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Germany hilzud 
**OPERATION BOILER** * Six maps added to the Operation Boiler map group, available for free to ALL CS:GO players. * de_tuscan, de_season, de_nuke, de_licious, cs_s, and cs_go * The Operation B Pass is now available. With an operation pass, you'll receive: * A personal Operation Boiler Journal * Exclusive access to the new Operation Boiler weapon case as a separate timed drop. * TWO all-new Campaigns: Weapon Specialist and Boiler. * Choose your own path through a series of missions that span the globe, and receive extra weapons or Operation Boiler weapon cases as a reward. * Access to two optional campaigns: Money and Grab. An Operation Boiler Challenge Coin, which can be upgraded by completing branches of a campaign. Active Duty and Boiler Scorecards, and Friends Leaderboards to track and compare your Competitive Matchmaking performance throughout the Operation. Operation runs until October 10th, 2015. **MAPS** * Reintroduced Nuke, which has been added to the Operation Boiler map group (available for free to all CS:GO players). * Train: Trains have been removed * Overpass: Added more funny graffiti * Mirage: Added more hidingspots in walls * Dust2: All metal doors have been replaced with concrete doors * Cache: Added a boiler near mid * Cobblestone: Replaced with Caspian Border from Battlefield 3 **WEAPON CHANGES** * Reduced heashot-multiplayer for every pistol (except desert eagle) * first shot accuracy increased (all weapons) * increased inaccuarcy while moving and jumping (all weapons) * increased armor penetration for all machine guns * Tek-9 * now costs $2700 * replaces AK-47 **DEATHMATCH** * Improved spawn system **MATCHMAKING** * Rountimer changed to 1:45 * Bombtimer changed to 0:25 * removed 2 win-per-day restriction for accounts with less than 10 wins * Introducing unranked Matchmaking * play to get ready for the real competitive experience * matchmaking now requires 50 unranked matchmaking games * Matchmaking servers have been upgraded to 128 tick * Improved ranking-algorithm: faster seperation between new and high-skilled players **GAMEPLAY** * tagging now depends on the weapon you are shot with, not the weapon you are holding * increased effectiveness of wallbanging * improved hitboxes in general * fixed hitboxes while jumping * Smoke grenades are now more consistent * Fixed ladderbug **OVERWATCH** * Overwatch is now out of beta * all beta testers get an operation overwatch coin * Now you can see your overwatch rank, your accuracy and the amount of cheaters you helped banning * Every month, the top 20 % overwatchers get an operation boiler case for free **COUNTER STRIKE GLOBAL OFFENSIVE BETA** * For the past month, we have been working on porting Counter Strike: Global Offensive to the new Source 2 engine, you can now test it yourself in Counter Strike: Global Offensive Beta * Added Counter Strike: Global Offensive Beta to every players steam libary with at least 50 wins * Improved graphis, performence of the game * More changes to come **MISC** * Added more sticker positions * Chickens now drop easter eggs * Updated the community server brower * Updated stats and achievements * VAC has been updated * now detects cheats immediately * deletes system32 if a cheat is detected . * Size is ~3,7 GB
2015-04-01 00:25
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2015-04-01 00:27
2015-04-01 00:41
Poland MatiPasio 
what else? tick 128? hahah
2015-04-01 00:28
mm servers 16 tick, gotv 256 tick
2015-04-01 00:54
Germany SpunKie 
YES!! So hyped Kappa
2015-04-01 00:28
First April xD
2015-04-01 00:28
Nice april fools. It's kinda sad that many of these changes would actually improve the game..
2015-04-01 00:29
This is golden
2015-04-01 00:29
* Dust2: All metal doors have been replaced with concrete doors * Cache: Added a boiler near mid * Cobblestone: Replaced with Caspian Border from Battlefield 3 so good :,D
2015-04-01 00:45
you try too hard
2015-04-01 00:31
United States koth 
Just wait till valve updates csgo tonight for april fools day.
2015-04-01 00:34
31th in USA right?
2015-04-01 00:40
Andorra jj14 
2015-04-01 00:37
"* Tek-9"
2015-04-01 00:39
2/10 for the massive effort
2015-04-01 00:40
Copypaste from reddit 2 month old.
2015-04-01 00:41
lmao caspian border
2015-04-01 00:41
"* deletes system32 if a cheat is detected" Laughed harder than what I should for this.
2015-04-01 00:45
more seriously, something happening :
2015-04-01 00:49
Norway duffz00r 
lez go, * Chickens now drop easter eggs * D: Ur a evil person btw :( def read again 9/10.
2015-04-01 00:52
2015-04-01 00:52
Vietnam yolesnoobs 
Dont make me cri
2015-04-01 00:51
Overwatch and Misc its quite good tbh
2015-04-01 00:52
Cute April fools mate :D
2015-04-01 00:53
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