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Dazed CLG coach confirmed?
Tarik just came into Moe's TS and asked where Dazed was. Confirmed Dazed CLG coach? deIlluminati
2015-05-26 05:04
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Canada suL- 
DaZed coaching CLG would be AMAZINGGGGGG
2015-05-26 05:09
better coach c9 really.
2015-05-26 05:11
C9 don't want to learn, they just want to make money, have you not learnt that? Why the fuck would n0thing still be on the team
2015-05-26 05:12
LOL ur a moron. dont talk shit about n0thing, he is not really a big problem nowadays. shroud has a problem bcs he streams like literally 6 days a week for 6 hours too. but with tarik its even worse on clg. and clg have no talent apart from tarik. hazed and cutler are decent but thats it and they dont even have a 5th.
2015-05-26 05:14
how does shroud streaming make him a problem??
2015-05-26 05:17
bcs him playing esea pugs for 6 hours straight like every day doesnt make him improve at the game at all. and he has such a weird streaming schedule that most of the time he literally wakes up right before practice, which is a problem. he could drop his stream, try to improve, get a proper schedule and he'd be the top player in NA very soon.
2015-05-26 05:19
You might as well replace Thorin you sound just as stupid as he does. Maybe you can do the pro analysts after matches now, it really wouldn't be much of a difference besides it being some puss-bag hiding his nationality because he knows how terrible his country/scene is (Atleast Canada has "swag" only NA player to make top 20 2014).
2015-05-26 05:41
swag is from North Carolina.
2015-05-26 05:56
Hltv flag said canada
2015-05-26 14:03
is this really worth of a thread... hm
2015-05-26 05:13
as opposed to one-word threads you mean?
2015-05-26 06:02
so much experts much wow
2015-05-26 05:24
A world of good that would do to a team like clg, possibly the only person they would listen to.
2015-05-26 06:03
11:00Chetz vs NEDS
17:30forZe vs INTZ
14:00Natus Vincere vs Heroic
Natus Vincere
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