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Swag @ C9
United States TheTechKid 
I predict that the C9 lineup in exactly one year from today will be: Hiko Seangares DaZeD Swag Skadoodle That's how it will be. Swag is locked in Cloud 9 as an "analyst" for like a year and will most likely be unbanned in 2016, C9 easily gets him. C9 want Hiko but he will only play if they drop n0thing, so they drop n0thing. At the same time DaZeD will be unbanned as well as AZK. DaZeD comes in for Freakazoid because best IGL NA. Skadoodle stays in C9. Hiko doesnt want Sean gone because Hiko likes playing with Sean. That is what will happen in one year.
2015-04-30 05:33
-Sgares +AZK
2015-04-30 05:34
Brazil jlp5 
gj you're a retard
2015-04-30 05:34
Dazed and Sean would but heads, they run 2 completly diffrent styles of CS...and Dazed has said if he was to return to Compedetive cs, it would be to play with friends (like steel on Tourqed)... Hiko wont join Cloud9, the main reason he wont sign to C9, is the contractual details regarding his personal sponsors and stream, same reason he did not join Liquid and wanted to have liquid players.
2015-04-30 05:36
you just put two igls on the same team m8 well done m8
2015-04-30 05:37
Semphis and Seangares both were igl's of c9, just like Fifflaren and Xizt were both igl's for NiP... (and obviously Xizt is still the igl) doesn't matter m8, you obviously don't know much m8
2015-04-30 05:44
xizt has always been the main caller m8, they tried out fifflaren a couple of times but they always switched back m8 semphis igl of c9? uwut m8. they might have tried him out to change around a bit. just because a team tries out another player as the igl role doesn't mean that the team that does that all of the sudden has two igls m8 both dazed and sgares are actually two igls that run totally different styles of setups/cs m8, wont work homie
2015-04-30 05:57
Semphis was the IGL for c9 at ESL one cologne, the one where they beat Dignitas and Titan and nearly took out NiP, he was their IGL for quite a while before switching back to Seangares Xizt hasn't really always been their main caller, they had Fifflaren call for quite a while until after EMS one Katowice 2014 where Xizt went back to calling. Hiko even said that Seangares and Semphis run totally different styles, Semphis being more relaxed in his approach (the opposite style of Ex6tenz) whereas Seangares was more like an ex6tenz, yet they worked 'homie'.
2015-04-30 06:44
alright homie how come they kicked semphis then m8. obviously it didn't work. it's hard for teams to re-adjust to teams suddenly switching up igls for a tournament, ofcourse they are able to make some upsets with semphis. that doesn't mean that it worked though. because if it did work they would have stuck with semphis m8. xizt has always been the main caller bro, they have (like c9) tried fifflaren (for a longer period of time) but if it worked out how come they switched back m8. what i'm saying is dazed and seangares are ACTUAL igls m8, not some player that they might try out to change things up a bit from time to time. and so because of that they both probably want to control things and their styles are so different that it most likely wont work. plus why bring in another igl if you already have one when you can bring in a better player m8? so unless one of them completely drops the igl role yeah it might work, but i still dont see why they should bring in dazed if they have seangares when they can just bring in a better player m8.
2015-04-30 07:02
They didn't kick Semphis when he was IGL, they kicked him when Seangares was the IGL. Another good example is VP, Neo is now calling but before it was Taz, it's working for them and they haven't had to kick anyone obviously it works NiP switched back because they like Xizt's style better, they're still both IGL's though, and if you had any knowledge on the matter, Fifflaren used to be an IGL for many teams in Source so your argument is invalid in terms of Fifflaren not being an ACTUAL igls m8
2015-04-30 07:16
My point still stands. Why bring in dazed when they have a perfectly good IGL? If they bring in dazed, someone needs to drop the IGL role because if they both wanna run their own type of game it won't work (no matter what you say). So unless one of them lets the other guy take over completely, I don't see how it would work. And if they choose dazed instead of seangares, then what the fuck is sean even doing on that team anymore? Hes not calling, he isn't even their AWP anymore and hes not exactly a good fragger. The lineup wouldn't make any sense. Even if team lets another player call (like VP) it doesn't man taz dropped the IGL role.
2015-04-30 17:20
your point can stand anywhere it wants but you fail right here and bigtime.
2015-04-30 18:13
Elaborate. If you think putting dazed and seangares on the same roster is smart you are clearly stupid as fuck. Would have made sense to replace sean with dazed. Hes the better IGL for sure and the better player. But on the same team? Probably not very smart. You could easily just find a better player seeing as you already have the in-game leader sorted out. A team can switch between players calling all they want, that won't mean that they dropped their former IGL though. He might still be the one creating tactics (which I think is what semphis/sean did aswell as fiffy/xizt). Xizt still made the setups as far as I know, fifflaren just called in-game. It doesn't mean that they now have two IGLs.
2015-04-30 18:22
Canada mattyfinch 
m8 how dum8 are you ? the whole reason c9 didnt work was the communication issues from having semphis and gares on the same team. Its why semphis is gone. NT m8. solid b8. no h8, im str8
2015-05-01 20:33
-Hiko +Shroud -sgares +n0thing
2015-04-30 05:38
Why -hiko hiko>n0thing ez
2015-05-01 15:54
shroud dazed swag skadoodle hiko would be the best possible scenario for c9
2015-04-30 05:41
2015-04-30 17:22
Chile Cristoff 
2015-05-01 20:16
United States mah9 
c9 desperately wants to keep n0thing, hes far and away the most popular NA player.
2015-04-30 05:42
Canada mattyfinch 
Far and away? no. Shroud is more popular than N0thing is atm. Skadoodle will quickly surpass him if he chooses to stream more as well.
2015-05-01 20:34
Nah, its not even close in terms of marketability and popularity. Just cause shroud streams 10 hours a day and has bigger numbers doesn't actually make him more popular. n0thing has way more viewers/fans for the time he gives it, and is still the most talked about player. Plus, n0thing has the history of being the NA poster child, easily still the most known NA player. Shroud was literally unknown 2 years ago. Btw, n0thing is a great personality/interviewer, shroud is like a rock.
2015-05-01 22:35
like c9 would let go off shroud and n0thing their streams brings $$$
2015-04-30 05:42
Ukraine a2e 
n0thing will never be dropped
2015-04-30 05:43
basically iBP w/o steel kk
2015-04-30 05:44
This is all under the implication that the indefinite ban will be lifted.
2015-04-30 05:45
I think seang will retire when swag gets unbanned and swag will take his place but it this idea is flawed b/c they wont have an IGL.
2015-04-30 05:46
too much swag in c9
2015-04-30 05:55
Hiko said it was more than just nothing. He doesn't want to play for that org anymore.
2015-04-30 05:55
Which could translate to n0thing being the managements favorite. Making the internal structure of the org twisted towards the need of one individual. Two "superstars" dont fit in the same team for the long run.
2015-04-30 18:20
No i predict the team would be Hiko Skapoodle swag seangares shroud That is a nuts team and you have to stay loyal to the 4 s's
2015-04-30 06:03
Denmark Baitvice 
Maybe under another org, hiko is not joining c9 ever
2015-04-30 06:04
swag plays hikos role better
2015-04-30 06:09
2015-04-30 06:46
Did you just learn about the NA scene???? Are you mental?
2015-04-30 06:11
Why Dazed and Sgares?
2015-04-30 06:15
exactly , 2 igls , makes no sense...
2015-04-30 18:36
France FyYr 
Lol dazed and sgares in the same team XD Why we don't do a team like pronax xizt sgares taz zeus r8 m8
2015-04-30 06:28
Ex6 as a sub along with happy
2015-04-30 17:25
France FyYr 
The difference is Happy is fragging and have a positiv rate
2015-04-30 17:55
Shroud will for sure be best player NA by 2016 and competing for one of the best in the world. I don't think they would take brax over shroud. Also no point for two igls would kick Dazed cause semi toxic
2015-04-30 06:30
I don't think a top NA team would cut shroud. (I'm not biased, i really just think he is one of the top talents in NA at the moment.)
2015-04-30 06:31
27 and 28 We shroud lovers bro
2015-04-30 06:42
seangares homofangay spotted hes only on C9 to bring in fangrills and a certain percentage of homoloids like you freak is buff but he aint white tho FACTS
2015-04-30 06:42
analyst my ass ... swag will play on n0things account in online tournaments ;)
2015-04-30 06:45
iBP fangay spotted
2015-04-30 06:45
gtfo with sgares hahahahah lmao
2015-04-30 17:23
Greece her-1g 
the best team NA could form (inc the banned ones) is dazed, skadoodle, hiko, shroud and swag.
2015-04-30 17:23
f0rest | 
Portugal CR7PTIC 
why cut n0thing?
2015-04-30 17:23
Skadoodle Hiko Shroud swag steel/dazed
2015-04-30 18:01
chrisJ | 
United Kingdom Harribo 
I'd like to see where it says that the ex-iBP players are getting unbanned in 1 year
2015-04-30 18:03
Do you guys remember when the ex-iBP's initial ban was? Or if valve has reduced their ban to a year?
2015-04-30 18:08
God, people can't understand that Hiko will not play anymore under C9 organization. And.. Hiko too much overrated. Get over it with 9/10 Hiko's new threads.
2015-04-30 18:09
2015-04-30 18:11
What? xD
2015-05-01 15:48
dude not saying hiko isin't overrated but he is easily top 5 NA no questions asked
2015-05-01 16:09
They should've made Steel analyst, I genuinely don't see why they've brought swag in as analyst unless it's a cheap shot to getting him to join in which they should've done when he's officially unbanned. Steel would carry c9 pretty far..
2015-04-30 18:10
Somehow I think steel would tell them to go do something to themself if offered a low paying analyst job :) They would most likely have to throw more money at him than what they would feel comfortable with.
2015-04-30 18:18
Yeah, I'd rather see dazed/steel (say what you will about the throw, they're still great as fuck at reading the game/flow/etc) instead of swag, makes zero sense to have him as an "analyst."
2015-04-30 18:27
Czech Republic GzzM 
-sgares +n0thing would be perfect EDIT: or +tarik ... strongest team NA
2015-04-30 18:21
n0thing and hiko dont get along
2015-05-01 16:08
guys why you all leave out AZK? this guy s a swag 2.0
2015-04-30 18:27
2015-05-01 20:20
Not sure about that with n0thing... He still has a lot of potential. And replacing Shroud? Plz. That is never gonna happen
2015-04-30 18:29
Hiko has said he doesn't want anything to do with C9 org, so I doubt that.
2015-04-30 18:45
-shares Keep freakazoid he's kinda in Rpk's position where he needs time to develop and regain his strength
2015-05-01 15:53
2015-05-01 15:53
the org c9 will never sign dazed, he's practically the least marketable person in NA
2015-05-01 15:55
ya hes the least marketable???? they market him on netcodeguides.....
2015-05-01 16:07
dazed is the founder of the company bud
2015-05-01 17:26
i know that but he is marketable you asian fuck
2015-05-01 20:14
iBP picking up new team...clg inc?
2015-05-01 15:55
steel needs to get unbanned because hes the most hilarious streamer ever and need to go back to fulltime streaming
2015-05-01 15:57
sean doesn't do that well but hiko likes him so that will make hiko do better and if sean has a good team he will probably start doing better however i can't see sean vs azk hiko said that the old gx was the 'NA dreamteam i don't know sean vs azk i think azk has more potentional
2015-05-01 16:06
DazeD WONT play with Sgares + that'd be 2 IGLS so Dazed awpers? Dazed Skadoodle Rifle? Dazed Skadoodle Swag AZK was the most consistent 1/2 fragger on ibp Dazed skadoodle swag azk Hiko doesn't have many years of cs left and potential: Shroud Dazed skadoodle Swag AZK Shroud AZK might be traded for a different player. Dazed MAYBE for sgares but that'd be terrible imo
2015-05-01 16:11
What makes you think that their ban is only for one year?
2015-05-01 16:13
shroud Hiko Steel Ska AZK
2015-05-01 20:17
Chile Cristoff 
Hiko skadoodle Dazed/steel swag shroud/AZK /thread
2015-05-01 20:18
I feel like -hiko +azk/dazed IMO
2015-05-01 20:44
-Hiko since he will never play for the C9 org after what they did to him after he told them that he was leaving. How hard can it be for people that he has a problem with C9 not N0THING
2015-05-01 20:22
Dude, why do you think swag will be unbanned? Where is the proof for that to happen?
2015-05-01 20:35
Hiko will never play under the c9 organization. Why do people think swag will get unbanned? If all of the old iBP bans get lifted, what's stopping them from reforming the old iBP team.
2015-05-01 20:47
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