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Mappool expanding
Bosnia and Herzegovina W0YA 
Why couldn't we expand the mappool to 9 or even 10 maps, it would me much more interesting to watch.Something like this ? :D Dust2 Inferno Mirage Cobble Overpass Cache Tuscan Season Train //Discus
2015-03-24 18:49
Germany PhoenixD!!! 
-train +nuke
2015-03-24 18:50
Bosnia and Herzegovina W0YA 
I Would like that too , but for now its imposible.
2015-03-24 18:51
-train +office
2015-03-24 20:53
+aztec ez
2015-03-24 20:54
+1 aztec ftw
2015-03-25 00:14
-new train +old train -cbble +nuke
2015-03-24 19:53
please make it happen <3
2015-03-24 20:07
World DK- 
upsets /close
2015-03-24 18:53
2015-03-24 21:21
Because that's too many maps for professional competitive play.
2015-03-24 18:54
well its fair for everyone -:)
2015-03-25 00:07
No it's not especially for the way the valve veto works. Each team bans 3 maps and then what, the final map is decided by the random pick out of 5 maps? That's ridiculous.
2015-03-25 03:06
The biggest argument against so many maps would likely be lack of time to practice them all. A spectator will then have to ask himself - do I want to see more variation with less-trained tactics or less variation with a higher amount of well-trained tactics.
2015-03-24 18:54
7 maps is fine, for bo5
2015-03-24 18:55
ye, but OP listed 9 maps
2015-03-24 18:57
too many maps to practice and would valve still keep the system for vetoing bo3s? The last map is random between five? That would mean some luck is involved.
2015-03-24 19:08
Right. It's debatable whether or not the random map selection is a bad idea (I personally think it makes things more interesting), but with 5 maps that are randomized, it leave it up to chance way too much.
2015-03-24 22:53
+1, and wow what a discussion. i tried to read a few of the other posts, but all i could read was AUTISM AUTISM AUTISM
2015-03-25 00:14
Hah, yeah I could see where it was going so I just decided to let others fight it out.
2015-03-25 01:47
how d 10 maps map pool work? A: veto B: veto A: veto B: veto A: veto B: veto A: pick B: pick 2 maps left and what?
2015-03-24 18:59
B or A veto and the other picks?
2015-03-24 19:04
the problem is the team who d be picking a decider map from last two ll have and adventage.
2015-03-24 19:06
Brazil markkrj 
As you may know, valve likes randomness, so last map would be randomly picked.
2015-03-24 19:15
fuck valve and "randomness". if someone do sth in dumb way you dont need to do it in a dumb way too. anyway valve has only like 1 tournament in 2015. cologne ll be without valve and probably dh too.
2015-03-24 19:22
Brazil markkrj 
I don't like randomness, but sadly who chose the pick system in major tournaments is valve and not me... You should know that! Last map is already random in the current system.
2015-03-24 19:25
they change shit every time so dont say it like it is written in stone
2015-03-24 19:27
Spain ewg 
stone paper scissors
2015-03-24 20:08
Brazil markkrj 
7 is fine. But I think Nuke, Train, Overpass, Cbble, Tuscan and Season would be rotated every 6 months. Randomly picked.
2015-03-24 19:08
exactly my idea:D did you steal this??
2015-03-24 19:10
Brazil markkrj 
No, it's already copy righted. Stay away of my idea!
2015-03-24 19:13
but i was faster than you :(
2015-03-24 19:15
Brazil markkrj 
hmm, but it is different. If you read my idea carefully you'll find the words "randomly" and "picked" that makes the whole difference. See? ;PP But your idea is equally great!! We are genius mate! Lets hope that Valve do it...
2015-03-24 19:19
i think random might have flaws, imagine a map has to sit out 2 years straight :PP:D
2015-03-24 19:30
Brazil markkrj 
Ye, but it's hard for the player to adapt their trains every season to 3 other maps. Maybe 2 out 2 in every season then? The remaining 1 goes out on next season and so on.
2015-03-24 19:42
ok but it's not like they will forget what they've done before it will obviously suck for new teams
2015-03-24 19:47
nono, this is badbad
2015-03-24 19:11
They should make a summer and a winter season with D2, Mirage, Inferno, Cache being the classics as of now and then 3 maps from the other pool(Cobble, Overpass, Season, Train, Nuke, Tuscan) would make the final 7 maps for each half year. This obviously needs coordination between tournament organizers, finally. If Tuscan turns out to be great and Train is shit as expected add Tuscan to the classics and have only 2 out of 4 remaining reserve maps in each season.
2015-03-24 19:13
Teams need to be able to know everything about a map, so having a large map pool would just be straining.
2015-03-24 19:19
r u aware teams vetos maps so they ll just have 1 veto round more so still only need to practice 6 maps.
2015-03-24 19:24
10 maps? How to pick 3 maps for bo1/bo3/bo5 then, when each team removes maps 1 by 1?
2015-03-24 19:20
check #13 for instance or be creative :P
2015-03-24 19:31
-new train +old de_train +season +tuscan
2015-03-24 20:04
Spain ewg 
just -cobble -overpass +season +tuscan ffs
2015-03-24 20:07
Dust2 Inferno Mirage Cache Tuscan Nuke Train (old) /close
2015-03-24 20:55
They get paid to play cs for a living, im sure they can learn 9 maps. Its not rocket science. They all know d2,inf,nuke,mirage, cache like the back of their hands already, and know cbble, overpass, +old train pretty damn well, im sure they can learn 1 more. The worst major we had was Dreamhack inferno 2013 and ESL inferno 2014 unpredictably = excitment and where is the proof that more maps = less quality: it is just a theory from Lurppis cbble at cologne was one of the most exciting map to watch and the pro's didnt know it that well
2015-03-24 20:58
2015-03-24 23:37
I think you need to start playing in a team with actual strats to understand why having a 9 maps map pool is inconceivable. It has nothing to do with knowing the angles or the smokes of a map. It's a perpetual evolution which depends on how your opponents adapt to your tactics and how you'll adapt to theirs. You never truly "know" a map. That's why some teams who are very good on a certain map for a period of time and who switch their focus to their weaker maps end up losing games on their "best" map. If it was only about learning a map and be done with it CS would be very boring to watch (and useless as a competitive game). "not rocket science"... I'd like to see you try to play 9 maps just to laugh a bit.
2015-03-25 00:21
Sweden elan108 
9 maps top much -overpass -cbble +tuscan +season
2015-03-24 23:31
-train +1.6 train +nuke edit: cbble is a good map now that it has been fixed and redone a bit. you guys still ride the train of it being a shitty map. overpass also isn't terrible
2015-03-24 23:43
People wanting tuscan in the pool before it's even been played or tested. Top kek friends.
2015-03-24 23:51
No, 7 maps is the most balanced map pool you can have, because it allows teams to practice enough of them (most teams can have 2 great maps, 2 good maps and 2 ok maps) while giving some room for the veto mindgames. With too few maps, like it was at the beginning of the scene (5 maps), you couldn't really surprise a team, as they could ban their worse maps easily. With too many maps (8+), teams wouldn't be able to practice enough on most of the maps and the quality of CS would decrease, and the experience for the viewers would be less enjoyable.
2015-03-25 00:12
Spain akproxx 
actually, pro players earn a lot of money,they can give more time in practice ;D #76
2015-03-25 00:16
... They already dedicate most of their life to CS, money ain't going to change anything. And more practice won't change anything either, a team can't possibly achieve high level CS on 9 maps. They'll have to sacrifice at least 3 maps which they'll hardly touch and when by bad luck they'll play them they'll just run around peeking corners and hitting heads so they can win some rounds... That's not pro level CS, that's MM level CS. Even now with 7 maps we see several teams who struggle to come up with basic strats on part of the map pool. 9 maps will make the games a joke not even worth watching half of the time, while the other half it'll be a massacre because one team knows the map well and the other one never plays it.
2015-03-25 00:28
Spain akproxx 
im agree
2015-03-25 00:14
2015-03-25 00:17
+ nuke +tuscan
2015-03-25 00:29
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