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France nolimit901 
im usually logged all the time to twitch , but today i had to login , when i did twitch ask me to reset my password i tried another account that i had on same e-mail , but same thing twitch ask me to reset password when i press yes to reset , it send me an e-mail wich said this : Hey nolimit900, did you want to reset your password? Someone (hopefully you) has asked us to reset the password for your Twitch account. Please click the button below to do so. If you didn't request this password reset, you can go ahead and ignore this email! i decided ti ignore it then , since i never asked for a password reset , but cant login to twitch without reseting my password ... wtf is going on , should i reset ?
2015-03-23 21:01
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did it happen to anyone else ?
2015-03-23 21:02
Yes it did, do nothing and wait for twitch to fix it.
2015-03-23 21:02
wait to fix what? you just reset it...
2015-03-23 21:05 twitch say to change it apparently ..
2015-03-23 21:05
i know
2015-03-23 21:47
yep but it's fixed, it allowed to change my password (i had to anyway)
2015-03-23 21:58
ye 2 me but i just changed my pw and no more probs
2015-03-23 22:45
same here
2015-03-23 21:02
2015-03-23 21:02
"when i press yes to reset , it send me an e-mail wich said this" "i decided ti ignore it then , since i never asked for a password reset" wat
2015-03-23 21:03
cuz the e-mail said someone asked for a password change ( hopefuly uou ) since i never asked for it , i didnt click on the e-mail link to change it
2015-03-23 21:06
Poland soth 
Dude pls... 'when i press yes to reset , it send me an e-mail wich said this' 'i decided ti ignore it then , since i never asked for a password reset' NGFR
2015-03-23 21:08
oh fuck you retards , always try to be funny or find the little things to annoy people instead of helping them ... you fucking kids have no life
2015-03-23 21:12
Poland soth 
lel pls You say that you pressed yes to reset, then you say that you have never requested a reset It's probably for security purposes, I had it too, get a new password or type an old one, after all, it's just a twitch account and you are scared, not like it's your bank account or something...
2015-03-23 21:16
i dont like to have 2 many password , after i dont remember them ...
2015-03-23 21:19
and you are calling others retards? hmm
2015-03-23 21:35
time to switch to, fucking shitty twitch shitty security
2015-03-23 21:04
nt hitbox
2015-03-23 21:08
why the fuck not?
2015-03-23 21:15
had the same problem, working now
2015-03-23 21:04
wtf the hackers cancelled my summit1g sub gj i noticed and renew it
2015-03-23 21:05
Netherlands jwtt 
i dont receive the reset password thing on my email ..
2015-03-23 21:11
f0rest | 
Serbia dankooo 
Same here and i said fuck it didnt want to bother anymore
2015-03-23 21:19
you have to try to login into twitch to receive e-mail
2015-03-23 21:20
f0rest | 
Serbia dankooo 
Ill see tomorow im on my phone now it pissed me off.
2015-03-23 21:22
2015-03-23 21:58
2015-03-23 21:19
I did reset mine didnt get any email then I realised that I had blocked emails from twitch lmao.
2015-03-23 21:21
GUYS PLS .. i reset my password... TO THE SAME PASSWORD ... can my hackers get my info ??? fk man why did this happen .. fkn cheaters in csgo .. fkn hackers in web
2015-03-23 21:28
Laos 23^ 
yep, anonymous is coming for ya.
2015-03-23 21:55
Are you guys idiots? They know then how many accounts to delete.. The ones that never get's used..
2015-03-23 21:29 yeah im sure that's why they did it
2015-03-23 21:33
That's one thing.. But trash accounts that are not used will be deleted to.
2015-03-23 21:35
not sure wtf you are talking about if your db gets leaked the only safe thing to do is force pw resets
2015-03-23 22:03
i think the same , but would they said twitch got hacked just to get rid of unused accounts ? its bad for the image of twitch security imo
2015-03-23 21:34
It's both security and Trash account deleting involved. I guess it's a good thing.
2015-03-23 21:36
United Kingdom tomtmh 
same here
2015-03-23 21:36 check the latest tweets here.
2015-03-23 21:37
To get into your account you must reset your password otherwise you wont be able to log in. Just reset it and you can do your stuff normally.
2015-03-23 21:38
just received that "We are writing to let you know that there may have been unauthorized access to some of your Twitch user account information, including possibly your Twitch username and associated email address, your password, the last IP address you logged in from, limited credit card information (card type, truncated card number and expiration date), and any of the following if you provided it to us: first and last name, phone number, address, and date of birth. PLEASE NOTE: Twitch does not store or process full credit or debit card information, so your card number is safe. While we store passwords in a cryptographically protected form, we believe it’s possible that your password could have been captured in clear text by malicious code when you logged into our site on March 3rd. For your protection, we have expired your password and stream keys. In addition, if you had connected your account to Twitter or YouTube, we have terminated this connection. You will be prompted to create a new password the next time you attempt to log into your Twitch account. If applicable, you will also need to re-connect your account to Twitter and YouTube, and re-authenticate through Facebook, once you change your password. We also recommend that you change your password at any other website where you use the same or a similar password. We apologize for this inconvenience. The Twitch Team"
2015-03-23 22:01
I had the exact same email from them... did i virus search and noticed i had something called "CRACK"... scaaaaryyyyy....... Also one of my smurf accounts went online like 10 hours ago.....
2015-03-23 22:54
Just reset the goddamn password. I was asked as well.
2015-03-23 22:02
the email from twitch is a bit fucking vague... and one line appologising? wankers.
2015-03-23 22:41
2015-03-23 22:42
Nice Can't even reset my password because they fucked up my email apparently too. rip twitch account
2015-03-23 22:45
any1 still having problem with reset email from twtich?
2015-03-24 15:16
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