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Bulgaria, Golden Sands
Denmark b0ychild 
Hello. We are 2 couples who are going to visit Golden Sands this summer, if any of you know some nice things to do, tell me. And how is the weather? I really like sunny weather, and im afraid there will be to much skys.
2015-05-28 18:45
Weather is nice! :)
2015-05-28 18:48
its decent for partying but the rest is shit tbh
2015-05-28 18:52
Sunny Beach >
2015-05-28 19:18
there is better places than Golden Sands in Bulgaria
2015-05-28 19:22
I wouldn't go anywhere near our sea resorts last few years its been building and building and building new shit ... barely a vacationing place atm. Weather is always nice.. But it also depends what kind of tourists you are. If you come to drink and never go to the sea and get smashed like every english tourist or scandinavian one does here. Golden sands/Sunny beach are the place to be. Otherwise you should try some other towns/resorts around our sea..
2015-05-28 19:23
Denmark b0ychild 
I like when there is tourism when im traveling.
2015-05-28 19:28
Mafia still collect money from the hotels in Bulgaria? (srs question).
2015-05-28 19:25
no,they OWN the hotels now,they dont simply collect money...
2015-05-28 19:59
Ah cool, thanks :)
2015-05-29 12:11
Sunny beaches is reat - i am probably going to there the next week. Everything depends on when exactly do you plan to travel.If its July/August(like most of the tourist) than the weather should be really great(29-35 degree all day long) and there is not a lot of crime at Sunny beach(unlike some other bulgarian resorts).You will be probably like the fact that there are many restourants/bars/discos/etc but at this time of the year the beaches might be a bit overcrowded :). P.S.I hope you like it but if you have been to portugal/Turkey/Cyrpus exept a little bit "colder" weather ;).
2015-05-28 19:34
Denmark b0ychild 
Thank you for a good answer, im looking forward to go there.
2015-05-28 19:39
nps.Btw sry for the numerous grammar errors but i am typing from a smartphone right now and its not very easy.I hope its understanble though.
2015-05-28 20:03
You are free to come to our family hotel in Golden Sands Resort. Here is a ling to Its a quiet place, i work there too. I also have 2 pc's so we can hook up some CS lan at some point. Weather here is bery nice. Around 25-29 degrees atm. Water temperature is 20 degrees. GL
2015-05-28 20:00
Denmark b0ychild 
1on1 and i win = get free 2 weeks?
2015-05-28 20:02
No Lawl that' how you repay my kindness and extra entertainment? =/
2015-05-28 20:05
also my suggestion is - instead of going to the beach,go to the mountains,not the stupid big ass resorts in the western parts of Bulgaria but just travel around Stara Planina(Old Mountain) around the central parts of Bulgaria,visit Trojan or some other small vacational/resort villages around these parts of central Bulgaria,its just beautiful I really love the weather in the mountains there during summer time.I think its a huge mistake on our side and on the tourists side who don't visit our mountains during the summer and instead going to the beach...
2015-05-28 20:13
Our resort is 2 km from golden sand, so its quiet and peaceful but close enough to the party.
2015-05-28 20:47
sunny beach > golden beach, bulgarian grills easier than getting global
2015-05-29 13:01
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