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MM never again.
Finland kappaboi 
Im finally done with MM and probably with this game too.. There are just too many hackers in this game just WAY too many. The problem is that there is like thousands of cheaters and valve dont have enough workers etc to do shit about it. If they would care, there would be another anticheat or atleast upgrade to vac. But they dont, why not? Because they have money when people buy cheat accounts. But in my opinion if the anticheat would be better, the more accounts these cheaters would buy.. just saying. Anyway im done because of these hackers. GGWP VALVE > all
2015-04-05 02:15
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come to play here in argentina-brazil hahahahaha
2015-04-05 02:15
rain | 
Brazil RITZ! 
+1 i'm living in europe right now and i can say that in 1 year here i played against less cheaters than 1 month playing in brazil
2015-04-05 03:16
+1 =(
2015-04-05 03:22
2015-04-05 03:41
2015-04-05 02:16
played 6 matches in dmg no hackers, must be my lucky day
2015-04-05 02:23
Poland perM 
DMG the best rank :)
2015-04-05 03:05
Move to the US. They suck a lot less, here.
2015-04-05 02:25
it is true actually. When I had more time 4 CS i used to play MM with a couple canadians and CEVO pugs too. Communication is really smooth and even though I've met some retards the majority of people was quite nice and there wasn't a big difference in skill opposed to the stereotype " NA Global is Europe DMG". ( I am supreme) Apart from the ping of ~100-120 it was a pleasure
2015-04-05 03:04
It's very rare when playing MM in NA Northeast that I have a truly terrible experience doing so. There are the occasional boosted kiddos and cheaters and griefers and ragers. But, say I were to MM four times a day every day, I might stumble across maybe three or four of those types a month. I only use MM for dicking around after matches with teammates that aren't going to bed yet and I usually just Deag/Armor, anyway.
2015-04-05 03:17
go esea best
2015-04-05 02:28
Finland kappaboi 
2015-04-05 02:47
Finland kappaboi 
i've been thinking about dat move, lets see
2015-04-05 02:47
people are way too fast judging other players, most kids just cry when they get hs no matter what. i barely meet cheaters at SMFC.
2015-04-05 02:36
said the delusional german cheater who cannot seperate the legit from the none anymore +salt
2015-04-05 02:55
2015-04-05 03:04
Maybe with millions of dollars in keys profit they will make a new VAC system when source 2 comes out.
2015-04-05 02:38
hahahahahaha you mad because you are bad hahahaha i pwn so many noobs like you that call me mher hahahaha
2015-04-05 02:53
Finland kappaboi 
+1 oh wait..
2015-04-05 02:57
what you want, viking?
2015-04-05 02:58
sign up to ESEA premium (built in AC), and find yourself a team which competes in cups/tournaments with AC protection. MM is aids but you don't have to have aids if you use protection :)
2015-04-05 02:59
Great feedback! First time I've heard those arguments :)
2015-04-05 03:07
MM full of hackers and idiots, faceit/esea/cevo full of noob kids and idiots.
2015-04-05 03:18
Inb4 you play again, get better & you see that there are not that many hackers out there
2015-04-05 03:21
Dunno tbh but i usually dont meet any cheaters at all, maybe 1 or 2 cheaters in 2 weeks or so ... DMG/LE
2015-04-05 03:29
The cheating problem is crazy in EU right now idk how it is in other regions but yeah there are many europeans cheating thier ass off and not even trying to hide it. Thats when you no there is a real problem when ppl dont even try to hide they cheat cause they no there is no chance they will get banned for a least a couple years when Valve gets around to it.
2015-04-05 03:44
i meet every 2nd game a smurfer and every 5th game a 10 years old kid dropping 60 bombs seems legit
2015-04-05 03:47
how much?
2015-04-05 03:58
to bad no one gives a shit
2015-04-05 03:59
they have even come down to silver now..
2015-04-05 04:00
I am between Eagle and Star and i feel like its about 0.5% cheaters.
2015-04-05 04:02
how much?
2015-04-05 04:03
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