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Fast big flat cloth mousepad?
Poland Swietny 
Yo! Need some nice fast glide mousepad. Requirement: as big as QCK+ 45x40cm or bigger and only 2mm thick for comfort and cloth. Any ideas?
2015-04-23 00:38
United States pdfk 
Qck+ Keepo
2015-04-23 00:42
COREPAD DESKPAD XXXXXL Mousepad :copter: ("__")
2015-04-23 00:43
It has same or worse glide than QCK+ while I want faster pad bro!
2015-04-23 01:50
I don't know if I'm misreading this or you just need a Qck+.
2015-04-23 00:43
I have it but want faster :D
2015-04-23 00:46
Natec Genesis M11 Maxi yoloswag 90x45 xD
2015-04-23 01:05
gembird gamingPAD 40cmx45cmx2mm
2015-04-23 01:55
Roccat Taito
2015-04-23 07:59
United Kingdom levymonsta 
2015-04-23 08:00
yup xtrfy nip large, glides extremely well and its big enough
2015-04-23 08:06
Sorry to hijack, is the puretrak talent good?
2015-04-23 08:17
I bought Natec Genesis M11 Maxi. Bigger, better glide and cheaper than QCK+.
2015-04-23 14:51
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