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How to delete silencer OFF bind?
Poland Swietny 
I hate when I press RMB accidentaly when using m4a1-s or usp-s :(
2015-05-22 01:20
France Orcoh 
double swap to cancel and it's ok ^^
2015-05-22 01:21
You can't unbind it without getting rid of glock/famas burst. If you never use those just type unbind mouse2 EDIT: don't unbind it b/c of nades+AWP
2015-05-22 01:24
Brazil sidde^ 
awp scope? :P
2015-05-22 01:23
Oh yeah xD
2015-05-22 01:24
So don't press it accidentally. Without secondary fire you can't alter nade trajectory or zoom/scope in.
2015-05-22 01:21
what was the console to bind jump + space and mousewheel?
2015-05-22 01:26
bind "mwheeldown" "+jump" Bind "mwheelup" "+jump"
2015-05-22 01:29
bind mwheeldown "+jump; wait; -jump" =)
2015-05-22 10:59
Denmark Wich 
not needed
2015-05-22 11:17
You can't do it, because if you turn it off in options u won't be able to scoup with awp, scout, etc. It's called +shoot2 i think.
2015-05-22 01:30
I used to do this ALL THE TIME. I feel like it rarely happens to me now though.
2015-05-22 01:40
Too bad. It is super annoying >:(
2015-05-22 09:47
put the bind on your keyboard np np
2015-05-22 09:53
Norway Eek! 
why can u take it off anyway? In reality, a gun loses range and accuracy with a silencer, it would make sense to take it off it was like that in GO, but no silencer makes it better here
2015-05-22 10:02
In some corners it may peek out a little, so taking it off would be better. That's just what I think. Even though, valve should add another kind of advantage.
2015-05-22 10:47
Nobody uses it tho, if we have not silenced m4 available, the silencer shouldn't be removable
2015-05-22 10:59
How about you just don't hit the RMB, like I'm not being a dick, it's just really not that hard...
2015-05-22 10:14
Depends on your mouse. I don't do it often, but my rmb is very sensitive and very big. In some situations when you have to move a lot with low sens it do happen.
2015-05-22 10:23
If you have a buyscript you might be able to do it; if i buy m4, unbind rmb, if i buy awp, dont unbind etc. But it will fuck up your game more instead of improving it. Get your fat fingers on a diet.
2015-05-22 10:15
Works wonders when you pick up any scoped weapon midgame ;P Or you want to use nades at all. but well. It should be a feature to turn it off anyway. I sometimes missclick myself.
2015-05-22 10:21
Germany pr9ud 
just hit the buy button for the sniper again
2015-05-22 10:56
unbind "the key that is binded here" typ it in console
2015-05-22 10:22
U will get used to it when you play a lot ;)
2015-05-22 10:38
Europe Serjkerrr 
u r silver? how bad is u to always click right mouse button? r u so nervous? or what? so don't play cs. Never happened with me from 1.6 (very rarely). In csgo it's easyer, u can press Q twice and it will be skipped (in 1.6 u can't skip it). So it's no problem if u r not silver playing 50 hours in cs total. With hands from the ass.
2015-05-22 11:05
2015-05-22 11:10
I have big hands cuz 190cm height and strong cuz gym. Deathadder's Chroma RMB is very sensitive and I'm low sens. When I fast move my mouse it happens to me. And I switched to silenced M4 not long ago so I'm not used to it ;/
2015-06-15 23:04
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