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CS Anecdotes
Italy madismad 
Hey guys, do you have some cool cs anecdotes? Could be 7.x-1.6, hell even Source and GO. Tell me some funny stories, also maybe involving pro players. Example: "One time there was a player in my team who was rektering everyone. It was me." GO
2015-06-11 09:57
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the story of juan lol looks that one up.
2015-06-11 10:00
I'm sorry?
2015-06-11 10:04
You don't know juan?
2015-06-11 10:05
2015-06-11 10:07
JUAN Montoya!
2015-06-12 03:54
Sweden hagge931
Juan Diego Montoya
2015-06-12 09:48
2015-06-12 10:38
haha its my favorite story!
2015-06-12 17:27
NA scene
2015-06-11 10:01
2015-06-12 17:38
cloud9 in 2014 joelz on lan maxbet on SK-gayming picks up CPH
2015-06-11 10:07
Not jokes. People of Half life television don't know the word "anecdote"? I ment stories, episodes no kepPo
2015-06-11 10:08
SK-gayming picks up CPH
2015-06-11 10:09
Romania Chalengi
joelz play call of duty not csgo , like last match stand in.
2015-06-12 08:42
source> 1.6 csgo > 1.6 ^ best jokes
2015-06-11 10:09
Oh god, fuck this. Englando too much aight?
2015-06-11 10:10
dont feel like sharing stories with a new gen kid , srry :(9999
2015-06-11 10:14
I'm pretty sure i started playing before you "kid", but fair enough. Have a nice day.
2015-06-11 10:20
at that point you wouldnt be asking for ''fun stories'' farewell new gen kid who try to lie :(((
2015-06-12 08:34
Are you stupid? I'm not interested in some general stories, just individual stories. You retard. Now go have a cold shower.
2015-06-12 09:45
Tell me some funny stories i didnt typed that , did i ? ;oooooooooo ur a new gen kid just deal with it bro why so defensive ?
2015-06-12 10:36
I'm Paolo Maldini.
2015-06-12 10:45
and my brother is justin bieber i arent think that
2015-06-12 10:51
Denmark Almoe
Kinguin forms a "super-team" kekekek xd
2015-06-11 10:09
SK is back in business kekekek xd
2015-06-12 10:56
"when you know he snipes at a long around car its very difficult to catch him. very hard to flash. no one knows how to counter this guy fast and punish him, except me." gob b
2015-06-11 10:16
About whom was he talking about?
2015-06-11 10:19
about an awper at car
2015-06-12 10:49
I was playing dota as ancient apparition and I thought I was kennyS playing csgo. Hitting ice blasts left right and centre.
2015-06-11 10:18
Ain't that some shit. Your reply was not posted, reason: High spam score detected, rephrase your post and try again.
2015-06-11 14:56
dv | 
United Kingdom dv-_-
f0rest GtR and GuX ask fnatic to kick long time members carn and dsn. Fnatic say no so gtr & f0rest leave to make super SK team! (GuX left too but wasnt allowed in SK because he left them in the past) cArn and dsn make new team with young talents xizt delpan and pita(?) first major event since switch, SK goes out in the groups and fnatic win the entire thing. <3 carn & dsn
2015-06-11 10:20
Never liked GuX tbh
2015-06-11 10:22
in the beta version of cs m4 had zoom :d @4:30
2015-06-11 10:24
those sounds <3 E: actually pretty weird. I think eg the sound of AWP was already changed in 7.1 beta to the normal. You also couldn't zoom in with m4
2015-06-11 10:28
You can still see the acog on the switch weapon menu in 1.6
2015-06-12 09:51
Someone else?
2015-06-11 13:46
Canada dzr!
VP top 1
2015-06-11 13:55
Around the CGS era, roughly 2008, UK teams dominated the CSS scene before VeryGames featuring shox, krL, mateOo, RpK and SmithZz ventured the scene and started dominating everyone else. Frenchmen in different lineups continued the domination up until very end when mousesports featuring RattlesnK, Mx, pt, Hughsy, RE1EASE won the last CSS major tournament before CSGO was launched. Even then, mouz kept the team and in the meantime they picked up the Norwegians StingeR and prb instead of Hughsy and RE1EASE. That team, during the time when NiP steamrolled everyone took them to a 16-14 match in DH winter 2012 on mirage, while doing so many unexplainable mistakes that cost them the game. Despite that, marched on to secure top3 in that tourney (having another 14:16 loss on d2 vs NiP). After the tournament, mouz kicked the uk squad for a new german squad that did absolutely nothing. That was the last time we've seen a British team playing a major role in CS scene, Rattlesnk and co spent a brief period in Anexis but without any significant impact. Just an anecdote about UK scene
2015-06-11 14:22
Nice read ty
2015-06-11 14:54
why do terrorists wear sunglasses? because they dont want de_dust2 get in theyre eyes
2015-06-12 09:39
2015-06-12 10:53
Russia coolakaoff
Xek (former m5 player) invented double duck walk in cs 1.6. Thats why it was then called "Russian walk"
2015-06-12 10:06
Russia coolakaoff
And it was not allowed to use the mouse wheel to make it - it was much easier. Only CTRL/ShIFT
2015-06-12 10:09
If I remember correctly, weapons dropped around the map stayed around until the next round. This was in a very early beta of CS.
2015-06-12 10:45
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