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Last comment I just love this guy... I mean what can u say othet than... king...
2015-06-08 00:04
2015-06-08 00:04
Norway Zelom 
2015-06-08 00:04
ok m8 xD
2015-06-08 00:08
hahaha ty just made my night
2015-06-08 00:08
hahahaha! ingenious xD
2015-06-08 00:10
His casting is always great. Besides talking about what is happening in the game, he also has something outside the game to tell about, like that he has been talking with some of the players and this and that.. His awesome, that's probably the best way to describe him. :)
2015-06-08 00:08
totally agree, you can learn so much just by watching him and semmler casting some matches... i will choose 10 out of 10 days watching some tier 2 teams casted by them, then some tier 1 teams with some other casters (imo really bad ones).
2015-06-08 00:13
Once you get out of the Gold Nova ranks, you don't learn anything new, but they are still quite entertaining :)
2015-06-08 00:25
first of all you dont know my rank... xD second who cares about mm rank m8?
2015-06-08 00:34
I'm just saying that he doesn't really explain difficult stuff or give any special insight. Calm down.
2015-06-08 00:35
That so true :D love it when he like, just talked to Device in the break bla blae :D love it :D
2015-06-08 00:14
anders sucks
2015-06-08 00:14
How come when Americans act all fat and stuff no one likes us?
2015-06-08 00:22
You do it all the time... Gets boring.
2015-06-08 00:38
flanders i just love this guy i mena what can u say other than ding doodly dang did doodly
2015-06-08 00:38
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