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lagging on dm servers
Serbia wibooZ <3 EnVyUs 
What can i do i have 250 fps on DM and im having fps drops or 250fps but it feels like its 60.. On mm is all okey but on dm is so fucking shit. what can i put in launch options ? And what to put on video.txt
2015-04-05 12:12
Or maybe console command ?
2015-04-05 12:14
1 month ago when i played on valve dm server i had 35max ping, now im getting 55-65ping on turkish servers or swedish servers. Idk what happen with EU East servers.... I cant find on casual, dm or MM servers that are low ping....
2015-04-05 14:13
Sweden 1up' 
Same problem ^ mostly on Titan DM,choke 30% ayy lmao
2015-04-05 12:19
France Orcoh 
Choke is from connection whereas his problem come from his computer if it is fps related. For OP you can just try to lower resolution+graphical settings, it's normal to have less fps in DM than MM but not by that much, gl tho.
2015-04-05 12:31
Sweden 1up' 
I don't have choke / loss problem on ANY 5v5 server,only on DM's..and ONLY last like 2 months ^
2015-04-05 13:08
btw, if you're talking about brutalcs servers, I lag there aswell, and fps drops there to like 180 sometimes... with an i7 4790 and an r9 270, fps on mm 300-700+
2015-04-05 13:28
Sweden 1up' 
no,no brutal..more like Titan DM , DM official etc ^
2015-04-05 19:53
same to me, all DM servers like titan DM, brutalcs have choke since few months, dont know why but i cant play like that
2015-04-05 14:35
Finland IFK 
have you paid any attention on your choke? I believe that is your problem and there isn't really anything you can do about that.
2015-04-05 13:10
Sweden larsbananas 
You could avoid brutalcs :p
2015-04-05 13:14
Finland IFK 
well that :p
2015-04-05 14:02
same roblem, fps ~120, loss 0, choke 0 and feeling like i have loss 5%
2015-04-05 13:26
make sure you dont have any of your cpu cores "parked" either.. . just download a program that will unpark all your cpu cores and that might help
2015-04-05 14:11
Denmark jeRn 
i have the same problem...
2015-04-05 14:24
u must change in your video.txt "mat_queue_mode" to 2
2015-04-05 14:25
Perfectly fine,sorry can't help,I'll just bump
2015-04-05 14:36
i dunno whats that i finnaly buyd a good pc i have 300+ fps on mm i5 4460 CPU and i can't play fucking DM... Its like on my old pc with 60 fps...
2015-04-05 14:36
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