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Time to be honest
Germany Chivezz 
Since everbody on hltv is global and won 100k on csgolounge here is a thread where you can stop lying tell us the truth about everything you like To be honest Im only mg2, i have lost like 100€ on csgolounge and i have a 7days ban on 2 accounts atm Now its ur turn
2015-04-12 09:48
Canada mellowk 
DMG, Probably about even on betting. I don't get cooldowns, haven't gotten more than a 30 minute.
2015-04-12 09:51
Germany Chivezz 
Thanks m8 lord gaben will forgive you now
2015-04-12 09:52
2015-04-13 18:59
Denmark RandomDane 
Im global, lost 100+ euros on CSGOLounge. :D
2015-04-12 12:25
ill be 100% honest..................................................................................................Jet Fuel can't melt steel beams
2015-04-12 21:29
conspiracies... I'm with you though. Definitely shady, and not all that was shady if you merely take a google trip and research it a little. Though not thread related ;)
2015-04-12 21:45
no i dont believe it anyway shape or form, but it is funny to say it #SeaworldDidiTitanic
2015-04-14 01:37
YES so true
2015-04-14 02:07
LEM lost about £50 on Lounge. No bans though.
2015-04-12 22:43
That's me as well
2015-04-13 18:52
Cant imagine This thread going well
2015-04-12 09:51
2015-04-12 11:45
Germany Chivezz 
well this thread is exploding :-)
2015-04-12 12:14
Mg2 and I won as much as I lost (+- 15€)
2015-04-12 09:52
I'm only MG1, started from scratch and now i'm at ~110€ on CSGOLounge :) I do not bet very often, but when i do, i make calculated bets :)
2015-04-12 09:52
eagle, lost like 80$ on lounge
2015-04-12 09:53
Global Elite, haven't lost a Lounge bet since 2013, own ~200 Asiimovs (all FN) Honestly: just hit Silver Elite Master today (don't really play GO much), lost $7.40 overall on CSGL (14/20 W/L)
2015-04-12 09:58
Germany Chivezz 
Stop lying son Gaben can forgive you
2015-04-12 09:55
fn asiimovs? ("__")
2015-04-13 19:08
Global, won 34k on csgojackpot
2015-04-12 09:56
trade good quality porn for a karambit
2015-04-12 12:27
i was lem , then i dropped to dmg , thats was totally my fault , and i lost 40$ on lounge , but i make more profits than lose
2015-04-12 09:57
Im up $200 in bets ("__") but i rarely bet cause of DDOS and all the shti that comes with it. Its just stupid. If i bet i bet small ("_("__")_")
2015-04-12 09:57
Germany Chivezz 
how can i see those statistics ?
2015-04-12 12:23
LoungeDestroyer ("__")
2015-04-12 21:38
LoungeStats and LoungeDestroyer ("__")
2015-04-12 22:00
Germany Chivezz 
thanks :3
2015-04-12 22:07
hey! can you link the LoungeStats addon? is that possible for chrome? thanks
2015-04-13 09:40 yes its for chrome aswell ofc ("__")
2015-04-13 12:23
2015-04-13 21:07
You rarely bet because of DDoS? But there has been like a LAN each week or something.
2015-04-12 21:23
true but it became an obsession to skip games for me idk dont really need skins anyway and i often forget to bet :D ("__") i bet $20 on Na'Vi vs Titan though even though i want Titan to win but if you would have asked me if i would pay $20 to see Titan win a LAN i would h ave said yes so i put myself in a win win Situation sorry iBroTuber i are not good better but good trader ("___")
2015-04-12 21:24
LEM don't bet anymore
2015-04-12 09:58
im a girl
2015-04-12 10:02
liar plz. no grills play cs
2015-04-12 22:18
Rank: Supreme/GE cheaters everywhere... Bets: Won big in the start was +500$. Now I'm like -200$ Wasted cash on Keys: Like 800$ got 1 knife worth 80$ and 3 other rares. On the brink to quitting due to all the cheaters.
2015-04-12 10:03
Have you heard of ESEA?
2015-04-13 08:44
I'm DMG on 2 accounts. One of those was supposed to be a smurf, but it kinda failed. I have 1200h and no skins at all. If i drop skins i sell them and open cases every now and then. i haven't gotten anything yet. I don't bet, because i hate the way that some of my friends are biast against their favorite team just because they betted against them.
2015-04-12 10:04
DMG with $15 of losses on Lounge.
2015-04-12 10:18
i am legendary eagle after 1700 hours :D when i started betting i was up to like 550-600$ then i lost everything started betting again got up to ~250$~ then i lost everything again now i am starting again and i think twice on who i bet. atm +52$
2015-04-12 10:22
jR | 
Ukraine lancee 
Used to be lem, droped to dmg. Haven't played for half a year or so. Lost like 100$ on lounge :D
2015-04-12 10:23
GE ofc , 1.6 player here . I only do csgo jackpot and win , i got 7000$ dollar Richer over these two months
2015-04-12 10:25
give me a knife or your lying
2015-04-13 09:20
510 hours and le Never bet anymore, but down like 20 euros (but they weren't from my real money, so it's ok)
2015-04-12 10:27
SMFC, in past month won 90€ lost 80€ :(
2015-04-12 10:27
Supreme, 780~ hours, lost 40dollars on CSGL
2015-04-12 10:30
Slovakia magp1e 
LEM over 1000 hours , lost on lounge about 35 euros , atm i don't have any skins ...
2015-04-12 10:34
I'm Silver Elite. 170 hours. Lost about 50 dollars on CSGO Lounge.
2015-04-12 10:38
LE, 1k hours, lost on lounge about 100 €,ddont have any skins now. sad violin here
2015-04-12 10:39
Mg2, gotten few bans but all of them are because of my internet, probably pretty even with csgl
2015-04-12 10:42
MGE on a potato with over 1K hours logged. Can't bet anything but shitty 10 cent skins, sometimes will win $1 stattraks on good days.
2015-04-12 10:42
Im a MG2 but barely ever play MM. its been like 2 months. Im pretty decent at betting. 1358 hours. I play with some global friends on a pug server.Waiting for a new headset to start playing MM again.
2015-04-12 10:43
LEM 1700 h, lost ~100$, now I haven't got anything.
2015-04-12 10:43
Im lurppis
2015-04-12 10:47
2015-04-12 10:56
i tell people im silver 1 but im actually global elite
2015-04-12 10:59
in your soul you are ge ;))
2015-04-12 11:22
0h, up ~150,- on egamingbets. Used to play another shooter for good organisations.
2015-04-12 11:01
theres no other good shooter
2015-04-12 11:08
He didn't write that though...
2015-04-13 09:05
Supreme, Just deranked from global cus of 4 spinbotters/rage hackers in a row. :( I dont bet on csgolounge except its a very awesome bet, but I rarely visit csgl except when I wanna upgrade my knife. I've lost 20€, But I wish I never bet that Fire Serpant AK, cus now it costs 150€, rip dream.
2015-04-12 11:01
dude, no offensive, but almost every game I play, i meet finnish dudes who speak stupid english. For example the banana on inferno they call babana, or "buy" like "booy" also your lang funniest lang :))
2015-04-12 11:21
:) Just the accent, but I have very good english when I speak
2015-04-12 11:24
actually i try to speak like native speaker, but sometimes it looks stupid because its hard to pronounce some words correctly and quickly -_-
2015-04-12 11:27
You should practice a lot and then u will sound like a native speaker Or just learn AK shooting in real life and make all the world speak russian
2015-04-12 11:40
people all over the world use ak as a primary weapon, most famous weap in the world
2015-04-12 11:46
MG1 won a good bet a few days ago, went all in on the next match and lost everything, still not negative i think (bets 33/won21)
2015-04-12 11:01
If you went all in and lost you have to be negative. Theres no other way
2015-04-12 21:42
LEM-stop matchmaking due to too many hackers, top100 rws in asia-pacific though. won 10k+ usd on csgolounge=)
2015-04-12 11:02
give me 10 dollahs :<
2015-04-12 11:09
MGE, lost like 50$ or so on csgolounge, around 575 hours in CS:GO
2015-04-12 11:03
United States stzy 
14 rws player got dropped from IM can't feed my kids now
2015-04-12 11:03
I'm SMFC-GE actually ;/ Hard to stay in GE though... Profit from CSGL? Lost like 20euro, have made like 5-6 bets in total.
2015-04-12 11:05
im supreme and close to ge. want to get it and stop playing mm for a while
2015-04-12 11:29
I'm very happy with my supreme rank, also think it looks better than GE :D Also have 2 more LEM accs and a MG2 as for bets, I'm up $2 on CSGL, started with like 8ct and not very active either..
2015-04-12 11:47
Bosnia and Herzegovina W0YA 
MG2 on an potato pc.About 50/50 on csgolounge, but lost on case openings 100 euros in 2 years , only blue skins ,and i really mean only blues. But i still think next time i'll get a knife.
2015-04-12 11:08
lem, won like 1000$ on lounge
2015-04-12 11:08
Bosnia and Herzegovina W0YA 
You should give me some tips on betting man :D. Do you prepare for every bet with statistics and infos ?
2015-04-12 11:10
nope, i just got lucky few times and stopped betting really
2015-04-12 11:14
Im DMG since 2014 summer, lost like 10$ in betting
2015-04-12 11:10
Silver one, won like 10000000$. Ty IBP
2015-04-12 11:15
First russian who never says cyka blyat all the game and speaks decent english while playing. First account - supreme, second is LEM. Lost almost 600$ in skins on csgolounge but i dont care since i won them on csgolounge before. Looking forward for good supremes who want to rank up to global..
2015-04-12 11:18
DMG, ~1300h
2015-04-12 11:19
wow, u r so lucky :>
2015-04-12 11:23
eagle, been on a 7 week cooldown for the last 4 months on 2 acccounts. probably lost 200aud on csgolounge
2015-04-12 11:20
I'm SEM with 800 hours, only put 25€ in the game and i got 200€ inventory
2015-04-12 11:21
Not betting and stopped playing like 3 weeks ago, probably for good
2015-04-12 11:22
same here. Cant tell u how good i feel when i stopped playing this volvo shit.
2015-04-12 11:42
Serbia Djomla2 
MGE with 425 wins/1039hrs(been MG2-DMG since i had 70 wins),-25€ on lounge,only had some 30mins bans :(
2015-04-12 11:24
I'm supreme and i've lost about 80$ on csgolounge, never had ban more than 30 min)
2015-04-12 11:25
Germany Lifant 
MG1, Lost ~5€ in Betting, 298 Wins The funny thing is that on my unranked smurf I get higher ranks than on my main (MG2-MGE) and I do better agains them than against the GNM-MG2 opponents on my main...
2015-04-12 11:27
2015-04-12 11:28
hypn | 
Serbia hypn` 
Global Still suck sometimes and got rekt by 200-1000hrs (danes, swedes...) and sometimes I lose all my motivation to play this shit game. I don't bet often but this is my bet history Bet total: 7 Won: 4 Lost: 1 Closed with no result: 2 Longest win streak: 4 Longest loss streak: 1 Items won: 32 Items loss: 36 Highest win: 16.86 € Highest loss: -18.2 € On csgolounge you've made 38.32 € (ss didnt work so i had to copy ;D)
2015-04-12 11:28
Legendary Eagle(~300 wins, I should be higher right now, only playing ESEA and Im getting ratings which matching LEM/Supremes)). Won on CSGL up to 120€, lost 200€ after an all-in. Bet 140€ on LDLC vs fnatic(MLG LAN, where LDLC only had 30% cuz they lost their first match) and LDLC won me 300€. I´ve traded from that point on and I have an inventory valued around 900-1000€ starting from 5€ :)
2015-04-12 11:31
Global Elite, lost like 6$~ in total during the whole betting skins hype
2015-04-12 11:32
LE on main acc and Supreme on smurf (because I got carried by Supreme/Global friends, I'm not near this skill when I play on my own). Pretty much even on CSGOLounge, but MASSIVELY down on cases/keys. Think I've spent 900 EUR on keys and some weapon purchases. Stopped doing that though and sold my knife and my other skins on :D Now I have ugly skins and I'm just as happy as before, lol.
2015-04-12 11:34
i'm mge/dmg dropping a lot of kills but can't rank up, i don't play anymore mm and i lost the ldlc-clg maxbet and stopped betting, i'm around -180 euros
2015-04-12 11:40
Poland Kamfeth 
I'm DMG, I won overall 50 Euro on CSGL and then lost all money betting on vs. NiP at Copenhagen Games 2014 grand final. Since that I'm not betting any skins. That's my quick story.
2015-04-12 11:44
Germany Heizii 
MG2/700Hrs, made around +160€ on Lounge,peek was 179Euro
2015-04-12 11:44
nova 3 i lose and win that i stopped counting who gives a shit off skins when ur favorite team wins or loses !
2015-04-12 11:46
No ranks cause lacks of MM but was DMG on the 1200H main account GN3 30H on second account No skins, i sell all of them and every two month or so i open a box to get a .03€ skin. I didn't bet much on CSGL like maybe lost around 5/10€ (didn't track), no fuck given cause i never bought anything from real money. Nowadays i only play comp (at best twice a week) on GN3 account to play with GN1 to MG1 real life mates, the rest of the time i only play retakes and kz maps, and by some kind of magice csgo is again fun to me.
2015-04-12 12:02
MGE and lost like 500$ on csgl but unboxed 2 knives from less then 10 cases in 2 months. kara doppler ph 2, st kara night ft
2015-04-12 12:07
Denmark Blankeh 
i only play GO to get 7 days cooldown, i really hate the game! i only get mad playing go, so now im playing 1.6 FEELS AMAZING!
2015-04-12 12:14
f0rest | 
Serbia dankooo 
I am supreme, i started betting from scratch, made 150$ lost all then bet again from 4 cents to 50$ and lost again :)
2015-04-12 12:17
Im a nova 2 with 800hrs, was nova 3 4 times, plox valve give me balanced teams ;( yes i know like it sounded that i cant accept that im bad, but seriously these teams are getting fucking tiring on csgolounge i lost like 2 euro but coming back
2015-04-12 12:20
Denmark Wich 
cake eater i eat cakes on 5 accounts (all CE ranks)
2015-04-12 12:22
Supreme 1,8k Hours.. 1000€ lost on betting.. had 30d ban already ;D EDIT: over 1k MM Wins
2015-04-12 12:24
You're like a MM-only guy... No DM, no faceit/esea... Got 2000hrs with half ur wins (supreme)
2015-04-12 21:46
Well also played some faceit.. even ranked place 2 in a league once.. but never dm or smt.. started with mm even doe csgo is my first cs..
2015-04-13 08:39
MGE, 17 euro + on CSGOLounge
2015-04-12 12:25
Finland Inses 
global 200€+ from lounge
2015-04-12 12:25
I'm eagle and lost like 130 euros on CSGOLounge. :(:((:(:(
2015-04-12 12:25
supreme atm i did some betting when it was new, but i was never really good in it so stopped, i rather trade because its more safe, traded up my inventory from around 34 keys to 330 keys of worth
2015-04-12 12:26
DMG, not betting so didnt earn nor lost anything.
2015-04-12 12:28
-411hours over the span of 1.8~ years (ain't that interested to play regularly with low fps) -MG2 -haven't invested a single cent on CSGO (got the game from a giveaway) -the only skins that i've lost were from MM drops -currently only Tec9 Brass Field-Tested (C9 and VP logos) on my inventory from Katowice'15 drop
2015-04-12 12:40
i like to lick pepsi hehe
2015-04-12 12:33
Iam lem.i nver bet at csgolounge because its moneytrap and i have no skins.if i get drop in game i sell boxes and take some shit skins.
2015-04-12 12:35
I started csgo when I was 30 years old and ranked as Silver II in June 2013. I'm DMG like for almost a year now, hitting 2500h soon but alot is idled I guess: says 1407h played. Lost 40$ in the final NiP vs VP Katowice, first and last bet over 10$. I'm just too stupid and or bad at it. No luck as well@ 50-50 bets. I played cs beta in 1999 at LAN with friends (cs_mansion) and other nerds but csgo is my first competitive fps. Makes very addictive. Last big game was StarCraft. Fell for it for over 5 years. TL,DR: the story of my life Kappa
2015-04-12 12:35
well im supreme , and i won around 4000$ on csgolounge and lost 1000$ on csgojackpot :D
2015-04-12 12:36
I like to like the paint off cars.
2015-04-12 12:37
im LEM, have won about 20$ on csgolounge and that's it. xD
2015-04-12 12:37
I'm Global, won around 50k in skins. Damn most blow here.
2015-04-12 13:45
LEM - 2k5 in skins - never ban
2015-04-12 13:47
DMG... I would rate myself as a LEM beacuse I stomp DMG's... I never play mm anymore beacuse I dont have a solid 5 guys to play with, you can allways catch me in the 1v1 servers tho xD.. and Ive lost 1 bet and won 3... only like 40-50$ returns tho.
2015-04-12 20:46
Im global elite ;D lost my BTA almost full fn looking m9 cw mw which is about 2000$ on csgojackpot and its there only 750$ worth hahaha lost earlier 400$ on that site and now im like 2400$ in minus yeeey #csgojackpotbrokeme
2015-04-12 20:51
RpK | 
Singapore Benjababe 
silver elite master lost ~130 :/
2015-04-12 20:52
Serbia dekizh =DD 
im glambal elyt in cs gow
2015-04-12 20:53
Belarus 4rz 
/, -100€, no ban, no smurf.
2015-04-12 20:58
playing since 2k6: lem - cs:go - 900h, 1.6 - 300h, css - 950h. csgolounge: lost ~200$, now i've got low tier skins
2015-04-12 21:14
-50$ on csgl +100$ on jackpot DMG on 2 accs (1 7day cooldown now) Had 3 cheating accs whereas 1 is banned now. :)
2015-04-12 21:17
s1 -999999$ csgl
2015-04-12 21:18
global elite and I won on cslounge more than I lost but since I bought skins I've got currently -300e fml...
2015-04-12 21:20
im mge , i've lost around 400$ on csgl and im still searching for friends , can you be my friend ?
2015-04-12 21:21
40hrs, LE, last bet lost 140$. Approx 200$ lost, but still got like 1.5k euro on paypal. from skins only :)
2015-04-12 21:21
supreme 1000 hours, only got +40€ on csgolounge, I rarely bet, and only on ez matches for example, people were betting for iBP against dignitas (actual TSM) on de_nuke because of their latest results.
2015-04-12 21:23
Global elite, won a lucky yolo bet on HR vs VP bo3 when HR were 11%, I bet $35usd and won $270, from there I mostly do educated, medium sized bets, and am up just over 1100euros. Won 11/12 last bets too :).
2015-04-12 21:23
s1mple | 
Sweden DiTzZ 
I've never lied on this site, don't have to, I'm not ashamed of anything ;) The highest rank I've reached is MGE with ~300 hours of playtime. At the moment I'm at MG1, honestly trying to derank to play with worse players, but I can't get any lower than MG1 :( On Lounge I've never placed a bet higher than €1.2 (which was like a 90% game) so I haven't made huge profit off of betting. But I've still increased my inventory from ~€1 to nearly €11. I have spent a MAXIMUM of €10 on the Steam Community Market (only for buying keys and shit skins). I've never opened anything but blue skins in cases! I've been banned twice on this site. One time for 7 seven days and one time for 14 days. First time I felt I was innocent, the second time I was not so innocent, heh.
2015-04-12 21:28
silver elite master, 800 hours across two accounts. lost $90 on a bet= rage buying $150 worth on market= profit for a bit= lost $400 and got my accs. vacced so rip my cs
2015-04-12 21:25
s1mple | 
Sweden DiTzZ 
That's actually a sad story :(
2015-04-12 21:27
Supreme, very bad at betting (I lose most of the time), banned once or twice.
2015-04-12 21:26
I'm SMFC and atm I am rolling -5$ in lounge :D At best I have been up to +280$, but theres always the downhill.. Actually I've been multiple times over 200$, but I always fall down :D Atm I am pretty much lowest I have been.. Looking to rise back to 200$ again soon :D
2015-04-12 21:27
LEM, Didnt bet long time ago and got 30min ban yesterday
2015-04-12 21:28
mg2 lost freaking 200 $ cuz of throws and i fap everyday 2-3times ;D
2015-04-12 21:29
Rank: Bush Did 9/11 CSGL+-:Jet fuel Can't melt steal beams
2015-04-12 21:32
LEM csgolounge bets: Total bets: 39 Bets won: 9 if you ever want to win bets, bet against the team i bet on.
2015-04-12 21:33
Germany w/e 
smfc, 1k hours, dont know how much i won on lounge but i made profit. maybe 100 or 200€
2015-04-12 21:35
LE , so bad at betting :\ I can easily win every bet, but I'm not patient and I almost always end up with a yolo bet #ripInv
2015-04-12 21:40
DMG, made 1400 euros betting and paying my food with winnings.
2015-04-12 21:41
2 accounts at supreme lost ~$70 and 90% lost ratio in betting
2015-04-12 21:44
Global Elite since 400 hours. Better KDA than GeT_RiGhT on CSGOstats. 32 won bets, 22 lost, though probably lost more than I've won.
2015-04-12 21:46
DMG, won €340 on csgolounge, the highest i lost is €30, no lyierino, ez liferino
2015-04-12 21:46
my second acc is mg1 my first has a vac ban on csgo from 1 year ago i made 450 euros on skins on csgolounge starting with 20 euros to then loose 250 of it on stupid bets with unkown teams started betting again with 20 euros i am on 60 total atm
2015-04-12 21:49
im gay
2015-04-12 21:51
Finland AxaFin 
MGE won 320€ from csgl
2015-04-12 21:51
MGE no skins no money for skins got more hours on cs then KennyS :(
2015-04-12 21:53
MG2, spent like 700-800€ on CSGO steam, 500 hours, dont know how much but lost 65 out of 100 bets and about to lose 40€ on Titan lmayo
2015-04-12 21:54
Don't play mm cause its too fucked in Aus but LEM was my rank before i stopped, won about $250 on lounge, enjoy casual racism and long walks on the beach
2015-04-12 21:56
Poland tfg 
I am LEM/SMFC, few times ranked up to GE but it was one day rank lmao Lost a lot on CSGL, like 300/400 euro :D biggest bet won : 40 euro (which was lost later anyway) my main acc with ~~2k euro skins got community banned :D I do have a private cheat, yes, but I never use it on my main acc, only on smurfs, and I never upload any frags which were cheated :D.
2015-04-12 21:57
Hi KQLY how ya been lately?
2015-04-12 21:59
Poland tfg 
kq what?
2015-04-12 22:01
2015-04-12 22:20
why u cheat on smurf cuz u cant win on main?
2015-04-13 17:22
Poland tfg 
i can win ez cheating is fun, thats all :).
2015-04-13 18:49
whats a community ban ?
2015-04-13 18:58
Poland tfg 
you can... play, nothing else :D you can't change steam nickname, login to steam friends, edit profile, trade skins, buy skins, use market, etc
2015-04-13 19:04
well how do you get something like that haha
2015-04-13 19:05
Poland tfg 
no idea :D the official steam alert is saying that I hijacked other steam user's accounts, tho i did not, so... no idea how i did get banned to be honest no response from steam so yea, pretty normal with their shitty support rip my skins :D
2015-04-13 19:06
yeah rip pretty much
2015-04-13 19:11
MG2 lost about 200$ on lounge betting and rest 90-100$ on cases nevet got a knife currently inventory is worth 2 xD huge lost was 2 matches .. IBP vs dig and dig vs IBP , lost both and both teams won once .fml xD
2015-04-12 21:58
chain logick might help sumtimes
2015-04-12 22:09
DMG. Inventory is around 80, CSGOLounge -95
2015-04-12 22:01
Im a DMG, won 600 on csgolounge, -200 on jackpot :(, inv value around 800
2015-04-12 22:17
Global Elite, not betting on csgl.
2015-04-12 22:22
MG1, lost 40$ in betting on csgolounge :c, traded myself a good knife.
2015-04-12 22:23
MGE.Bet once when I started to play cs go lost 30 cents never bet again :D,never had cooldowns,Ive been playing cs for 8 years and Im still shit
2015-04-12 22:24
DMG on two accounts, 7day ban on one of the accounts currently. Up around $5,000 on csgolounge, cashed out all of tho, as it distracted me from the game.
2015-04-12 22:28
I'm unranked and too scared to play comp because of how bad I am. I've never bet on csgl
2015-04-12 22:30
DMG atm, used to be global. Don't really play csgo anymore though so I'm pretty bad. I also used to be up around $2k on csgl, but then shit happened and now I'm completely broke
2015-04-12 22:29
Well I'm global and won 100k on csgolounge
2015-04-12 22:30
stopped playing at lem i only tried to bet 2 times and never again since i dont have anything and bots wont even let me even if i did
2015-04-12 22:33
LEM; wish I actually had time to get good at the game; I hardly ever bet, when I do I only place yolo bets.
2015-04-12 22:34
LE: people think I hack because I don't waste my money on skins and im always smurfing, I always have 7 day cooldown every week on my other account and I don't care about skins.
2015-04-12 22:38
Supreme/Global, ~1500houres, and i only lose on csgolounge ffs :|
2015-04-12 22:46
Ireland leighhh 
Well I'm MGE and I'm doing pretty well with bets recently
2015-04-12 23:10
I'm DMG, never betted in my life, I have kind of lousy skins, and I think my penis size might be slightly below average :/
2015-04-13 00:48
3000 hours, alternating global elite and the one below it (planet with wings on) maybe 1.5 or 2 K winnings, i had a dragon lore i got from mission reward but i sold it for 700 keys, i had a ban on my other account, but I swear it was my cat.
2015-04-13 00:53
Im MG2, gained a few games like Tomb raider and an extra copy of csgo from betting :) overall maybe lost a few $$
2015-04-13 08:46
supreme, lost knife = get scummed... :(((, lost like 150 dolla on lounge but i did not bought those skins i just won them ;/
2015-04-13 08:54
GN3 casual player since my internet is shit. Can play only at night when the net is stable otherwise i get cooldowns which is frustrating. Do not bet anymore. Gave my Huntsman Crimson Web MW to a friend. He did not return it. I am only sorry that he would do something like that to a friend. Now he is unfriended. GG
2015-04-13 09:23
1400 hours and DMG Trap Won 100$ on csgolounge with 10$ Inventory value ~800$
2015-04-13 09:28
3K Hours and Supreme, Won Over 10000000MILLION DOLLA, Im Rich and a Pro Ofc, i have more than 5 GF, everday they just need my love. Im driving a CLA AMG for free hanging out with Justin bieber and thats my story, nothing special but yeah
2015-04-13 09:41
Sweden bustaN 
I just gonna be honest right now. Silver 4 700 hour+ -650 euro on csgolounge. -900 euro csgojackpot.
2015-04-13 09:42
Gold Nova 3 Even on CSGL
2015-04-13 09:46
Ranked up to SMFC not long ago, planning to play more faceit/esea since then, too much 50 hours prodigies, made around 100 200 euro profit on lounge
2015-04-13 10:00
supreme lost around 300 dollars on csgo lounge
2015-04-13 10:03
Just hited LEM for the 1.time. 1500h. lost like 100€ on lounge opend cases for 500, one Knife 150€. No cases no bets atm. Just enjoing the games.
2015-04-13 10:11 that is how it is.
2015-04-13 12:18
gz on cheat to global
2015-04-13 17:24
Finland Katalepsy 
DMG. Around 800 hours. Playing with RL friends around MG1 to DMG. Have been betting around one year. 10k$ profit so far. Sold keys dor 3k€ last time i checked out. Lately been having a bad luck. Not betting as much as before now.
2015-04-13 12:18
LEM - probably wasted all of my money and the money and house of my parents for csgo cases. never got anything good..
2015-04-13 12:19
Im global Elite and I have over 16k profit on lounge! 1.5 k profit on jackpot aswell
2015-04-13 12:22
Global elite on 5 accounts and won £3,491 on CSGL
2015-04-13 12:23
mge and lose 10 real $ on csgolounge ( i lost 150 in a bet )
2015-04-13 12:25
LEM, won ~100$ during dreamhack winter, bought a knife, got tired of it, wanted a better knife, lost everything
2015-04-13 12:28
1k hours, double AK atm but I almost reached LE, I'm playing with noob irls friends and I call, way funnier even tho we loose time to time
2015-04-13 12:39
MGE, about 50$ + on betting
2015-04-13 12:42
LEM, i never bet.
2015-04-13 14:05
Switzerland CHEDEL 
Who cares ? i'm just better than you. Except in betting.
2015-04-13 14:07
Im LEM, lost like 200€ and opened 200cases and got desert eagle for 2,30€
2015-04-13 14:10
hahahahahahahaha..... Sorry
2015-04-13 17:22
LEM, don't bet, quit due to retarded updates and my horrible inconsistency
2015-04-13 14:14
2015-04-13 14:17
i were a neo nazi before i shot a hero in
2015-04-13 14:36
supreme, lost about 150-200 dollars on csgl, opened like 20 cases - best drop m4a1-s bright water
2015-04-13 17:05
MGE~ not betting anymore after losing almost everything. left with 2keys and wen't from them to 100$ inventory. (trading)
2015-04-13 17:18
i'm MG2 and im up 300-400$ truth spoken bye :(
2015-04-13 17:22
Global, won 23k @ lounge declined several offers from pro teams...
2015-04-13 17:26
supreme, lost probably like 100€ on csgl (32W, 29L).
2015-04-13 17:28
Mg elite, never betted on csgolounge more than like 3 euros :P, inventory worth like 1e XS
2015-04-13 17:32
Global, won 350$ on csgl but sold the skins and bought some games not betting anymore
2015-04-13 18:23
Morocco RaZorrrrrrr 
Im a grill ,we dont have a kitchen at home -i used to be a cyka- ,so i traded my vagina for a D (small one cuz Pussy too cheap theis dayz at market) and started playing cs:go now im a silver 1 straight male. no copy pasterino my story pls thanks mom.
2015-04-13 18:40
le/lem up 10k on csgojackpot
2015-04-13 18:43
nooky | 
Germany 3clipzz 
Only MGE and won around 80$ on csgl but it was more at one point
2015-04-13 18:44
MG2,won around 21k,lost around 18k XD
2015-04-13 18:45
Global, never player bet because i know probably lost all my bets never pick the right one. I'm afraid lost my redline ft, don't take my redline ft she is the only what i got.
2015-04-13 18:49
LEM, never betted.
2015-04-13 18:52
supreme, +160€ profit on lounge
2015-04-13 18:53
I banged your mom and your sister at the same time.
2015-04-13 18:54
supreme, 3k hours, spent 1672$ on keys, got 1 knife, sold it and bought keys and got around 30 blue items.
2015-04-13 18:56
LEM on 3 accounts - lost like 4 € on lounge - thought it was no fun to bet on cs games at all - i love betting on bwin though (not saying i make huge amonuts of money there) - never invested money in any csgo skins
2015-04-13 18:56
NiKo | 
Bosnia and Herzegovina HAD1$hA 
LE , 1k hours , +50 $ on cslng , earned more by trading.
2015-04-13 18:56 Global Elite Well I don't bet, made a good amount of money by keeping skins for a very long time For example M4A1-S Dark Water Stattrak which i bought for 5€ it went up to 20€ and started to trade up than, won a giveaway at a streamer for a Ak Vulcan MW which was like 60€ at that time.
2015-04-13 19:02
LE, 350hours, won around 100€ on lounge.
2015-04-13 19:05
Supreme and an inventory of about 800€
2015-04-13 19:06
Global Elite with 100 hours no previous CS played and won 1337$ on csgolounge
2015-04-13 19:08
LEM, been supreme but i play with silvers to globals. I started betting in 2013 and went down to -130$ and took a break. Slowly going up and down all the way to 5300$ at best, now atm 4600$ if u can trust loungestats.
2015-04-13 19:09
Supreme with 1300 hours and won like 250$ on CSGL
2015-04-13 19:09
LE, lost probably 200 on CSGOLounge, then won 450 thanks to F3 beating VP, and lost another 250 thanks to Titan beating both NiP and TSM IM NOT GOOD AT BETTING :(
2015-04-13 19:10
Australia RaginStarZ 
MGE with +1000 hours and won +$9000 but its very up and down :'(
2015-04-13 19:12
Im Eagle master And Ive won about 300~ $ on CSGOLNG Im happy with everything 2k+ hrs
2015-04-13 20:02
DMG with 25 wins, never bet anything on matches and I've never cheated.
2015-04-13 20:07
MGE and MG1 (2 accounts maybe a third one soon) and no betting since month. Betted twice and won not much.
2015-04-14 01:41
global, won 2k in jackpot, lost it all, my inventory is now worth 4 euros pls donate
2015-04-14 01:43
Supreme atm and went from 0$ inv to 800$ inv, lost 600$ in bets. Got back to 500~$ after that cba about skins. And my MM rank idc really. I just hate csgo atm :DDD
2015-04-14 01:59
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