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Slovakia JCwho 
the biggest dumbs in the industry... no kappa
2015-05-02 20:44
Russia Windcast 
2015-05-02 20:45
Norway dybe 
RIP? You got it back. No RIP SKINZERINO
2015-05-02 20:51
Russia Windcast 
I bet on VP at 30% so stfu.
2015-05-02 20:52
mad ruski
2015-05-02 20:55
Norway dybe 
So now your family wont get bread and water? Sorry mate. RIP
2015-05-02 20:55
Russia Windcast 
u wot m8
2015-05-02 20:57
same here mate, and more value. [*]
2015-05-02 20:56
Slovakia JCwho 
I try contact 'em b4 match was started, but they was not able reply me. gg wp
2015-05-02 20:50
Poland morosek 
I wanted to bet but bots are offline.... but cancel so fuck this. But i can't still bet on NaVi ;/
2015-05-02 20:52
If you want to bet, bet at night when is less people and bots are free ;)
2015-05-09 11:47
I feel like these assholes just stole $70 from me, and thats not the first time they STOLE form me. I still remember the Fnatic and LDLC game at DH2014 which they stole another $50 from me, please CSGO Lounge get ur shit together u fuckin idiots!
2015-05-02 20:53
then dont bet on the site u piece of salt
2015-05-02 20:56
stfu TSM fan boy, go to sleep, thx. next time Ill donate ur shitty skins to kittyplaysgames
2015-05-02 20:57
not tsm fan boy just think ur retarded for raging on a site thats free when u keep using it.
2015-05-02 23:42
ohhh so any website that is free can fuck people over, and be very unprofessional ? I really hope PayPal that is free doesn't do anything like that. Lol ur dumb as hell, and I know ur a TSM fanboy, ur just ashamed of it, I don't blame u boy.
2015-05-03 00:25
fuck people over? then why the fuck u use it fat murican
2015-05-03 14:16
Haha 3rd Worlder got mad I see. What else would u call it? It's simply fucking people over. Ur just defending them because their mistake saved your shitty skins.
2015-05-03 15:18
dident bet fatass ur just retarded
2015-05-03 18:21
hahaha ur an idiot and a bad liar, I saw ur post stating that u in fact did bet hahaha its ok, at least ur $10 was saved and ur going to be able to eat and drink water all week, u dumb 3rd worlder
2015-05-03 18:43
you stupid peasant, probably middle class american anyways. Considering your crying about skins. You're probably 17-21 living at home, mad cuz the steam funds mom got you for christmas you just lost. It's ok bic boi relax bowlcut
2015-05-03 18:53
mad because Im calling out 3rd worlders like you hahah please stay mad, and eat dirt.
2015-05-03 18:56
you should be happy you dident won would be 70 dollars on burgers not good for health fatass
2015-05-03 18:53
I would spend the 70 bux on ur english classes.
2015-05-03 18:56
go learn another language fat murican
2015-05-03 19:04
I speak, read and write fluently in two languages, so I think that is done. Anything else you would like me to do?
2015-05-03 19:06
ye and i speak 3 so sit down fat fker
2015-05-03 19:45
Completely different, you sir are a fucking idiot stop it youre looking more and more retarded. Paypal a fortune 500 company. Don't like the outcome, don't use CSGOlounge...
2015-05-03 18:52
I just compared a free to use website, because that was his argument. So u are the idiot here, thx.
2015-05-03 18:55
80$ on daT match far ago . flamie power comfirmed
2015-05-02 21:04
Denmark jeRn 
fucking low csgo lounge
2015-05-02 20:53
They are just a bunch of fucking amateurs. Demanding their ads to be onstream, their logos and even their fucking odds gets shown but not one of their admins goes on fucking HLTV to just check if games have started. You dont need to watch stream, HLTV normally changes the time to match the start of the game. I'm not mad since I didnt lose anything, but the fact that these amateurs are so big in the scene is a joke.
2015-05-02 20:56
Turkey powergs 
Anasini siktigimin cocuklari
2015-05-02 20:58
BOOST BOOST BOOST - I hope , they will be able close it on time - 14 minutes remaining. If not, they are really fkin bunch of tards and kind of kid industry. #######
2015-05-02 21:08
2015-05-02 21:10
the main question is how are you doing?
2015-05-02 21:12
Its questionable. Im studying for 3 days in a row and Im little tired now. Hope u are good too. #badtroll:(
2015-05-02 21:25
rip milion dollars ima cry myself to sleep now
2015-05-02 21:13
these retards wont change timer in navi tsm XDDD
2015-05-02 21:14
i bet 12$ on VP :(
2015-05-02 21:14
i bet 4$ , i could won 12, but csgolounge admin has better idea...
2015-05-02 21:27
i actually bet 184$ on VP, so either way im glad :p
2015-05-03 18:57
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