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Aim suddenly went to complete shit
Latvia DLVV 
So 1 week ago had perfect aim almost reached global, now my aim is complete shit and i cant hit anything. WTF???? Played shit ton of dm last 3 days still no improvement. Can someone help me?
2015-05-26 00:46
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Sweden Lacazette 
Take a break for 2-3 days... Works for me
2015-05-26 00:49
f0rest | 
Russia goodjob 
2015-05-26 00:51
2015-05-26 01:03
2015-05-26 01:57
2015-05-26 02:40
+1 Or if it's hard to take a break, just play some am/dm/surf/kz w/e and just chill for a couple of days.
2015-05-26 02:45
Just had a break for 3 days. Literally cannot hit a thing. Feel like I've never played before.
2015-05-26 03:41
Quite possibly because once you become aware of a sudden drop in skill you'll start playing accordingly. Basically a vicious circle. You have to play without consideration for the amount of frags/mistakes/whatever you make, detachment is key for that.
2015-05-26 03:49
I think I'm just tired tbh. I was just looking in the wrong direction, slow to react. I take your point though - playing badly is a cycle. You play conservatively because you think you will fail, then you fail because you are too conservative.
2015-05-26 03:50
Norway Eek! 
try kali yoga
2015-05-26 07:37
when i play high i honestly have better spray and thats because im more calm and relaxed
2015-07-30 08:46
same feeling here after a week of work, damn
2015-05-26 19:10
Rub a few off. You might be to tense.
2015-07-30 08:52
2015-07-30 09:09
make sure you didnt change DPI or sensitivity if not, TRY different dpi/sensitivity try a different crosshair try different viewmodels Different resolutions
2015-05-26 00:50
f0rest | 
Russia goodjob 
never do this shit, bro just take a break for a bit.. and it'll be alright again..
2015-05-26 00:53
u dont even need to take a break. if u didnt change anything, and u feel like ur suddenly terrible, look at ur RL, and if u cant find anything that u can make out to be the reason for ur shitty play, ur gonna get better again after a few games. theres no reason ud suddenly be shit, unless u completely burned urself out by playing 7 hours a day.
2015-05-26 03:14
i play 24 hours a day
2015-07-30 08:49
Silver confirmed
2017-11-14 09:49
silver spotted
2015-05-26 02:37
This is how you end up thinking everything is because of inputlag (and if i just had faster input everything will be fine) This is how you psych yourself out. -- Real advice: Take a break playing another game for a few days.
2015-05-26 03:06
holy shit you're right. I'm going to play some skyrim.
2015-05-26 08:29
Its in your head
2015-05-26 00:51
Turkey zekicamurcu 
try to change config . mouse sensivity. maybe you must change your mouse :D.and watch maikele videos. it works my friend. true story.
2015-05-26 00:51
That's the most idiotic advice ever. People constantly changing their settings and even hardware because they lost 3 games in a row are doomed to be eternal silvers.
2015-05-26 17:15
United States hehexddd 
Is that why Swag does it?
2016-02-10 07:40
swag is already good. his muscle memory is enough to sustain his changes. he knows perfect crosshair placement and knows how to control spray and how to get the edge in duels, why not?
2016-08-09 11:36
Take a break for a week, come back and rek.
2015-05-26 00:52
You just play it too much, if you dont take breaks your body cant renew itself.
2015-05-26 00:53
Take a break
2015-05-26 00:53
Taking a break is actually the best thing you can do in this situation. Been in this situations multiple times.
2015-05-26 00:57
United Kingdom fwR 
you've either burnt yourself out or having bad luck, just take a break ^_^
2015-05-26 00:58
find a sensitivity that fits u better
2015-05-26 01:01
Just take a break for some days
2015-05-26 01:02
Twistzz | 
Estonia dev2ce 
Aiming is about your coordination and timing. If you play too much your performance will suffer. Your brain and body will get fatigued. You will constantly be thinking about failing, which then makes you perform badly. When you learn how to use techniques to aim, instead of your intuition, you will perform at your highest possible level for a longer period and you will be a lot more consistent. The problem most FPS players have is not actually figuring out what it takes to aim in the first place, they just start playing the game before they have the fundamentals, which leads to slumps and confusion. Do you think someone that hasn't ever learned how to drive a car, can jump into a race car and do very fast laps with no issues? When I have issues with my aim I know why I am failing, I know what I have to do to correct it. Sometimes I cannot correct it because I am simply too tired to focus properly. Same thing goes for shooting guns in real life...
2015-05-26 01:53
nice copy paste...
2015-05-26 01:56
Twistzz | 
Estonia dev2ce 
#32 > #29 therefore 32 was first and better
2015-05-26 02:32
United Kingdom tomtmh 
take a few days break
2015-05-26 01:56
Yeah im also taking a break and playing some unranked 5v5, honestly its so much fun. Like why even play ranked matches if your team/friends aren't online. Not worth the risk.
2015-05-26 02:17
u lost interest to game, just take some days off and everything gonna be just fine :)
2015-05-26 02:36
maybe you have played too much?
2015-05-26 02:37
maybe you just suck? and got carryed all those games? JK take a break
2015-05-26 02:48
2015-05-26 03:02
You just probably burned out, played to much cs. Take a one day break or something...
2015-05-26 03:11
check mouse settings, raw input, possible software for your mouse has been updated or changed without you knowing...the list goes on with computers...
2015-05-26 03:14
its your skins, need some more reds in your life more skins = more skill
2015-05-26 03:30
Portugal antCB 
take a break :) 1 or 2 weeks, come back and admire your skill.
2015-05-26 03:32
watch some pro demos and you'll be back 100% working 65% of the time
2015-05-26 04:04
HLTV community actually trying to help? whaaaaat. damn am i dreaming ?
2015-05-26 04:04
Germany syncro^ 
I was thinking the same
2016-02-10 07:29
lmao read my mind xD
2017-11-14 09:01
Take a break. Just for like 2 days or something until you feel like YEAH I REALLY WANNA PLAY CS and you'll be good again. Edit: playing 50000 hours of DM thinking you can get it back that way won't work. Your aim will just get lazy and you will get worse.
2015-05-26 04:11
Before you played for fun, but now you realy wanna reach global, so you need to start to chill again. I would suggest finding out exacly where the problem is, or take a brake for a few days.
2015-05-26 04:55
Canada suL- 
its all in your head
2015-05-26 05:06
listen to this while you dm
2015-05-26 05:09
very simple if your are in a slump take a break anywhere from 1 day to a week you will comeback sometimes your brain is taking in so much info after you play alot of cs you just get overloaded give yourself some time to bring it all in
2015-05-26 05:15
Just take a break man. Maybe around a week, then you'll do a lot better.
2015-05-26 05:26
Serbia whoa!! 
its because you feel superior to everyone and expect to outaim everyone,but when you get killed you feel frustrated and you end up playing more defensively. So my advice is just accept that they are better and play without considering results and maintain little bit aggression.Probably your muscle memory is screwd up,so just take little time before adjusting crosshair on your enemy..eventually u will get faster
2015-05-26 06:02
DONT worry about your aim so much, just have good xhair placement and good positions.
2015-05-26 06:34
Don't play if you can't fix your aim, you'll just ruin it more by getting used to aiming like shit if you do. Whatever the reason why aim suddenly don't work as always, it's cannot be a permanent change and should go back to normal sooner or later anyway. Unless someone decides that just playing more equals improving. The key is to play smart.
2015-05-26 06:59
you had good time , but this is real you !
2015-05-26 07:10
make a break. don't give a fuck and come back after some days/a week
2015-05-26 07:11
Keep playing deathmatch.
2015-05-26 08:18
Play hearthstone and a week later when you are professional go back to csgo
2015-05-26 08:24
take a few day break and after it hit dem dm servers
2015-05-26 15:46
lol i have same problem :(
2015-05-26 15:46
This is called "burning out", which means you have played too much of the game and need to take a break. It happened to me before and all i had to do is take a break from the game for few days and only get back to it when i felt like i really want to play it. You can also notice that you are burning out if you notice that you are forcing yourself to play it, not actually WANTING to play it. TLDR : you have played too much in recent times and need to take few days off, like 3-5 days and maybe an entire week at max.
2015-05-26 17:14
when i play +5 matchmakings at day. stuck in dmg, le. after 7 dais without play y rank to lem. then when i was lem y play 1 match every 2 days or maybe 3. now im supreme master first class ( with positive elo ) your brain can be tired like your muscles.
2015-05-26 19:08
bad since esea update? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
2015-05-26 19:14
same! best way take a break xD
2015-05-26 19:23
f0rest | 
Germany Gloin 
Try this, it will fire up your spirit!
2015-05-26 19:16
have you changed something in your sens' or setup? take a break or be more confident :)
2015-05-26 19:25
Your just entering a slump,just take a break for some days,you will be fine.
2015-05-26 19:30
There is no such thing as aim, only movement.
2015-05-26 19:46
happens sometimes some game you will get a 4k on pistol round and from then onwards it will be fine again xD
2015-05-27 00:28
stay away cs for one day and switch ur crosshair
2015-05-27 04:20
I get dry periods aswell, usually I either play through them (just keep playing, eventually it will get good again), or I take a break from cs for about 2-3 days to kind of "shake it off". Find what helps you the best :)
2015-05-27 04:32
Azerbaijan M1R4CL3 
take to break 2-3 days and continue
2015-07-30 08:28
take a break
2015-07-30 08:54
That happened to me too, then I took 2-4 days break
2015-07-30 08:56
India Ashimega 
you need to masturbate. =DD
2015-07-30 09:17
Serbia whoa!! 
probably because ur muscle memory got fucked, now instead of fast flicking on to enemies,take some time to aim ,it will eventually gets better
2016-02-10 07:45
For me: Taking a break of 1-2 days OR play with my smurf and try to win while trolling at the same time. Do 2-4 matches and you'll be fine. If you are carrying you have to start trolling since its unfair because you're smurfing.
2016-02-10 08:12
First time in my life i see when hltv people are really helping each other.
2016-02-10 08:19
Europe kennyBeast 
2017-11-14 09:42
Denmark EricoviC 
How often are u dehydrated? Trust me a glass of water helps me when I am playing, maybe it would also help u. :)
2017-11-14 09:48
09:30pro100 vs 5orgless
06:30dream[S]cape vs NASR
14:00North vs BIG
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