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[*] Nihilum
United States cloutboy 
lose to t3 americanos and a t5 swede! gg! 92-8 odds [*}
2015-06-01 03:07
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[*] Damn, thats awful. Heard they don't even practice either... Hiko, Semph needs new team.
2015-06-01 03:09
Semphis is part of the problem with his "lets buy every round." Calls
2015-06-01 03:12
United States velocityy
[*] ..... was there really any hope? Semphis and Hiko's best days are behind them
2015-06-01 03:11
they are really shit apparently. i mean, im not watching this game bcs c9, but i have seen ace play before. quite a lot actually, and on po's stream. and they really are awful. if u lose against them, u might as well disband basicly.
2015-06-01 03:12
Any team with hiko is bound to fail. Kid is too toxic and low skilled.
2015-06-01 03:16
Brazil Collee
2015-06-01 04:15
They didn't lose yet. It's more of a surprise ACE won a map. You Americans are poor supporters!
2015-06-01 03:24
who did they lose to wtf
2015-06-01 03:41
2015-06-01 03:43
no way. i turned off the stream when they were raping them on t side of inferno. [*]
2015-06-01 03:46
Well its 1-1 map wise. Possible upset on third map as well as its now 8-11 for Nih, but they are saving on the CT side.
2015-06-01 03:55
2015-06-01 03:57
To be fair t5 swede is top 3 NA. Let me give you a top 7 of players in NA 1. Pyth 2. Maxaki 3-7 The guys from Keyd
2015-06-01 03:58
I aren't think that
2015-06-01 04:15
Have you even see maxaki play?
2015-06-01 04:16
Not even close, nt pyth.
2015-06-01 04:31
OK let's be fair. Top 3 north america isn't t5 sweden. It's closer to t2 sweden (below nip and fnatic) Sweden t2 = games4u, orbit, property and acer. I believe c9 is at least as good as these teams and potentially better than. We will have to wait and see for the next European lan.
2015-06-01 04:43
Don't worry guys, vEz has never been banned for cheating. Ever.
2015-06-01 04:01
they dropped 1 map, whats the big deal?
2015-06-01 04:07
The American scene is lacking support, that's what's going on.
2015-06-01 04:17
2015-06-01 04:32
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