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Last comment wtf is it? some swedish can translate it and explain better? imagine NEO on SK LOLOLOLOL
2011-06-26 05:32
Topics are hidden when running Sport mode. bds just said that neo WAS close to join SK, a long time ago.
2011-06-26 05:35
Ok, thank you. I thought NEO is going to SK because this news was posted yesterday on rakaka.
2011-06-26 05:38
you just love gossip, dont ya?
2011-06-26 06:11
Please, make us a favour - delete your account. Peace out
2011-06-26 06:41
it's "do us a favor (or favour for euros)"
2011-06-26 09:58
Japan kitzune
2011-06-26 11:10
2011-06-26 11:49
lol Give him a job and you can call him MIRRA
2011-06-26 08:05
NEO f0rest GeT_RiGhT markeloff sixeR new SK
2011-06-26 08:39
-communication +aim
2011-06-26 08:41
why -communication? english is easy :)
2011-06-26 09:44
He pop-dog. No now he stair and go a (de_train). Like this? :p
2011-06-26 10:30
sixer?!?!?! better than trace, ed1k, edward, moddii, zonic, dosia?
2011-06-26 08:49
United States DarthBotto
bds hasn't been with SK for more than a year and-a-half. He was talking about some damned old news that people probably wouldn't be aware of. You should probably have read it a bit before trololol'n.
2011-06-26 08:48
he asked someone to translate it for him....u need to read posts better b4 trololol'n
2011-06-26 09:51
no way this is true!
2011-06-26 09:55
2011-06-26 10:19
2011-06-26 10:26
neo forest gtr edward delpan xd
2011-06-26 10:39
neo markeloff get_right trace forest > universe
2011-06-26 11:52
NEO wanted to join to german organization alone but it was before to cr8 Pentagram (he probably was playing for 2 weeks and later he could join again to PGS with kuben in roster, they trained together and they decide to play as a team in PGS, I know cool story :D the team didn't like kuben because of his earlier cheating but after their trainings they decide to bring kuben to PGS. After 3 months (In the middle of the year they won WCG)
2011-06-26 12:06
#2 & #35 -Locked-
2011-06-26 12:17
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