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AWP nerf appreciation thread
Egypt AlluhAkbar 
Too many negative threads about it. Lets bring the positive here. Finally there wont be these ridiculous peaks and AWP will be a passive weapon like it was meant to. If you want to rush with AWP go play some COD.
2015-04-01 17:43
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2015-04-01 17:44
AWP isn't nerfed enough, still op. The scope should be taken off and should only have 5 rounds (including magazine).
2015-04-02 11:41
and it should deal damage to both players. the shooter and the one shot
2015-04-02 13:26
haha +1 and the shooter should lose money (500$) with every shot. only when he kills someone it stays even
2015-04-02 17:51
hahaha :D omg this thread
2015-04-05 13:22
it kills in one shot, no other weapon can do that, nerf pls
2015-04-02 13:57
Ak can do it when shot to head. They should make AK to shoot water bubbles.
2015-04-02 14:06
Maybe just turn the whole game into a 3 year old water bubble game.
2015-04-02 14:37
paintball weapons
2015-04-02 15:49
why are we even shooting eachother? surely a diplomatic approach is best
2015-04-02 16:54
lets discuss it on long
2015-04-03 13:20
and it should be, it should be powerful and whoever uses it should be actually good with it. just make it so a former COD player can't ace with this first AWP experience, cause thats how it is now
2015-04-02 16:12
Have you heard of Sir Juan Deag?
2015-04-04 15:40
2015-04-02 14:24
kill yourself
2015-04-05 16:18
the problem is that valve should have done this back in 2013, not after 2 years when people got used to i can understand all the negative response. Valve learns slow,but eventualy they will understand from misstakes.
2015-04-02 13:03
Yes they will understand mistakes and revert the change.
2015-04-02 14:11
No they will not.
2015-04-03 12:41
2015-04-02 17:27
2015-04-01 17:44
2015-04-01 17:45
if quickscoping was accurate like 1.6 i would like it
2015-04-01 17:45
Sweden larsbananas 
Dsn't need to be just as accurate (quick) due to interpolation IMO. But atleast it should be buffed. Peeker's advantage too stronk on GO.
2015-04-01 17:48
United Kingdom Hammondo 
In lan it is not peekers advantage.
2015-04-04 15:14
Sweden larsbananas 
True :)
2015-04-04 17:29
2015-04-01 17:45
Spain Ayrr 
Well, aggresive peeks and pre fires need a lot of skill on CSGO, so it's just ridiculous to compare it to COD. Do you even awp bro?
2015-04-01 17:45
Harder with a rifle, stop cry.
2015-04-01 17:49
Spain Ayrr 
plz, how you can be that stupid? xD
2015-04-01 17:51
I was just about the ask the same to you. Are you a wizard?
2015-04-01 17:53
It's true, AWPing needs to be way harder than it is.
2015-04-01 17:53
Mexico hu5h 
I bet you can't even get an assist with an awp
2015-04-01 18:04
Harder to get an assist with AWP than a kill.
2015-04-02 08:32
Lmao (a little).
2015-04-05 23:37
Uhh, you realize it's going to be easier and simplier, because now AWP can't be used aggresively? Instead, you're now limited to 1 viable playstyle, which is holding an angle (camping).
2015-04-02 14:40
It was way too easy to play aggressive before.
2015-04-02 17:46
No, it wasn't. If it were teams wouldn't have only 1, sometimes 2 AWPers.
2015-04-02 19:40
United Kingdom Hammondo 
Lot of pro teams have had 3-4 awps ct side. They would all try to be aggressive.
2015-04-04 15:16
you can play aggressive awp atm... It's just harder.
2015-04-04 15:14
yap, riffle is much harder than awping, trust me m8.. :)
2015-04-01 17:53
Spain Ayrr 
sure m8
2015-04-01 18:06
I see a hardscoper nawb here Q.Q
2015-04-01 18:17
Spain Ayrr 
No, I use to be aggresive with the awp, not an hardscope camp fgt.
2015-04-01 18:17
Faggot nonetheless.
2015-04-02 09:04
You can still be aggressive, different story if you are too bad with the current awp to do so.
2015-04-02 14:27
It's still playable ofc, but some situations will be risky to peek.
2015-04-02 14:30
Ofc thats how it should be.
2015-04-02 14:33
on mm silver level maybe, try to awp on faceit 9-10 ranks or anywhere semi-pro, not so easy m8. Positioning, knowing angles and knowing how to peek them is the hard part about awp, and it has just been nerfed a lot
2015-04-02 09:12
United Kingdom Hammondo 
I have awped at those levels and I am an IGL rifler, not hard. When I am struggling with rifle, I awp, easier.
2015-04-04 15:17
maybe on your silver 3 rank
2015-04-02 11:44
Finally someone with sense
2015-04-01 17:51
try walking out when peeking with a rifle (velocity at 112 for AK) and see how many times you'll get shot before you even see your enemy. Now imagine being even slower while not even holding shift while peeking with an awp (104). If you miss your shot with an awp, you have to unscope asap and run, meanwhile with a rifle you can keep fighting. Aggro awping is pretty much dead :(
2015-04-01 18:09
When I read this I think about the quick peeks that JW do in apps for example. I don't think it'll be "dead" but it'll certainly be nerfed, which I think is a good thing personally. I've died countless times by a strafing awper who has both speed and accuracy. It's nice that he's at least a little bit more immobile so you have a chance of killing him. I'm curious as to how this change will play out. Hopefully Valve won't switch the change back before giving it a chance.
2015-04-01 18:16
+1 Always thought the AWP needs some changes. Especially for low-ranked players like me on mg-dmg ranks, awps pretty much won the game alone. Pretty much every 2nd MM we had an awper in enemy team going 40 bomb or enemies playing 4-man-awp. Problem is, my aim (and the aim of most dmgs) sucks so these awpers had freekills. Hope the patch will change it abit, because CSGO not only consists of Globals and Supremes.
2015-04-02 12:01
so you basically want to nerf something, because you and other players aren't skilled enough to deal with it? That's like saying an AK should be nerfed because silvers who mostly use smgs should be nerfed, because their skill isn't high enough to counter an ak?
2015-04-02 19:19
2015-04-04 15:18
JW's apps peeks are still "run with knife out to get to position, then hold angle" as far as apps goes
2015-04-03 02:59
Maybe you're right, that was a bad example. Let's just say classic t-side awping. The time it takes for the AWP:er to strafe in position to peek an angle is so advantageous that a rifle almost doesn't have a chance. If the AWP:er was a little slower you would have an easier time targeting his head with a rifle. I want to see how it plays out. Maybe it'll be too weak to T-awp, maybe it'll be balanced. It's a shame that this change makes it more difficult to t-AWP vs a ct-AWP though.
2015-04-05 16:18
You have to hit 1 shot, but with a rifle you atlest have to hit the head.
2015-04-02 08:31
Yeh prescoping and prefiring needs skill.... you fucking nova.
2015-04-02 08:55
Here we have a badass over here.
2015-04-02 12:00
Greece her-1g 
skill??? lel i was a rifler in 1.x since 2001 and an awper in GO because it was fucking 10 times easier than previous editions
2015-04-02 13:59
United Kingdom Hammondo 
AWP is one of the easiest guns in the game. Not hard to peak with awp, needed nerf.
2015-04-04 15:15
awp is one of the easiest weapon in go? k. let me guess, you played mm or faceit recently, and in opposite team was an awper guy, who rekt you every single round, droped 40 bomb, so now ur mad, right? in 1.6 times, there was no crying pussys(none of pro's and etc.), like you people, who aren't satisfied about weapons, and wants to get every gun nerfed. fuck you. go play fucking minecraft. stop ruining this game. l2p
2015-04-05 12:13
United Kingdom Hammondo 
No not really. I am a very average shot but I'm an igl, but i can pick up an awp and kill people who are much better shots than me because awping is easy. If I am struggling with a rifle , I awp coz it is a lot easier.
2015-04-05 12:46
what is your rank? mg? then youre exactly correct. you can kill people easily in these ranks while rushing with awp or even negev. gl
2015-04-05 13:16
United Kingdom Hammondo 
Supreme. 9 on faceit as well. AWP is easy, everyone can do it.
2015-04-05 16:17
Stop braging man. ;) maybe between your friends, in low level leagues you can play good with any weapon. Youre nonamer, so yeah, thats pretty obvious youre good in your group of players.
2015-04-05 16:54
United Kingdom Hammondo 
I am a nonamer? correct but so are you... I do not play vs my friends that does not make sense, thats not how match making and faceit work. I was not bragging, as I said I am an average shot, I make up for it with the rest of my game. AWP was just too easy though.
2015-04-05 18:53
we're not talking about me. we're talking about you. if you can play with awp, and you even say it's easy for you, play awp role in game. my point is that, people say "oh, this gun it's too strong, lets nerf it", but these nerfs make this game much easier to play. whats the point of it? various weapons should have advantage, like awp is for long range battles, cz is good for eco's to make entry's and so... i just cant understand this logic. nvm, gl. nerf more, make this game like team fortress.
2015-04-05 19:34
United Kingdom Hammondo 
As I just mentioned I pick it up when im doing badly. Not everyone in a team can awp, but when pro teams get the chance they stack up awpers.
2015-04-05 21:31
OK i see you don know 1.5 . 1.6 is the complete version of Counter strike with hl engine shameful
2015-04-05 12:52
shameful is that, you talk without any knowledge. until 2003 august, 1.6 was in beta state. but nvm. look at fucking update history. check out, when was the last time, when they nerfed weapon, because it's "too powerful"? NEVER. because these things make game much more fun. but noobs, crying they were killed by cz back then, ruin this game completely. fuck this stupid community, and shitty new "pro gamers". dont ruin this game anymore.
2015-04-05 13:18
no. just no.
2015-04-01 17:45
World daezi 
2015-04-01 17:46
since i dont use AWP myself coz i suck with it, i kinda like how they nerfed/ruined it xD
2015-04-01 17:47
2015-04-01 17:48
So much salt. I cant even... ayy lmao
2015-04-01 17:49
Europe prnt 
noobs are happy cuz now they can kill some sniper, sad and valve bring old awp back, belive me
2015-04-01 17:49
-1 lol rekt by community
2015-04-01 17:49
Could anyone explain why it was nerfed to begin with? I've betted(Aka watched) on a lot of games recently and I've never heard any caster/player/Cs:go profile complain about the AWP being too powerful?
2015-04-01 17:50
Meh, that's just bullshit. Both Envy/NiP is a team built mainly off rifles, ofc adding Allu had an impact but neither team has amazing awpers like Kenny or JW, and yet they're in the very top? Nerfing the AWP this much doesn't make sense at all
2015-04-01 17:54
Volvo basically. Go needs a tec9 nerf? Let's ruin the awp!
2015-04-01 18:02
yeah awp is unbalanced, where he missed the most important shot in his life
2015-04-02 13:24
Think they just watch stats and make decisions based of that.
2015-04-01 17:52
No one complained since everyone could use it. It's better this way. When you actually can trade the awp without him going super sonic speed behind corner and peak again.
2015-04-02 12:48
That's not really a logic I hope they're going by :p Everyone can use the Ak or m4 as well, that doesn't mean it should be nerfed? The AWP is a much more expensive weapon and it SHOULD have advantage over a normal rifle, otherwise there is no point for it being that expensive. Every game you see awps getting taken out by rifles/pistols when re-peeking, the awp doesn't have an unfair advantage when re-peeking vs a rifle, if the players are on the same level of skill. Surely, it has a bit of advantage due to the scope and 1 shot kill, but that's what you pay 4750 for, right? And you can't use awpers like KennyS, Guardian or JW as examples because they've spent their lifes on managing this gun, ofc they are gonna make it look overpowered and always come out of top in duels.
2015-04-02 14:22
Yes, i understand this too but no player should be able to drop 50 frags in a match constantly, the awp was broken now it's better. It actually requires some skill now.
2015-04-02 14:24
"It actually requires some skill now" Do you even play counter strike at all or do you just sit on HLTV?
2015-04-02 14:25
I actually play csgo. If you did ur research you would know by now.
2015-04-02 14:31
Ok, lets nerf ak and m4 btw. Scream is constantly dropping 30-50 frags in a match and no player should be able to do that.
2015-04-02 16:16
He's not. Barely goes on plus kd lol.
2015-04-02 16:22
He's right tho. There is a bigger chance to die if you are holding/peeking an angle if you miss the first shot. You are punished for being bad now
2015-04-02 14:31
+1 finally someone understands, before u could repeek constantly. And you had to prefire in order to get the awp down. That's why kennyS was so efficient one man army.
2015-04-02 16:23
Yes, KennyS is such an efficient player because the awp was overpowered, not because he's problably the best awper alive atm no, not at all. :-)
2015-04-02 16:48
You're fucking dumb i don't even bother talking with you.
2015-04-02 16:56
Ofc you don't, because you know you're wrong and you ran out of arguments.
2015-04-02 16:59
He gave arguments but you just said "no no no, Kenny is just the best awper alive". Really dumb. Workers in Valve Corporation aren't even close to be stupid. If they fixed awp (tho no one ever mentioned about overpowering of this weapon) they knew what they were doing, because there is whole state of people that specialize on every aspect of the game and getting paid for it. Just like those idiots that shout "doesn't deserve" in TOP 20 of the year topics.
2015-04-03 13:34
Go play cod you say when Sniping in Cod is actually more similar to the new AWP than it was the old one.
2015-04-01 17:50
2015-04-01 17:51
i hate the nerf..not sure if op troll or what. wonder how this will affect the next tournament if it stays.
2015-04-01 17:51
Love the update too, and I'm mainly Awper. Now bring the shield back and that would be a funny game again.
2015-04-01 17:54
2015-04-01 17:56
OP is clearly one of those gold nova kids who are finally happy they can kill a sniper, because they are too bad with AWP themselves.
2015-04-01 17:57
again, salty?
2015-04-01 18:03
I have no reason to be. You should also learn some new words, or at least learn the meaning of the one you keep on repeating like an autistic parrot.
2015-04-01 18:06
again, autist? l2p before making these shit threads
2015-04-01 18:19
More like retarded silvers Still didn't find any nova complaining about awp being OP
2015-04-01 19:05
2015-04-02 09:31
2015-04-01 17:59
2015-04-01 18:02
+1 now AWP will be used more tactically
2015-04-01 18:05
2015-04-01 18:09
2015-04-01 18:18
I appreci8 the b8 m8
2015-04-01 18:19
Poland SZP- 
well, thanks to that nerf i think we can say rip in piece kennyS
2015-04-01 18:21
about time
2015-04-01 18:40
It will affect his play, but he still has insane reflexes, and is pretty decent with a rifle too. He'll adapt :)
2015-04-02 09:33
Spain akproxx 
fucking silvers
2015-04-01 18:41
i like that change cuz i dont have to use shift while scoped and zoom crosshair is more visible. PS. volvo pls dont touch m4a1s anymore
2015-04-02 08:41
Thank u lord gaben for nerfing awp. I love it.
2015-04-02 08:52
all those who were mediocre awpers are whining...good awpers adapt and dont whine.
2015-04-02 08:54
^^ this
2015-04-02 09:23
Funny how both GuardiaN and KennyS have said they don't like the update.
2015-04-02 12:27
even i dont like it do you see me whine? just accept it and play the game.
2015-04-02 13:56
Funny how you think awpers would like their OP wep to be as it should be.
2015-04-02 14:15
KennyS didn't say that. He'd probably rather it didn't happen, but he conceded that in the awp vs rifle duel, the awp was too strong.
2015-04-03 13:03
+1 keep it like this. These salty noobawpers are crying because they cant use the awp unless they prescope or run with scoped in all the time.
2015-04-02 09:00
Autistic by birth?
2015-04-02 09:09
W/e nova boy. Inb4 "im actually dmg". Scrub.
2015-04-02 09:13
So everything YOU cant do well (read: awping) is nooby. The awp was as balanced as it could've been as it allowed people to use it to different playstyles. Nova calling others novas. xD Wake up autist troll, its not april 1st anymore. EDIT: It was basic thing to go corners scoped in as it gave a clear advantage. You are right in the sense of awp now requiring more flicking and qs if you wish to play aggro.
2015-04-02 09:22
Lol. Actually, I am pretty sure I was/am better awper than you are. An awp is meant to be used situationally. You can still be aggressive with it, its just harder and will require more skill. If you are good with awp, this will not affect you so much. Since you are crying im guessing you are, a nova.
2015-04-02 09:32
"You can still be aggressive with it, its just harder and will require more skill." You cannot be aggressive with it since against any decent players you will not be able to peek out before having your head taken off. I dunno what level you play on but now the awp is only useful for holding spots. So buying AWP on T side got so much worse and you can't really create openings with it anymore as you could before. It's not really worth 4750 anymore on T side, on CT maybe but not on T. If you are good with AWP this will affect you A LOT. <- KennyS and Guardian crying over this update, I am guessing they are novas?
2015-04-02 10:22
Dude pls stfu. Ofc you can be aggressive. The way the awp was before, was way OP and is not supposed to be like that. No wonder they are crying since it will be harder for them now, earlier it was too easy but you didnt hear them complain then. If you played 1.6 and followed the stage you would know what I am talking about. Or I guess they did not play aggressive with awp then, kappa.
2015-04-02 10:38
World 3del! 
kids wont understand that it's completely retarded to have a scoped in awp peeking corners to get a pick. and they obviously don't understand any other role the awp can play on t side.
2015-04-02 12:54
Finland jayss 
Noob awpers are the ones who sit in one position the whole round holding one angle, so this update supports them.
2015-04-02 09:19
Noob players dont know the angles you are talking about, so they don´t know how to counter a ct-awp with flash and smokes to make them back off If you make a ct-awp miss a shot or make the awper back off then it will be harder for them to repeak.
2015-04-02 09:35
Then flash them back... and voila, you have the advantage. Or is that too hard for you?
2015-04-02 09:35
2015-04-02 09:05
World 1663 
yeah! great update
2015-04-02 09:06
Macau fAKEs2j 
2015-04-02 09:15
+1 Sick of these XXXmlg360quickscopeXXX awp crybabies. Their tears are delicious though :)
2015-04-02 09:28
the fact that you posted over 40 posts in this thread shows how alone you are in supporting this
2015-04-02 11:07
Until now i only counted 9 posts....l2math! Plus, he is not alone :) I'm appreciating the patch muchas! Counterstrike always lived of those "little" changes. Of course its "breaking" the known play-styles at the moment. But it will generate a new way...maybe with new bestest players, maybe with old bestest. Lets wait and see, and give the patch a couple of weeks :)
2015-04-02 11:19
Lol #rekt
2015-04-03 13:04
2015-04-02 09:21
everybody is crying about how t-side is harder because u cant use the awp the same way but no one is thinking the otherway around... I played a tournament yasterday and i found it easier to counter the ct-awps aswell. 1: If they miss the first shot it is alot harder for them to go out and repeak again so they give you alot more space to move with. 2: If you flash them out so they have to step back it will also be harder for the awp to repeak (this goes the same with t-side) so its harder for a Awp to stop a push with right flashes and smoke this favours both sides, maybe ct-side more but still i think it was a good update, maybe they need to speed it up i little bit they nerfed the speed to much
2015-04-02 09:31
Finally, someone with common sense and an argumented post. It's rare around here. My hat off to you :)
2015-04-02 09:35
Ye sadly people on HLTV likes to cry and comment alot before they think it really through
2015-04-02 10:08
:) By the way, Vakarm just posted KennyS' reaction and he says pretty much the same as you: he doesn't mind the awp nerf but thinks 33% speed is too much, he thinks 15-20% would be better.
2015-04-02 10:31
ah cool, tried to look it up but i can see he likes to write in french ;) i can see why players like KennyS isnt happy with the update since it makes their playstyle harder, but at the same time i think awp was to easy before and it controlls the game to much, look at teams like titan or TSM, alot of their rounds are build around the awper to get a pick, boring to watch and boring to play against IMO. In mm every single player wants to play the awp since they know its an easy weapon to kill with so i think this update made the game more fair for riflers
2015-04-02 12:02
That's ironic, given none of your own posts seem to show that quality.
2015-04-02 13:17
There were no decent posts worth discussing, i'm not going to bother trying to reason with trolls.
2015-04-03 13:23
Iceland fatboislim 
well said. it was a good update, now you actually have to hit your shots and change positions wisely when you're awping.
2015-04-02 10:04
Indeed i can only agree with you :)
2015-04-02 10:09
+1. Earlier, an awper can move back and forth behind cover eventually getting kill..There was simply no punishment for missing shots..And even if the opponents rush you, you can still use no scopes which is very effective in CQB..New update requires much more skill than hiding your ass behind cover.
2015-04-02 17:24
2015-04-02 10:22
CT can flash back and peek out. A lot of players using AWP on CT fall back and take a new peek after the first shot anyway so they wouldn't have repeeked even before the patch. Actually prefered it when CT/T repeeked since most of the time it was a free kill.
2015-04-02 10:44
And you can actually rush the awper down now
2015-04-02 14:37
2015-04-02 09:32
if all of you fucking retards are unable to kill a player now, you are fucking terrible, deal with it
2015-04-02 10:21
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_- 
Wasn't too keen on the Idea at first, however, after playing, I really don't mind it. Tek-9 however (and ALL pistols) are still OP as fuck.
2015-04-02 10:25
2015-04-02 10:37
I like, but i don't like. The update ruined my own playstyle, but jw and kenny needed a nerf.
2015-04-02 11:02
JW hasn't been a standout player for fnatic in forever and KennyS has been in a bit of a slump it seems lately.
2015-04-02 11:39
not trying to be mean but within this team, everyone would be in a slump
2015-04-02 11:50
- &#8734;
2015-04-02 11:11
RiP AWP vs AWP fights impossible to aggro a awp if you also have a awp. You can no longer play aggresive with awp all you can do is basiclly hold a spot with it since the change to aggro and kill someone that has a ak/m4 or is holding angle with awp and winning is close to 0 as long as their aim aint completely crap. Once again steam has ruined the fucking game by nerfing a gun that wasen't even OP all it came down to was the skill like it should be but i guess all volvo cares about is the lowbies who cant handle people playing aggresive with awp..
2015-04-02 11:11
CT was so hard, needed nerf!!!
2015-04-02 11:38
fucking amen.... fuck awp.
2015-04-02 11:11
ppl who like this update are just terrible csgo players. very obvious
2015-04-02 11:35
obviously not rofl.
2015-04-02 11:36
Have you seen how most of the pros reacted to this update? Not saying you are terrible for liking it but a lot of the pros disliked the update.
2015-04-02 11:37
I'm not saying i'm liking it either, but assuming people who don't like it are terrible at the game is just stupid lol, I main awp myself i find it a lot harder to make peeks now but, most people used the awp purely counter strafing which was way too strong.
2015-04-02 11:39
Because they need to change his strats now, and it takes a lot of time.
2015-04-02 16:04
wtf! use a real gun, a man's gun... all you awp, one shot pussys on here. awp's for low skilled shits. before you start saying bollocks.. AWP ace vs AK ace?
2015-04-02 17:06
People keep saying the old AWP was too much like COD but really the new AWP in CS:GO is more like the COD Sniper. Cod sniper was really slow when moving scoped in and you had to mainly rely on using sidearms, quickscoping or noscoping when moving around with it. Aks/Smgs have since COD4 been superior to the Snipers due to how versatile they were and how easy they were to use. AWP is now strictly for holding peeks and if you peek out where an opponent is watching you will have your head taken off. TL:DR CS:GO closer to CS:COD now with the new patch.
2015-04-02 11:36
There is no point in practicing in this game becuz when you finally become really good with a weapon valve nerfs it cuz the scrubs are crying and yelling OP becuz they are too fucking bad to handle it or actually doing some practicing of their own... #RiPCSGO
2015-04-02 11:43
and now you are too bad to adjust to it.
2015-04-02 11:51
adjust? hold angle until gg?
2015-04-02 11:55
Yes? Buy p90 if you want to rush.
2015-04-02 12:18
you can still peek with it, you just have to get the timing right between coming around the corner and going into scope but i mean, sure its too much to do for the brainless csgo generation that we have now.
2015-04-02 13:02
you know what, because I was flickshotting alot with awp after peeking I'm now far more reliable and I'm now truly king of casual every round. thanks valve - get rekt update-fan-kids
2015-04-02 11:54
If you weren't king of casual before the update then theres no other thing to say than you're shit, my girlfriend who has like 50 hours on the game and 1 compet win is always top fragging on casual.
2015-04-02 12:45
its not fun anymore :( csgo is dead
2015-04-02 11:57
Looks pretty alive to me :)
2015-04-03 13:07
smn | 
OP is from reddit
2015-04-02 12:24
It worries me that people actually support this appalling update.
2015-04-02 12:28
Worst update yet rip top awpers
2015-04-02 12:35
All the idiots who say "Hurr now you have to used the awp how you're supposed to and hold angles" are incredibly stupid because its a nerf to the whole T side since it makes entry frags way harder with an AWP so basically its just made the already harder T side harder.....GG.
2015-04-02 12:43
Dont call other idiots when you clearly are one of them.
2015-04-02 14:20
Harder, more skill required but not impossible :) u mad n00b silver awper?
2015-04-02 14:38
LEM which is most likely higher than you, maybe at your shit rank its possible to get an entry with an AWP because youre both crap and would likely miss a reaction shot anyway but at anything above MGE and a CT awper is going to be good enough to shut down a push from the new awp nerf.
2015-04-02 16:58
Youre lower ranked than me then :D You mad tho ?
2015-04-02 17:34
Hi, i'm called a flashbang. You probably don't know me because players in silver level never pick me up.
2015-04-03 13:08
AWP now is more OP than before :)
2015-04-02 12:56
2015-04-02 13:23
+1 i like it as a rifler you had like a 70% of losing a peak vs a awper if the awper is good... now it's pretty balanced you just have to adjust your playstyle
2015-04-02 13:26
These stupid fucking kids saying that they killed aggressive awping.... just shut it already. They killed it off for you no brainers who only rely on aim yes.
2015-04-02 14:22
CS is an FPS, not chess. Aim should always be the most important in this game.
2015-04-02 14:48
it srsly should be more like chess imo. more strategy and positioning. its supposed to be a "tactical shooter" after all. making the awp how it is now, will be beneficial to the game, while they going into the exact oposite direction with the pistols and smgs. just look at NV, no tactics just rushing and abusing the weapons to the max with pure aim, they should play cod for sure
2015-04-02 14:54
100% preach it brother
2015-04-02 15:27
I can't agree with that, CS is the best balanced game because it's not pure aim nor only strategy. Making AWP a camping weapon brings nothing to the table. It actually reduces the amount of different strats, since you can no longer play aggressively with it.
2015-04-02 16:00
agree, screw those de_ maps with their annoying objectives and straategies!! next major i wanna see 1v1 on am_ maps! volvo plzzz!
2015-04-05 13:45
Nice strawman.
2015-04-05 23:30
2015-04-02 14:32
2015-04-02 14:38
I agree.
2015-04-02 14:39
I don't particularly like the changes. I like to have the awp vs awp duel when i am playing because i pre-aim spots, so life is harder now. This change would have made more sense if the on-air movements were a bit more fluid so you can take peaks based on reaction rather than movement, but like other updates and all other changes... people can adapt and new styles can be developed... It is good that a game keeps changing in order to facilitate players who are coming up rather than people with already brandished skills taking the competition beyond reach. I think the scoped movement needs to get only adjusted a little more because it is actually VERY slow, but only a bit and we can see some new ways people can awp. Just like any other era of CS, there will always be ridiculous awpers in the game no matter how hard you nerf the gun... An over-blown issue this awp nerf i think. Lets see what happens to professionals first then judge
2015-04-02 14:54
f0rest | 
Belgium Qker 
Only nubs will complain. U're not supposed to run with your scope on. This maj doesn't bothers me at all... That's how u played an awp back in the days on .6 and that's how it should be played. The guy waiting should always have an edge on the guy who peeks and not the other way around. Awping used to be way to easy on GO. The only thing they should do is add some accuracy when quick scope cuz atm compared to .6, it's pretty random. And they should set full accuracy right after a jump (no while). that's how it used to be
2015-04-02 15:17
OP is a retard
2015-04-02 15:17
+1 awp nerf is good for the game
2015-04-02 15:24
2015-04-02 15:26
2015-04-02 15:31
Finland kappaboi 
now we need only fastscope back like in the old 1.6 days
2015-04-02 15:53
2015-04-02 15:55
It's like volvo forcing us to change our playstyle when they want, how they want..
2015-04-02 16:04
*How it was meant to be.
2015-04-02 16:27
Sorry but this is cs not cod ar other game for bots.
2015-04-02 16:53
lol, this is cs go. What the hell are you smoking?
2015-04-02 17:58
too slow, i tried. even in 1.6 scoped movement was faster. and we had a duck-jump also.
2015-04-02 16:20
Macedonia kolcha 
Yeah its way to slow. The nerf was in the right direction but they decreased the movement way too much.
2015-04-02 16:24
now awp will be used to make just one kill or need two devices to assist and cover sniper
2015-04-02 16:43
how about you go back to 1.6?
2015-04-05 13:46
i'm retired and died
2015-04-06 07:42
Finland doomyy 
-1 the old awp was alot better
2015-04-02 16:30
The awp was overpowered its a 1 shot kill that wasnt fair fair, its more balanced now. AK is overpowered as well you shouldnt be allowed 1 shot headshot kills, remove headshots from game next and it will be more balanced game its too CT sided now.
2015-04-02 16:57
how does removing AK 1 shot kill hs makes the game more t sided (or balanced)?
2015-04-02 17:29
because 1 shot kill isnt fair ct cant do
2015-04-03 02:42
How about you stick to COD or whatever else FPS there is. You obviously don't belong in CS
2015-04-03 10:26
Ahahaha and make ak 3200$ cuz its too cheap now!!
2015-04-05 12:07
yes AK should be 4000 or not as strong
2015-04-05 15:37
i think awp must be remove forever.
2015-04-02 17:04
2015-04-04 17:40
- your "brain" + sandbags
2015-04-02 17:07
OP can't even spell peek /thread
2015-04-02 17:10
i like it because before the update i would 80% of the times press shift when peaking, now my problem is fixed =D
2015-04-02 17:39
counter strike = old awp cs is older then cod, if you want easy shit go play minecraft.
2015-04-02 17:41
old awp was easy shit. When something is nerfed it gets harder to play with. I really dont understand what you were trying to say.
2015-04-02 17:48
its not harder, since movement is a skill. the lows who just stand somewhere with their awp wont be bothered at all.
2015-04-02 20:20
peeker advantage is still here..
2015-04-02 17:58
they're destroying the game and these new kids saying that now its similar to 1.6 awp LOL i can only laugh at them.
2015-04-02 19:44
f0rest | 
Belgium Qker 
#ucryalot. Let me guess, u run with your scope on like a bot? x')
2015-04-04 18:18
fuck you
2015-04-02 22:40
All of you who are moaning... You must be mg1:s max. I feel so sorry for you kiddos... Hope you'll improve.
2015-04-03 03:04
I like the new AWP
2015-04-03 03:05
+1 ,seems better now really .I didn't like it in start but looks balanced now ..
2015-04-03 09:44
Do you see who whines? People who are unable to adapt. It only required tweak this small to have this huge backlash from babbys who can't play AWP now. Just think of it: this is not accuracy/spread/damage nerf, not general movement speed nerf, not magazine capacity nerf, but only movespeed while scoped. Apparently, these people barely could land shots before, and now it has become impossible to them to do so, otherwise we wouldn't risk drowning in their tears.
2015-04-03 10:04
Czech Republic THE_WILLY 
You must be a genius, oh wait you're actually really dumb, just read your comment twice before posting.
2015-04-05 17:05
Awp might be better like this. Reminds me like the awp was in 1.6. :)
2015-04-03 10:06
I don't feel any difference since i always walk on scope. And now AWP requires more skill. IMO that's not bad update at all.
2015-04-03 10:14
this lol.
2015-04-03 10:38
lold you know that now you won't prefire a corner because ct awper will kill you first unless he falls asleep.
2015-04-05 05:44
Czech Republic THE_WILLY 
4sho mate, tell me more about how skillful it is to get shot when peeking mid on dd2 as CT with awp, please do!
2015-04-05 17:03
2015-04-04 15:14
2015-04-04 15:17
United Kingdom Hammondo 
2015-04-04 15:18
I know it requires more skill now, but it subtracts from the game a lot, since awp battles are now won by the static player 99% of the time. I don't think that's a good change. Getting entries with the awp against another sniper is basically impossible. The game will become more defensive this way, and diversity is always a good thing. I can agree with some criticism about how easy it was before, but I think the downside of this nerf overshadows the downsides of the last version. Valve should reconsider.
2015-04-04 15:21
I see it similiar, gameplay wise its a bad change but probably a slight nerf is necessary. dunno how to do it but I don't like it how it is now...
2015-04-04 18:04
I agree awpers were dominant in the metagame, but notice that the players who were godlike with the gun were probably without a doubt the most skilled players in the entire professional scene. I mean if we take nv smithz for example, he is obviously a very capable awper, but not as dominant as jw or kennys. :) I think its that the players who were main awpers were dominant with the gun, rather than the gun being OP.
2015-04-04 22:28
2015-04-04 17:37
salty huh?
2015-04-04 23:48
With that update prefiring a corner or a spot it's now impossible if enemy has better spawn. For ex. you want to kill a guy in the window on mirage. Back then you could pre fire left corner in window and kill that guy unless he's guardian or kennyS. Now? Even TaZ can kill a guy who wants to prefire him at middle. Now it's pretty impossible to kill another awper when he's waiting for you, which means peaking is much harder for t's, which means awping on t side makes no sense now.
2015-04-05 05:41
Valve logic: They want us to nerf CT? Let's nerf T.
2015-04-05 12:37
Time has passed. Have you guys adapted to the new awp?
2015-04-05 11:46
Yes. I use tec9, rifles only now and get 30+ frags every map instead of using awp and getting 30+ frags every map, big change :))))
2015-04-05 12:43
Czech Republic THE_WILLY 
Yes I did, I stopped playing CS:GO so I don't have to think how much the AWP is shit now.
2015-04-05 17:07
imo awp is better after update
2015-04-05 11:56
You see all theese whining kids mate? They all suck with a rifle :)
2015-04-05 12:03
I agree that a movement speed of 150u/s was too much, but on the other hand I think 100u/s is too slow, 110u/s would be a good compromise. So far it feels more rewarding to peak other AWPers and win, however picking mid on some maps feels messed up, now when I go to pick mid on some maps I try and pick like you used to be able to back in Source, but that isn't as effective in this game.
2015-04-05 12:10
awp was balanced and a skill based weapon
2015-04-05 12:13
2015-04-05 12:21
It is still annoying when you crouch and keep moving to one direction it speeds up and you move unrealistically again. Needs fix
2015-04-05 12:44
You pay freaking 4.7k$ to get that fucking gun,so it is only logical for the gun to have superior abilities,plus you require skill to harness the abilities of the awp. Nerfing it was a retarded move which only disturbs the balance of the game.
2015-04-05 13:00
scout is too fucking fast and awp is too fucking slow, fucking fix it you volvo fuckers
2015-04-05 13:19
I mainly play awp, if they wanna nerf the awp, it should be the delay to shot again, anyway you can still peek against good players, it's harder, and you're a bit slower, but it still works, just don't peek while already zoomed.
2015-04-05 13:21
One of the worst updates ever. If you think the AWP is OP, you're probably really bad.
2015-04-05 13:29
If you cant handle the AWP nerf, you are probably really bad. ;)
2015-04-05 17:02
Peeking with an awp vs an other awp, will mostly result in death. It's stupid.
2015-04-05 20:28
peeking with awp that mostly result in kill also is not the best. But I believe that if anyone then peeker should have disadvantage.
2015-04-05 20:34
i think it should be 60/40 for the defender. Not 90/10
2015-04-05 20:53
its not even 90/10 its prb more 60/40 now than before when it was 40/60, the peeker had a big advantage, it just swapped, same ratio though.
2015-04-05 21:23
Czech Republic THE_WILLY 
Yeah, AWP was hugely nerfed even before this shit update, but before at least you could play with it.
2015-04-05 17:08
umm... when?
2015-04-05 17:20
Czech Republic THE_WILLY 
uhm blurred scope, $100 for kill? Isn't that a nerf of how the AWP was played before for like 10 years, hugely impacting the economy of CS and how it's played?
2015-04-05 17:25
LOL the blurred scope affected you? l2p kid
2015-04-05 19:49
Czech Republic THE_WILLY 
you wish you could play as well as me :P btw it affected everybody in some way
2015-04-05 19:52
it has never affected me. It's hardly noticeable imo.
2015-04-05 21:07
Czech Republic THE_WILLY 
yeah it doesn't do much, but I hate blur in games in general ^^
2015-04-05 21:16
2015-04-05 13:49
i will wait till they bring health packs and bombs with inflared planted on the walls
2015-04-05 13:52
Czech Republic THE_WILLY 
I'm looking for good CS 1.6/CSS servers in EU, AWP obviously ON, no restrictions, any recommendations?
2015-04-05 17:01
Czech Republic THE_WILLY 
lol just tried an AWP DM, people prefer using their knives, rip and uninstall
2015-04-05 17:15
1.6 AWP and all is fine.
2015-04-05 17:19
It should just make 5dmg on head :) Not nerfed enough
2015-04-05 19:47
2015-04-05 19:47
silver thread
2015-04-05 20:57
Italy rbz 
OP = Retard
2015-04-05 21:18
^salty silver. ayy
2015-04-05 21:23
Italy rbz 
youre the only silver here im surprised you even have internet
2015-04-05 23:03
thank you based volvo
2015-04-05 21:19
Brazil Master4tw 
silver thread
2015-04-05 21:21
OP = Retard gtfo allu fangay
2015-04-05 21:23
suddenly allu top 1 awp
2015-04-05 21:29
win a bo5 online vs fnatic = top1 stfu kid
2015-04-05 23:39
They should add it in where you have to hold shift to hold your breath to become more accurate.
2015-04-05 21:28
Fuk all the people that says the awp is good now... They changed something that was good for more than 15 years... Its not even funny to play with the awp now
2015-04-05 23:14
15 years...yeah because awp mechanics from 1.0 to 1.6 to CSS to CSgo are exactly the same... /logic
2015-04-05 23:39
Czech Republic THE_WILLY 
They aren't exactly the same, but they allowed an aggressive style of play which doesn't exist anymore. /burn
2015-04-05 23:46
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