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Zowie Mouse
Norway kOVizEN - LGB 
Is there any difference between all the zowie mice (mouse)??
2015-04-04 23:33
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Spain zevo 
FK1 change guns automatic :S
2015-04-04 23:34
Israel sbd123 
unbind from mouse wheel bud :D
2015-04-04 23:39
yeah mine jumps automatically fkn MWHEEL glitch
2015-04-05 02:01
I got a FK2 a couple months ago and the mwheel still has that great responsive feel. Does it really loosen up so much?
2015-04-05 02:44
The FK2 is a very nice mouse. Right choice at buying it.
2015-04-05 02:54
RpK | 
Germany lloyd6077 
size and shape?
2015-04-04 23:35
yeah the fk1/fk2 have different dpi than the rest
2015-04-04 23:35
I got medium hand / small I would say! How can I know?
2015-04-04 23:35
Do you want to buy a Zowie mouse ? That's your question ? :D
2015-04-04 23:36
Claw or palm grip?
2015-04-04 23:37
claw grip!
2015-04-04 23:39
So FK1, FK2 or EC2-A.
2015-04-04 23:45
get fk2
2015-04-05 02:46
just buy FK'14, FK1, FK2 one of these three, i got '14 and works perfectly and i have pretty small hands
2015-04-05 12:21
if palm grip?
2015-04-05 02:48
ec2-a is good for palm/claw
2015-04-05 04:33
fk2 is small.
2015-04-04 23:38
The main differences are the size/shape, other things are similar or the same.
2015-04-04 23:36
I use the claw grip I got to admit.
2015-04-04 23:38
If your hand is small / medium, go for a FK2 is a bit smaller than the FK1. But if you want more info go to the Zowie website.
2015-04-04 23:41
I miss my Zowie 1.1 :(
2015-04-04 23:47
What happen to it ? :(
2015-04-04 23:49
Dunno :| Just checked it, the bundle is not available anymore. I still use the mousepad, love it.
2015-04-04 23:50
I just smashed my Sensei and the Kraken headset with the floor. :D
2015-04-04 23:51
Argentina atriX^ 
I'm gonna use this thread to get a recommendation if possible. I currently have SS Sensei, I was thinking about moving to Zowie, since I can only use ambidextrous mice I thought about FK, my current Sensei size and shape is perfect for me, I believe Sensei's size is very close to FK1, right? In addition, what's the main difference between all FK versions, FK, FK1 and FK2, which one should I go for?
2015-04-05 00:46
Yes you should go for FK1 which is the biggest. FK = original version, Avago 3090 sensor FK1 = new bigger version, Avago 3310 sensor 400/800/1600/3200 FK2 = new sensor with the FK shape (smaller)
2015-04-05 00:58
it's true they have clicking delay?
2015-04-05 05:45
Claw or Palm Grip?
2015-04-05 01:01
Argentina atriX^ 
Claw grip.
2015-04-05 01:40
how about Zowie AM? it has more similar shape imo.
2015-04-05 01:18
Argentina atriX^ 
Hadn't looked at it before, to be honest they pretty much look the same, haven't looked yet at the size specs but it's also an option. I'm not sure about the sensor though.
2015-04-05 01:49
it's the same sensor as in FK, maybe mousewheel is little different. Size is similar, but different shape. EDIT check some pics of SpawN, if you are holding mouse like him, you should rather buy AM instead of FK.
2015-04-05 09:45
here you can compare all Zowie mice (FK2 is missing, it's just smaller FK)
2015-04-05 09:50
the new models are all the same except for size/shape. FK series - FK1 bigger than FK2 EC series - EC1-A bigger than EC2-A
2015-04-05 00:59
the surface on fk2 is new as well i think
2015-04-05 01:20
no the only difference is the mouse dimensions. Fk1 is slightly larger than the fk2
2015-04-05 04:36
Brazil JH0N 
changing from a Kinzu, what is the best option ? FK2 or EC2-A ?
2015-04-05 01:03
zowie ec1-a build in triggerbot confirmed
2015-04-05 02:35
fk1 is good but it makes my hand "cramp/hurt" otherwise i would use it. I have tryed ec1 before that but it broke so i try fk1, now i have ec2 that i dont like at all that mutch.. feels to small for my kind of grip.. Will try deathadder now.. xd Also the ec2 autojump sometimes when u click mouse1 :S but happens like 1/1000 clicks, still annoying
2015-04-05 02:36
fk2 all the way, such a good mouse.
2015-04-05 02:59
Zowie FK2 is a version of the FK1 with dimensions of the FK/FK14. Mostly used in a claw grip or fingertip grip considering its small size. Zowie EC1-A/EC-2A are versions of the EC1/EC2 with the 3310 sensor of the FK1/FK2 in them, build quality is also a tad different, the coating should be the same as the FK1 afaik. Mostly used in a palm grip. The Zowie MiCo is discontinued and had the 3305DK sensor in it and it isn't really an FPS mouse. All of these mice use Huano switches for M1/M2.
2015-04-05 03:07
btw can anyone recommend me a zowie mousethat is similiar to the DA in size,and claw grip?
2015-04-05 04:46
EC1 i think
2015-04-05 12:15
s1mple | 
Australia dauqcs 
Can someone tell me what Autojumping or skipping is? I have an FK1 and I'd like to know if I'm experiencing the issue or not. Thanks!
2015-04-05 05:08
I think it is where the mouse wheel will loosen up and scroll randomly sometimes. I have the fk1 too and sometimes I find myself randomly jumping(have jump binded to mwheelup) and I don't believe I accidentally tapped the space bar either. So I think that they are saying the mwheel can sometimes work on its own.
2015-04-05 05:37
How is the scroll of these mice?
2015-04-05 10:13
I personally find the scroll pretty decent.
2015-04-05 11:56
Worse than $5 mice.
2015-04-05 12:40
Anyone tried out both the EC1-A and EC2-A? Curious to give the EC2-A a shot but afraid it would be to small...been using the EC1-A so far and its really nice. Use to have a FK1, tried the FK2 and it was to small, didn't feel like I had full control with it. Just wondering if it would be the same case with the EC2-A...hands aren't that big, only 19cm.
2015-04-05 11:53
I have Zowie Rival perf mouse mate. You'll enjoy it. I can guarentee that for sure. Well i used to have the oldschool Zowie Deathadder 2k13.. but meh.. it's shit mate. Go for the Zowie Rival or maybe you should try the new Zowie kinzu idk. Heard good things about the kinzu, but never tried it. Hope this was useful. Love you mate. PEACE
2015-04-05 13:44
Albania XLN7 
You mean SteelSeries? Or just trolling, I guess.
2015-04-05 13:46
mate pls i is trying to help dis fella out and u is crushing me only hope i are no jokes man
2015-04-05 14:11
m8, I boght ze Zowie Rivel DT 2k13 aditain, ait haz wolked wanderes for meh, ty 4 halp.
2015-04-08 19:33
Np marte i is glad i couldening helpining you outta. n1 man
2015-04-08 22:57
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