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ERRZyx needs your skills!
Portugal itsmeERROR 
Hi guys. As some of you might know, ain't the only thing I do for living, in terms of gaming. If you saw my latest video interviews in my blog, you noticed that I did it for a Portuguese website called, is the website of the defining stars gaming organization. Currently, it's the biggest gaming portal in Portugal. As their Content Manager, apart from doing some video stuff, like the interviews for example, I need to coordinate the content that we've got in mind. Currently we've got several content which is constantly with the need of being updated. Part of that content, is the video stuff. We've got several ideas that we want to be made in video, but due to the lack of responsability and time from the Portuguese "moviemakers" it's nearly impossible asking them to do something. So, we are searching for skilled "moviemakers" that want to show their talent and works to an entire nation. We don't really care what program you use to edit, we just care about your responsability, time and talent to deliver what we want. Anyone interested on helping us on this, please feel free to send me a private message with your latest and best work. If your needing more info about this request, please also feel free to send me any message with questions. Huncle ERRZyx is looking for you! :D Waiting for your answers, João 'ERRZyx' Ferreira
2011-07-30 01:23
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great oportunity for good moviemakers :)))
2011-07-30 01:30
trying to coppy ? D:
2011-07-30 01:32
8 replies
Not really. It's impossible copy something that it's a common thing nowadays. We've got other ideas than making just highlights ;)
2011-07-30 01:35
7 replies
I love you :]
2011-07-30 01:37, errzyx this is my channel, im portuguese, so if u want me to join, pm me on youtube please. :D
2011-07-31 18:21
5 replies
You seem to have a talent and nice taste. Unfortunately, I stopped trusting on Portuguese people due to the lack of responsability that the majority of the people that worked with me, had. Stopped believing that, in Portugal, there are persons with good will and motivation to work on a very serious project. Still, there's always someone who surprises you.
2011-07-31 18:26
4 replies
at this moment im not living in portugal, im now in england, so if u need me, tell me, i really want to join.
2011-07-31 19:34
im pretty sure ur refering to dowNNyii .)
2011-08-01 14:21
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lol. Got many experiences after that one.
2011-08-01 16:04
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only remember slvdr after that
2011-08-01 18:56
genkidama of skills for errzyx
2011-07-30 01:34
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ahah that was a funny one
2011-07-30 01:47
Nice ERRZyx, I appreciate your work :) Good luck. Aprecio muito seu trabalho, bom sorte!
2011-07-30 01:36
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boa sorte*
2011-07-30 01:42
17 replies
Thanks :( I never understood it, haha, why "boa" instead of "bom"? What is the difference?
2011-07-30 02:23
16 replies
bom = male boa = female
2011-07-30 02:32
3 replies
boa sorte to you.
2011-07-30 03:06
2 replies
In that case, since "sorte" is a feminin type word in portuguese you're actually correct, and that form is used both directed to male and female.
2011-07-30 04:29
to = para you = voce then boa sorte para voce :)
2011-07-30 08:48
No problem, as Kipz said, boa = female and bom = male... Btw, why are you studying portuguese?
2011-07-30 03:02
10 replies
Because her nose isnt big as yours xD just kiddin mate <3 love you wEEdZ|mth'10
2011-07-30 07:19
2 replies
My nose inst big, it's just an itallian style :))
2011-07-30 08:49
1 reply
ROFL more like Turkish style jk btw
2011-07-30 23:11
Because I like romance languages. I never understood why "Luck" is female! hahaha Now I know that "sorte" is a woman word, but, why is it woman? ahahaha my mind will blow up!
2011-07-30 20:12
6 replies
Because when you speak "sorte", you must speak "A SORTE" A = female O = male. Example with a male word: Eu comprei um fone / I bought a headset Example with a female word: A sorte tem que estar conosco amanha / The luck must be with us tomorrow. It's hard to explain, i hope you understand. Any doubt PM me
2011-07-30 20:39
Comments deleted because we didnt wrote in english, have you seen what I wrote?
2011-07-30 22:44
In English you have "it", in Portuguese not. Every thing in Portuguese has a genre.
2011-07-30 23:12
3 replies
which is kinda stupid imo. we should have an "it" as well
2011-07-31 06:23
2 replies
Well... I don't think so. It would be weird, I like the way it is now. haha I am already hating the "Novo Acordo Ortogr'afico"
2011-07-31 10:00
1 reply
yeah, noone likes it
2011-07-31 15:10
Are you a portuguese student? If yes thats kinda funny, 'cause im very interisted in finnish, actually my interest started to impress my ex-girlfriend (loool this sounds so stupid now) some time ago, of course Im still looking forward to learn finnish, I merely know some basic words btw. Huolehdimme
2011-07-30 09:34
errzyx read my nick backwards. so, where do i signup?
2011-07-30 01:37
7 replies
In the upper right corner. In the X symbol.
2011-07-30 01:40
6 replies
xD trolololol
2011-07-30 02:01
2011-07-30 02:49
2011-07-30 03:45
Hats off to you, sir!
2011-07-30 03:47
/bow ahhahahahah you're the king
2011-07-30 16:07
1 reply
what's so funny in that? i don't get it
2011-07-31 18:34
Good luck to the participants :P
2011-07-30 01:50
2011-07-30 01:55
Since when do you work for defs ? Anyway that's cool and a nice way to promote the portuguese scene. Good luck to you and the orga.
2011-07-30 02:16
2 replies
Since September of last year. For quite a bit now :P thanks ;)
2011-07-30 02:19
1 reply
That was the worst day of my life!
2011-07-30 02:22
that guy done a lot for the portuguese scene. excellent job you did so far, errzy. Hope that you continue for many years ! Thank you for everything you've done for Portugal :D. good luck in your new project
2011-07-30 02:36
GL ERRZyx, I guarantee that in Brazil we have many talented moviemakers :D, or just those who live in Portugal can participate?
2011-07-30 02:55
7 replies
No, is for everyone interested.
2011-07-30 04:31
yes there are a lot of talented moviemakers in Brazil maike, green, pedrost, fns, nxt etc
2011-07-30 07:24
4 replies
LOOOOL, i really wanna see their reaction when sum1 asks them to edit not on their style ahah
2011-07-30 12:28
3 replies
haha im sure they can =P its pretty easy, even me edited simple movies :) but im not editing anymore :(
2011-07-30 17:10
2 replies
100% sure that maike, green and all those u said dont give a f*ck about editing this style, i mean clean with no effects. just my opinion
2011-07-30 17:56
1 reply
actually pedrost made a great movie with a clean style :) check it out! i dont remember to see a REALLY clean movie from maike and green but they can do it surely hey watch my movie about eswc brazil too :D
2011-07-30 18:01
Everyone can apply. No country restriction at all. Hoping to see some applications from you guys then. Regards.
2011-07-30 11:51
what is that microphone? is that from steel series headshet? AHAHAHA
2011-07-30 03:00
1 reply
Yes it is :)
2011-07-30 11:50
gl guys ;D
2011-07-30 03:12
ERRyx is just a good person :D gl :*
2011-07-30 04:53
1 reply
2011-07-30 05:05
hey how much time we have bcuz i working on some movie and im interested :D
2011-07-30 12:31
2 replies
We need someone active, which is available for creating something at any moment. If ur that person, please feel free to sign up ;)
2011-07-30 12:34
1 reply
yeah but i need some movie for show my skills to you right ? and that movie is not completed yet ( i have some other movies but this should be best of im learned ) and i asking: how much i have time to sing up ?
2011-07-30 12:42
Poland maxiu
first mmovie what song ??
2011-07-30 12:44
2 replies
It's in the video description.
2011-07-30 15:26
1 reply
Poland maxiu
thx ;]
2011-07-30 15:56
really really nice work ( ;
2011-07-30 17:27
God, someone please plant a bomb on ALL Portuguese ISP's plz. Have been without internet in the last couple of days. Anyway, up up.
2011-07-31 17:56
ERRZYx 4ever, keep going.
2011-08-01 14:09
ERRZyx I hope you find what you're looking BUT, at the same time I trust your taste and vision. Your movies are greatness with nice quality and _without rediculous overkill editing and effects_.
2011-08-01 19:09
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