe, but anyway he really was a part of the team.
2011-06-18 17:40
2011-06-18 23:14
2011-06-18 17:40
2011-06-18 17:42
not at all, i just think pita doesnt fit well in fnatic
2011-06-18 17:58
OK, it's your opinion.
2011-06-18 17:59
If delpan plays better so: SK > fnatic. If not: SK = fnatic
2011-06-18 18:01
if f0rest wasnt onfire fnatic > SK
2011-06-18 18:05
yes, true:p
2011-06-18 18:10
Belgium FnX^ 
2011-06-18 18:47
2011-06-19 14:01
nice lineup
2011-06-18 18:17
Well, its a good mixture but still need some groing and practice. With cArn calling the shots and putting in his kills here and there, Gux & Xizt getting experienced @ madfragging (they will soon be up there with the extreme owners, if not better). Manne seems unsure about some things, perhaps he just cant decide what to do in certain situations, but his aim is fine, just needs directions I guess. dsn if all else fails ;)
2011-06-18 19:08
I think manne is nervous thats why he looks unsure, its his first lan with fnatic. And he never was in big team.
2011-06-18 19:10
ah yeah, nervous seems the right word! Guess hell get over it and be an outstanding player as well =] Am missing extremely good AWP in the team perhaps, did see someone mentioning dsn plays better with AK/m4 than the AWP and I have to agree, since he AWPed less with delpan, it improved his game imo.
2011-06-18 19:26
2011-06-18 20:17
Fnatic new line up is not as good as the 2009 Line Up. On Paper looks like they have weakened again, and RobbaN is not using the SK players efficiently, especially Delpan.
2011-06-18 19:14
they are good, I think better lineup than with pita, delpan. I think and hope they'll beat sk
2011-06-18 19:16
great lineup but they have to exercise a lot! That`s why they made draw against SK..I hope in the final they`ll win :X
2011-06-18 19:39
Manne is not lpaying as I expected
2011-06-18 21:01
It was expected that manne will not play as good as many people expected. A lot of people who watched his games and watched movies(heartbeat) think that he is crazy. May be he is. He needs experience + in the movie if you didn't notice he fragged mostly on unknown people. He needs time
2011-06-18 21:23
delpan time to prove that u deserve a place in SK
2011-06-18 21:59
look at the scoreboard.. gtr igl instead of RobbaN xD?
2011-06-18 22:09
2011-06-19 14:02
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