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Building a pc
Netherlands Doug Dimmadome 
I7 4790K Asus Maximus VII Hero HyperX Beast 16 GB DDR3-2400 RAM HyperX 3K 240GB SSD Cooler Master v850 Msi Geforce GTX980 NZXT H440 Will be the first pc i build myself. Thoughts and tips are very much appreciated.
2015-05-26 16:52
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2015-05-26 16:53
Uzbekistan burgerzz 
2015-05-26 16:54
yes (sorry for bad english)
2015-05-26 16:59
yes (no problem)
2015-05-26 17:04
yes (why not)
2015-05-26 18:39
It's all good. EDIT: Maybe another SSD or SSHD, need more than 240GB :P
2015-05-26 16:54
Thats right, i forgot to mention, i still have a 1.5 TB external hard drive i used for my laptop, so i will be using that again.
2015-05-26 16:58
NO, do NOT use external HDD for your permanent stuff. I would much rather get a WD-Black 1TB 7200rpm HDD.
2015-05-26 17:18
Yeah, i was planning on getting one later on, but i will just use the external HDD for single player games and stuff for the time being, will write your suggestion down though for when i buy a HDD :)
2015-05-26 17:36
still not enough. today when porn is in HD and there are so many pornstars u need at least 5T
2015-05-26 18:36
veri good my frend
2015-05-26 16:56
United Kingdom ecu 
2015-05-26 16:59
Switzerland gqbb 
Nice built. I did pretty much the same built some month ago and its doing great :o]
2015-05-26 16:59
Brazil mth^ 
give me that pc my friend
2015-05-26 16:59
gigabyte g1 980 : )
2015-05-26 17:00
Was looking around a bit and saw most people rank gigabyte the best 980, thanks for the advice!
2015-05-26 17:09
gigabyte GTX 970 G1 Gaming 4 sure :)
2015-05-26 17:01
All very nice my friend
2015-05-26 17:02
are you planning to overclock your system? ( or in the future?) If NO: you could spare some money on the motherboard. only thing i would change is the SSD to a Samsung 840 pro as it is more "betrouwbaar" and much faster writing speeds. gl
2015-05-26 17:04
I am planning to overclock it in the future, will probably have to buy an extra CPU cooler when i do. I'll take a look at the g40 pro, thanks :)
2015-05-26 17:08
How much that configuration costs?
2015-05-26 17:05
In my country around €1700 :)
2015-05-26 17:10
If you ask me and if you actually consider to buy that one, you don't need 16 gb ram and 240gb ssd. 8 and 100 are great... Saving money in nowadays is a really good thing :)
2015-05-26 17:12
Thats a good point but i want a build that i won't have to upgrade very soon, so thats why i'm choosing for this :)
2015-05-26 17:42
He need minimum 240gb ssd because of all those new games. Because you need to keep your ssd always minimum 10-15% free. And most game are now 20-60gb. I was change my 120gb ssd when gta 5 comes out, now i'm using 500gb ssd and i have like 200gb free. Nobody make setup only for cs:go, lol.
2015-05-26 18:23
Actually I know a lot of people doing that - buying a pretty stable configuration to play csgo on max.
2015-05-26 18:30
Netherlands Nieroth 
If you buy a build like this just for csgo you are just out of your mind. You can play csgo with table 300 fps for half the money.
2015-05-26 18:36
I'm not talking about for that kind of configuration... I said "stable".
2015-05-26 18:51
Poland metal_cs 
high-end ;)
2015-05-26 17:07
if you plan to OC, good choice but you need to add also good cooling system and if not, mobo and cpu are unnecessarily expensive.
2015-05-26 17:08
he can buy cooling later when he ll OC, together with another 980 for sli. for now he is good.
2015-05-26 18:38
Exactly the plan sir! :)
2015-05-26 20:38
s1mple | 
Russia Sample_ 
Change i7 to i5 and buy liquid cooling
2015-05-26 17:44
Don't buy seagate hard drive
2015-05-26 17:54
I found that out after i bought a seagate external HDD, never again lol
2015-05-26 17:56
Go with Samsung 850 Evo and Gigabyte G1 980. And 750w power supply is more than enough for that pc, you don't need 850.
2015-05-26 18:19
overkill, but everything seems to be in order, no bottleneck in the build.
2015-05-26 18:32
Europe 1531 
get the samsung 850 evo or pro 250/256GB
2015-05-26 18:34
dont buy heperx, it is shit, c9 uses it and look how they sux.
2015-05-26 18:35
Although your argumentation is shit, i did switch out the HyperX 3K 240 for Samsung Pro :D
2015-05-26 20:41
United States Bacon987 
Ground yourself I've met plenty of retards who Dident (if on carpet)
2015-05-26 18:35
what r u talking about? my pc is on a carpet...
2015-05-26 18:38
United States Bacon987 
When your building it
2015-05-26 18:40
how to do it? i ll be bulding mine in 1 week and i have a carpet... should i use desk instead?
2015-05-26 18:42
Nice! Will work like a dream ;)
2015-05-26 18:46
watch some build videos
2015-05-26 18:48
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