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New Harddisk questions!
Denmark Triizz 
Well my HDD doesn't work anymore (won't show any picture when it's plugged in). I already fixed this one time, but it happend again, so this time I am going to just a new one. There're just some things I need to know, when I put a new HDD in my PC, do I have to install windows again? And are there some HDD you will recommend, good for a low price with 1tb? (don't recommend SSD I will buy that later) I really hope you take the time to read this, and write a comment if you can help, thanks in advance!
2015-06-13 23:41
do I have to install windows again Not sure if a troll or a troll... good for a low price with 1tb? Buy Seagate, I've heard nothing really bad about them, unlike WD or some other crap.
2015-06-13 23:46
If you are not gonna buy SSD right now I would recommend you 1tb WD Black or go for 1 tb wd blue
2015-06-13 23:49
I guess that's a yes, just don't know much about computers, I just hoped for another answer since I threw it away...
2015-06-13 23:49
Your OS is installed on HDD, do you think you need to reinstall it, if you threw your HDD away? I hope you're trolling in this case.
2015-06-14 13:03
Netherlands Drush 
Your OS is installed on 1 HDD. Maybe he has 2 HDD one with OS and the other one broken and being replaced.
2015-06-14 13:14
Lol... seagate got the highest failure rate... the best hdds are hitachi(HGST) and WD and the funny thing about that is hitachi is owned by WD. I dont know how u can call WD crap.. they are known for making the best/fastest and most reliable HDDs out there... And last time i checked WD VelociRaptor > all HDDs..
2015-06-13 23:58
My friend works in a service center, and my bro works in IT, I don't think they have any sense to lie to me, unlike some sites, that can be paid for telling us a particular info about some manufacturer. I don't think it needs to be argued about, I have some info, you have the other info, that's it. Btw, I'm using Seagate HDDs from 1995, yeah, I had 2 GB Seagate HDD in my first computer - AMD K486 100 MHz, then I had several PCs, and every of them had a Seagate HDD.
2015-06-14 13:08
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