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Your University
CIS <3 NiP 
Put photo of your university University of California, Berkeley
2015-06-07 09:11
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why the fuck you want a picture of my university ?
2015-06-07 09:34
:DDDDD this is just too much .. :D
2015-06-08 22:36
more like the capital of naboo?
2015-06-08 22:54
No, idoet Naboo looks like this: ;^)
2015-06-08 23:16
2015-06-08 22:09
Austria DR!FT 
2015-06-08 23:46
So he can fuck you in your anus.
2015-06-09 01:11
2015-06-09 01:21
Ahh, UTAD, where the best memes spawn
2015-06-09 22:00
Germany Lifty 
hogwarts so close
2015-06-07 10:09
Mmmm, Pécs... :3 :D
2015-06-08 23:21
Harvard University, can't find photo :/
2015-06-07 09:51
Yeah yeah sure
2015-06-07 11:34
LOL.. okay buddy..
2015-06-09 20:08
ye, ye, u got accepted to UCB recently, contgrats, gtfo
2015-06-07 09:54
MIT - Aerospace Engineering
2015-06-07 10:10
SHIT! Really? Let's meet up there :P
2015-06-07 10:51
If this isn't bullshit, that's pretty sick
2015-06-09 23:02
How the fuck do you go to Berkeley if you are CIS? This is my school BTW but im not telling you the name of it cuz it regards my personal life which I want completely detached to my online life/alias There isn't a bigger picture, it doesn't even show half of the campus only the main entrance.
2015-06-07 10:15
France Kairos1g 
So you go to SUNY Albany
2015-06-07 10:36
FFS who the fuck uses a reverse image finder. Anyways it doesn't even matter unless I mention it.
2015-06-07 10:46
There's one built into some browsers. Literally takes 2 seconds. No worries mate, expect to find some HLTV users sleeping in your bed when you get back to your dorm.
2015-06-07 10:48
I don't live in a dorm, me and my mates share a house nearby.
2015-06-07 10:51
That's all we need to know. Thanks.
2015-06-08 21:57
hahahahahahaha, nice one
2015-06-09 19:42
ayyye i was just there a few months ago. very recognizable campus :D
2015-06-09 20:06
"not telling you the name" people will try to find out
2015-06-07 10:52
That's the attention he seeks. And you guys falling for it.
2015-06-09 01:13
Im gonna transfer to this university 2 years later: lets see if you can find this ;)
2015-06-07 11:06
"2 years later"
2015-06-07 11:38
2015-06-08 01:09
post pics of your current uni is what i meant
2015-06-08 21:27
He already did...
2015-06-08 22:41
ah well, i just randomly scrolling. didn't see that. my bad.
2015-06-09 01:01
SUNY Buffalo
2015-06-09 01:09
lol poorfag
2015-06-08 21:47
Takes one to know one.
2015-06-09 19:37
It's extremely well known in NE US that SUNY schools are poop for people with GED's. Even well-off people know that.
2015-06-09 19:39
lol Im in nanotech which is no BS "World’s number one college for nanotechnology". Take your shit talk somewhere else.
2015-06-09 19:48
Wow, the only school doing a thing is the best at it. What are the odds.
2015-06-09 19:50
$30 billion on a program is not a joke, its rather the only dedicated one. No other schools can rise up because of the funding it takes to develop this program.
2015-06-09 19:53
That changes nothing about #145 lol. If you were the only dick sucker in your town then you'd be the best dick sucker in town by default.
2015-06-09 19:53
sure make fun of the guy who is using up as much money as he can afford from loans and scholarships and who needs to stay near his family.
2015-06-09 19:57
Don't blame me. Blame you for choosing.
2015-06-09 19:59
Choosing family? OK
2015-06-09 20:00
You're bitching about money and being poor and shit when you could have solved that problem by going about this another way.
2015-06-09 20:02
calls me a "dicksucker" blames me for justifying myself. OK
2015-06-09 20:06
You don't have to beat yourself up, dude.
2015-06-09 20:08
Yea I hope you feel better about yourself.
2015-06-09 20:10
I'm fine? r u ok?
2015-06-09 20:10
Aalto university school of business Helsinki Finland
2015-06-07 10:19
why are your universities so closed off. Its like you study in a cave
2015-06-07 10:24
bad wifi connections in caves. students learn better
2015-06-08 22:14
France Kairos1g 
Your school is named after jOELZ?
2015-06-07 10:38
i aren't think that
2015-06-07 10:40
looks like a russian building
2015-06-08 21:50
Iran Animal1ty 
soviet style of 1930-1950th (Era of Stalin) was in all socialistic countries (include Poland)
2015-06-09 19:54
The university of go frag urself :o)
2015-06-07 10:29
Iran Animal1ty main building 6th housing (economic and history faculties) where i'm studying
2015-06-07 10:29
Same as mine <3
2015-06-09 20:03
2015-06-07 10:32
2015-06-07 11:14
My university: Universiteit Hasselt (main building where I study) (law faculty),5.341673,3a,75../data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1s2G9JE2x6p-cZuuxUqXWvOQ!2e0!6m1!1e1?hl=nl (law faculty front),5.341558,3a,75../data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1ssj4SylGUiMGYQWUWbMcXbg!2e0!6m1!1e1?hl=nl (administration building)
2015-06-07 11:30 university of cologne - germany
2015-06-07 11:33
why does everyones university look nice? can someone link me a nice uni in UK apart from oxford and that other good uni starting with C or some sh*t.
2015-06-07 11:54
St Andrews
2015-06-07 11:56
pretty nice, seems expensive and hard to get it, im from london , my universities look like utter sh*t.
2015-06-07 12:04
me too im at lse i remember exeter was really really nice
2015-06-07 12:05
lse looks so streety,everyone posts pictures of unis being rural and all big..whilst yours blends into the street, exeter looks ok
2015-06-07 12:07
uni of manchester looks great :)
2015-06-07 12:12
yeah that looks nice, but still.. every university in england i look at ; seems expensive and hard to get in =DD or it looks like complete crap.
2015-06-07 12:13
St Andrews, Bath, Cambridge, Nottingham, Durham
2015-06-09 23:00
Chalmers, Just google.
2015-06-07 12:06
A fellow TUD student, yaaaay. What do you study?
2015-06-09 01:16
The University of Manchester Computer Science
2015-06-07 12:11 Finished my Masters here last year. Was due to start work at BAE. Got the placement but turned it down to take some time out (A couple of years probably). Due to work a few months at ALMA ( starting in November. Going to decide if I want to start a doctorate or not in the meantime.
2015-06-07 12:19
2015-06-07 12:28
The University of Manchester Computer Science pic: flyover video:
2015-06-07 12:24
Great uni! I was torn between Manchester and Glasgow. I ended up going to Glasgow which was probably the wrong decision looking back as I'm now more interested in the fields Manchester better supports.
2015-06-07 12:26
Lithuania 3DK 
Applied to this uni, got in, but decided to go to Southampton solent instead, also to do computer science :D
2015-06-08 01:31
do u regret it?
2015-06-08 15:40
hed0r | 
Afghanistan gaIaxies 
Vienna university of economics and business Quantitative finance really nice new campus
2015-06-07 12:26
Nice one indeed
2015-06-08 01:38
damn, looks sick :D
2015-06-08 22:43
it really is :)
2015-06-08 22:46
So you are probably the EPFL nerd whom I beat in the M1 subway
2015-06-08 21:58
Lithuania 3DK 
Southampton Solent University, UK
2015-06-08 01:25
I fucked up school long time ago :/ but my gf went to university of Antwerp law and then Leeds UK and Nancy France no pictures sry
2015-06-08 01:29
Brazil JH0N 
Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRRJ) Veterinary Medicine pic:
2015-06-08 01:43
Brazil Collee 
kevlar + helmet spotted
2015-06-08 02:03
nice :)
2015-06-08 23:10
Dosia | 
North America kqpr0 
University of Phoneix, online school of harvard bascially.
2015-06-08 02:15
Netherlands kid- 
Forum - Counter-Strike - Counter-Strike Global Offensive - Your University... I mean bro i mean. i mean.. justt i mean.
2015-06-08 21:53
Pakistan NUST (National University of science and technology)
2015-06-08 21:56
cyx | 
Europe dA-oInK  
NAK Grad School Hamburg Altona/Dockland
2015-06-08 21:57
looks sick
2015-06-08 22:03
2015-06-08 22:16
cyx | 
Europe dA-oInK  
Thanks, Ivan.
2015-06-08 22:36
Russia rassvet RSAU-MTAA (Russian State Agrarian University-Moscow Timiryazev's Agricultural Academy)
2015-06-08 22:00
2015-06-08 22:14
SPB-FTA Saint-Petersburg Forestry Technical Academy (University now)
2015-06-08 22:14
hahahaha university, i not need university for drive my zastava and mow lawn
2015-06-08 22:15
One of the most ugly universities: HEIG-VD The building won the concrete price of Switzerland in 1975. It is the most energy consuming building of my country part, due to very poor isolation.
2015-06-08 22:34
*poor thermal insulation
2015-06-08 22:35
Poland Marvelm 
Gdansk University of Technology
2015-06-08 22:28
The hotdog place in berkley is so good lol. Went there like 3 times in the weekend I was there
2015-06-08 22:51
can't get a picture of it because lot of trees, but there's 4 buildings for engineering :) uncuyo, argentina
2015-06-08 22:51
2015-06-08 22:56
You're a wizard, Harry!
2015-06-08 23:17
Maybe starting this Fall at Uppsala University
2015-06-08 23:06
2015-06-08 23:19
University of Washington (Seattle) in Computer Science... a decent school. Can't find one pic I like so here's a couple that are decent:
2015-06-08 23:36
haha, hltv and uni. very funny
2015-06-08 23:39
thug life university
2015-06-08 23:42
Portugal olek88 Can't show pictures because there are a lot of buildings. It was filmed with a drone :)
2015-06-09 01:19
University of Toronto
2015-06-09 01:35
Mississauga, Scarborough or downtown?
2015-06-09 20:06
Saint George!
2015-06-09 22:54
I'm at primary school. I can't post photos or you will all go to prison. I am sorry.
2015-06-09 01:42
ropz | 
Poland fleja 
The newest one And the oldest one Silesian University of Technology
2015-06-09 20:01
2015-06-09 20:04
Sweden CMF 
E: didnt work
2015-06-09 20:11
Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Coimbra :D
2015-06-09 22:09
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