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Netherlands Nevirus 
Fuck this game, bring back 1.6 AWP.
2015-03-27 22:55
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Hungary hamci_4 
Much how?
2015-03-27 22:56
Awesome work like always man. I wish VALVE would change stuff like this. Make it so if you quickscope your shot is still accurate. The way it works now is just ridiculous, you scope up your crosshair 100% on him, if you shoot too fast it's a miss. What a joke.
2015-03-27 23:01
it's intended. if you don't like it too bad.
2015-03-27 23:04
Iceland fatboislim 
kennyS disagrees with a message: l2p
2015-03-27 22:57
Really? I doubt he would disagree.
2015-03-27 22:57
Iceland fatboislim 
believe me i just talked to him and he says it's EZ
2015-03-27 22:59
You don't understand. It would improve his playstyle even more, he has incredible fast reflexes. If you think 1.6 quickscoping wouldn't make him even more godlike then he already is then I don't know what you are smoking.
2015-03-27 23:01
he already hits his quickscopes moron
2015-03-27 23:02
I guess you don't get the point. He might hit them now, but he could hit them EVEN FASTER. He has faster reflexes then any other player, so why wouldn't it be an advantage for him.
2015-03-27 23:04
You cant even hit all quickscopes even if you do everything right, thats not how csgo works retard.
2015-03-27 23:05
?? whos the retarded one here? where the fuck did I say that you can hit all of your quickscopes?
2015-03-27 23:07
You said he already hits all of his quickscopes but thats not even possible. He cant have luck on his side all the time.
2015-03-27 23:10
fucking read #3 #4 and #5 that guy is trolling this other idiot.. "he already hits his quickscopes moron" where? WHERE DO U SEE ME SAYING ALL? fucking retarded piece of shit, fuck off.
2015-03-27 23:13
So fucking mad haha :D
2015-03-27 23:14
so less arguments left haha :D
2015-03-27 23:22
This guy is obviously trolling or just retarded. Please tell me whats the difference in "he hits his quickscopes" and "he hits all his quickscopes".
2015-03-27 23:40
Iceland fatboislim 
no he already said that you're a noob who should go and play cod. awp with csgo's pistols is perfectly balanced.
2015-03-27 23:04
Yeah that might be true but Valve have got it the wrong way around. Lets not get started about the Tec9. It's so fucking stupid I can't believe they haven't patched this shit months ago.
2015-03-27 23:05
Iceland fatboislim 
you don't know much about csgo huh? every pistol in csgo is very good, exept duals and glock. tec-9 is just ridiculous.
2015-03-27 23:07
i just talked to him lol xD
2015-03-27 23:03
Just like Katowice, boom and miss.. dead on hit with randomness, and Titan was out.. Dont make it like 1.6, but make it totally necessary to be exactly still (= huge nerf to awp). Then add some accuracy for quick-scoping. EnviUs just did triple awp on Overpass.. jeezus, this is not game I want cs to play out.. Just saying with perfect quick-scope triple awp was unheard in 1.6
2015-03-27 23:12
United Kingdom Tr0pecs 
Just put a dot in the middle of your screen! Kappa
2015-03-27 23:02
France MAo. 
This awp would be OP with 1.6 quickscopes because you don't need to be completely stopped to kill someone.
2015-03-27 23:19
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