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ibp banned, virtus pro free
Russia koarce 
so why was ibp banned and wasn't for also doing shady shit by knowing the outcome of their match then betting & winning tons of skins from it? why do they get a pass? cause it's pasha neo and taz? why should NA fans have to suffer and not have a viable top team to compete but poland still gets to see their cheaters compete
2015-05-17 06:30
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What they did was shady as shit but wasn't a predetermined throw like the iBP guys They didn't cheat at all Thanks for making Americans look bad again though
2015-05-17 06:32
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I don't think he made Americans look bad at all. When you spent over 6 TRILLION dollars to attack Iraq after Saudi-Arabians attacked the US, that made you look bad. Of course the VP case was not the same, but they did play dirty there. They abused the system and it's dishonesty towards the whole scene. VP should have gotten at least some penalty for doing it.
2015-05-17 09:16
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yea that number is beyond incorrect lmao
2015-05-17 09:52
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That 6 trillion you mean? I know it's way less than the actual cost but every single legit resource (like the US senate review) claims it was only 6 trillion.
2015-05-17 09:57
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We've spent way more than that. I mean we give money to Pakistan to help us fight the war on terror, and they build osama bin laden a palace.
2015-05-17 15:26
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plz bin laden has been dead for at least 10 years
2015-05-17 15:29
YEAH sure ,u hate who they want you to hate , thats all.
2015-05-17 18:58
tbh I don't blame them, since they've been always a victim of DDOS attack's... So they start throwing =)
2015-05-17 14:29
VP didn't win any skins from it /close /ban
2015-05-17 06:32
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oh, so if the ibp bet was closed, then ibp shouldn't be banned? you're an idiot for thinking that csgol's decision should determine if someone is banned or not
2015-05-17 07:37
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No whether they actually get any skins from it is whether they should get banned or not It's like planning to murder and actually doing it, if the end result doesn't happen what's to say they should be jailed?
2015-05-17 07:41
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uhm yeah conspiracy to murder is punishable by jail. great example
2015-05-17 07:44
Uhm.. that's still called attempted murder you dumb fuck.
2015-05-17 08:03
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not attempted murder if you don't attempt it rofl you dumb fuck
2015-05-17 09:01
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Jesus Christ get a brain you dimwit... Conspiracy to murder is a crime, clearly you don't live in the real world
2015-05-17 09:47
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I said yesterday to my dog that i plan to murder ortisss. Why am i not in jail? Had to use such a simple example for a retard like you.
2015-05-17 14:34
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Wouldn't expect anything less from a dumb pole. Clearly you don't know what conspiracy means at all... You're not in jail because I haven't called the police to report you lmao how thick are you honestly.
2015-05-17 15:59
You're literally trying to argue against how the real world works, why the fuck even bother bro.
2015-05-17 19:12
First of all, saying "planning to murder and actually doing it" can be interpreted multiple ways. It could be, you tried to murder them, but something went wrong and it didn't happen, or not even trying at all.
2015-05-17 20:56
Oh you crazy amerikana. ATTEMPTED murder is when you're so retarded you ATTEMPT to kill someone, but that someone somehow survives, not when you don't even ATTEMPT to kill that someone. What he was talking about was conspiracy, as in planning but not doing it. Get it, you dumb amerikana fuck?
2015-05-17 09:52
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you understand your country is famous for not having smart people right? maybe don't go around calling other countries dumb...
2015-05-17 09:54
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Poland not having smart people? LMAO WHAT ABOUT TUSK? he leads the europe and kopernik and shit? gtfo to some america dumb sql where they teach u 2+2 is 5 retardello Kappa
2015-05-17 11:11
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well then, you really showed me
2015-05-17 13:03
No.. what I said was perfectly suitable for the situation. He said, if the bets closed because csgolounge found out just like the VP case. I wasn't just replying to HooWoo, i was also replying to road to silver elite. If iBP threw the game, but got no skins from it because csgolounge caught on, it would be the same thing as attempted murder. Their intended result would be making profit, so they threw the game, but they were caught before they could actually make the profit, so it failed.
2015-05-17 20:54
you're right but your comparison is awful
2015-05-17 10:01
LOL such a bad example
2015-05-17 19:44
yeap they wouldnt be! iBP got banned because Dboorn's girlfriend unvieled it to richard lewis.... else valve wouldnt even know what hapened and so does csgl! also in the case of iBP it was a match fix, where the score of the match was attacked in bogus sportsmanship, where as in VP's case it was a fair play, but a bogus attempt of PROFIT which was unsuccessful! Learn to differentiate between the two cases, Thanks!
2015-05-17 07:43
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wrong person.
2015-05-17 09:46
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xD well dboorn cheated on i guess its KARMA thats it...that simple
2015-05-17 10:50
And in VP's case, no one reached out to valve for this problem and there wasnt even a need to do so as back then pro players were not prohibited to bet by valve! Where as in iBP's case, VALVE was reached first, and csgolounge was reached by valve , indirectly! Learn the difference between the two
2015-05-17 07:45
You're missing the point. VP played the match entirely legit and then csgol made the mistake of listing it after it was already done. They didn't alter anything in the way they played, whereas IBP bet huge and then intentionally lost. There's a massive difference.
2015-05-17 07:48
Ban VP! and Ban G2 /close /ban
2015-05-17 06:34
how much?
2015-05-17 06:35
VIrtus Pro didn't throw.
2015-05-17 06:36
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Good one
2015-05-17 15:07
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2015-05-17 15:08
you should be asking about flipside not virtus
2015-05-17 06:38
yeah unban dazed and old iBP
2015-05-17 06:38
they just knew score of the match that already happened, they just wanted to take advantage of that fact. (not telling it's good thing but who would not do that, let's be real) that's different then throwing games to win skins. also, as i know whole thing was cancelled by lounge so nobody won any skins that day
2015-05-17 06:53
Because they never did anything wrong in valve's consideration. They did not lose a match on purpose, they just abused a website that has nothing to do with Valve, so tell me again you salty murrican, why should they be banned?
2015-05-17 07:08
OP trying hard to portray himself as unintelligent.
2015-05-17 07:14
Because North American teams are bad and Valve didn't want noobs to play CS:GO
2015-05-17 07:25
Poland trishowsky
1. they didn't throw that game 2. they didn't get any skins from it /banip /retard
2015-05-17 07:46
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They didn't get skins because csgolounge cancelled the draft rofl.
2015-05-17 08:36
are u retarded to not to see the difference between loosing match on purpose and placing a bet after game was over?
2015-05-17 07:46
because there is no set of rules about the issue volvo decides who gets rekt and who doesnt
2015-05-17 07:48
If there was no law against something you can't punish someone for doing something because the definition between good & bad is different from culture to culture. I know throwing is wrong, but there was no rule against it and europeans did it a lot but were not caught, vp got caught before they received their prize. Does that make them innocent? YES BECAUSE THERE IS NO RULE AGAINST IT. NERDS AT VOLVO_DEV YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND "LAW" BEFORE JUDGING PEOPLE.
2015-05-17 07:48
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You clearly have no idea how ignorant that entrie comment was.
2015-05-17 07:58
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You obviously know nothing about real life outside your high school.
2015-05-17 09:13
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The ignorance continues into attempting to personally insult me? lolwhat?
2015-05-17 09:25
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Sadly thats the truth.. <3
2015-05-17 13:56
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*that's <3 I actually turn 25 in two months. Would you like to try again?
2015-05-17 14:22
valve is not a's a dictatorship, and if they want to ban you, they can and will.
2015-05-17 15:44
coz EU teams > NA teams
2015-05-17 07:55
Ok since some of you guys dont seem to understand some stuff ill type something "If there was no law against something you can't punish someone for doing something because the definition between good & bad is different from culture to culture." True but law has a set sentence, if you commit murder you will get a minimal amout of x year (depending on the country you live in). The issue with the IBP ban is that they didnt know what were the consequences. If valve said its a permanent ban from MAJORS, pretty sure they wouldnt have thrown. Second saying VP is clean is a stupid argument. Lets be real here, you know the outcome of the match and you bet on the winning team because you know who wins the game before anybody else. HOW IS THAT EVEN FAIR? makes 0 sense whats so ever. Yes it is true that the draft didnt go, but it still doesnet mean that the action that pasha did by betting on the opposite team to get some skin was good. It was to make money of people that didnt know the outcome of the match TLDR In "law" you know what consequences your act will be IBP threw but didnt know what were the consequences Pasha bet some skins on the opposite team to profit from a game he knew the outcome for before anyone else both actions are bad End of story
2015-05-17 07:59
Tru, I remember betting on that game , VP vs ldlc on inferno I think, I was honestly pissed that VP did something like betting on the opposite team from a game which was already played, but the skins were returned so it wasn't really as punishable
2015-05-17 07:58
you are retarded kid
2015-05-17 08:00
players of vp tell lounge admins&#12288;when they throw,and they dont get caught.
2015-05-17 08:02
Who cares. /thread closed.
2015-05-17 08:05
Europe duke`
they did NOT fix their match. IBP did. /thread.
2015-05-17 08:10
i fked up
2015-05-17 08:12
Lel, americanos...If you throw matches, bet real money on egamingbets or something. They can't give out your personal informations to VOLVO or other company/people. One more thing, if you guys really think VP bet skins when they throw then you must be really naive.
2015-05-17 08:34
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dont worry that when lawyers get in the way and people sue others that kind of info can get out
2015-05-17 08:35
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I don't think so ;)
2015-05-17 08:40
so many mad
2015-05-17 08:38
They didnt loose on purpose.
2015-05-17 08:39
Its the same result from completely different things. VP didn't throw.
2015-05-17 08:50
cry more
2015-05-17 09:11
topicstarter is clearly RETARDED. They didnt throw, ibp did. What VP did was cheating on 3rd party site. They should be banned from cslounge not from game. idiot.
2015-05-17 09:24
the mad continues
2015-05-17 09:26
u mad?
2015-05-17 09:28
first I have to agree only an idiot not to know that virtus pro did the same thing ibp in online games just to see the weapons they have nowadays taz = M4A4 StatTrak howl fn, karambit crismon web StatTrak, all your inventory is StatTrak
2015-05-17 09:33
because vp didn't throw they match , they only bet with 100% sure win its not like iBP situation.
2015-05-17 09:42
cuz NA sucks in throwing too :D
2015-05-17 09:48
Europe  Skaarj
Differences were discussed some many times. VP didn't fixed match. ex-iBP did and that was punished as ultimate anti-sport behaviour.
2015-05-17 10:01
iBP intentionally lost and profitted, VP lost a game, rematched, lost, and bet on the loss AFTER THE LOSS because the game was played before lounge had assumed and the demo was streamed. THE MATCH WAS NOT DRAFTED. Intentionally losing is worse than not intentionally losing. Both teams did bet on themselves losing, which IS scummy iBP denied it for months, VP never really said a thing about it... although that could be argued as the proof actually being decisive against VP but it wasn't exactly vague against iBP at any time tldr ibp did worse thing than vp and no skin were draft for ldlc > vp so i guess nobody care
2015-05-17 10:07
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Europe  Skaarj
Indeed it was that way. Even more: iBP was accused about match-fixing which is simply a crime.
2015-05-17 10:15
small correction: unlike ibp vp didn't do anything wrong regarding the game itself whatsoever. yes they cheated some guys who set up a betting site. but that's the problem btween those guys and VP, not btween Valve and VP.
2015-05-17 10:45
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its still a bit scummy to bet against themselves, even if they lost legitimately
2015-05-17 11:00
can we ban n0thing and get dazed back? we need him
2015-05-17 10:17
this thread is full of dumbass
2015-05-17 10:49
cry na
2015-05-17 10:59
you really want another NA team that goes to tournaments and gets smashed?
2015-05-17 11:01
most likely because csgl immediately found out about it and the skins were return it was back in a time when valve didnt care about it (that time was better)
2015-05-17 11:06
Looks like Hamburgers are mad Didn't even read the thread because who cares what USA has to say haha
2015-05-17 11:19
facts: all pros throw matches but only IBP so dumb they used skins instead real money betting sites.
2015-05-17 11:20
because virtus didnt lose a game on purpose, they bet on it after they lost. IBP lost on purpose, thats why they're useless banned scum, while virtus is still plowing lans.
2015-05-17 11:22
4 replies
haha dumb fuck VP has thrown so many matches but you nerd fanboys just can't see it hahaha
2015-05-17 14:24
3 replies
hahaha, bring some proof you betting addicted sad fuck. without proof you can keep your retarded opinions to yourself. im not a virtus fanboy, but i wish you all the worst and hope you lose all your skins. cheers
2015-05-17 15:21
2 replies
I don't bet sorry, just not a retard like you.
2015-05-17 18:55
1 reply
you're so retarded you think normal people are the retards. gg
2015-05-17 20:02
Never go full retard mate
2015-05-17 13:59
cause VP is VP not ibp lmao
2015-05-17 14:00
Sweden Danzk1
actually, after the incidents like VP and others, ESL announced that teams are forbidden to bet on matches if they wanna play in their leagues. so after that rule got implemented then iBP getts banned, it doesn't take a 5 year old to understand that...
2015-05-17 14:02
Because it was csgl fault to add VP vs LDLC match
2015-05-17 14:27
Because situation is not the same. Ibp lost match on purpose, while virtus pro abused system, its csgl fault not vritus pro.
2015-05-17 14:29
Oh yeah ban VP, too, so we can watch Fnatic vs Envy vs Titan vs NIP all day. It's boring enough right now.
2015-05-17 14:33
Everyone does, You are fool if you get caught.
2015-05-17 15:07
I think they should at least know when they will be unbanned. Even if it was forever.
2015-05-17 15:15
Germany lpSykl
It is not about the items but about the acting in a match.
2015-05-17 15:58
people who throw games dont get to go majors? What an unforeseen consequence...
2015-05-17 16:33
What VP did wasn't a throw, it was an error made by csgolounge. VP took advantage of that. The difference here is that IBP's intention was to lose the game, VP's wasn't. They simply betted on the other team when they knew they had already had lost. There is a huge difference here buddy :)
2015-05-17 16:37
cheaters are cheaters
2015-05-17 18:55
Well cheaters are cheaters but lets be honest even if VP took some advantage of the betting system they at least can play with the big dogs unlike any American team at the moment. And lets face it IBP had like 1 good event and every one was going nuts about how they are the american hope.. With players so toxic and vile like the IBP ones they wouldn't of lasted much as a team. Either way Valve did what they tough is best for them can't change it.
2015-05-17 18:58
did you forgot envy last trow to get shox items?
2015-05-17 19:02
get over it goddamn...
2015-05-17 19:15
They didn't throw, they bet on a match that they had already lost and that was being played offline the next day..
2015-05-17 21:02
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