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How can u die and still know nothing
Romania katana4cs 
['] Jon Snow
2015-06-15 16:35
Germany Gloin 
He will come back I believe. His watch ends with death but by being reborn he is released from it (my guess)
2015-06-15 16:39
ZywOo | 
France Aladdin70 
yeah but all that are speculations , but not in season 6 maybe season 7 , but he isn't paid for S6 and won't be in it
2015-06-15 16:41
Might be that they just won't need the actor. Some say he might turn into warg, and be a god damn wolf from now on... I don't know, but it's definetly not the end for him. That last shot of his face with suspensful music gave it away, so JonSnowFanboys don't give up yet.
2015-06-15 16:57
don't you die by being stabbed 4 times in the stomach and once in the heart? Don't watch the series, just saw my brother watch the ending
2015-06-15 17:01
He dies, but he will be resurrected by a priestess (and yes they can do that in this fantasy universe).
2015-06-15 17:25
I feel like Melisandre is gonna pull some Lord of Light shit and bring him back like Catelyn Stark or that guy in the Brotherhood without Banners.
2015-06-15 17:56
he will reborn
2015-06-15 16:38
2015-06-15 16:59
red bitch gonna revive the bastard
2015-06-15 16:38
got is not a good show guys stop watching it #haventwatchedasingleepisode
2015-06-15 16:39
2015-06-15 16:40
if you hadnt seen it how do you know it aint good? #juststupidfinnthings
2015-06-15 16:42
well i have seen topics about jon snow dying and people are saying that it was stupid and stuff so its a stupid show
2015-06-15 16:44
looks like you are stupid #truthhasbeensaid
2015-06-15 16:51
no im not im not just a fangay of got
2015-06-15 16:55
You're telling that the second best rated tv show is stupid? Maybe you're stupid...
2015-06-15 17:00
hahah its just my opinion chill brother
2015-06-15 17:03
you are, i saw posts about you being stupid and stuff so you are stupid
2015-06-15 17:13
you actually didnt
2015-06-15 17:14
how do you know? heres one #21
2015-06-15 17:15
Ok m8 i luv you <3
2015-06-15 17:28
i love you too, hate aside
2015-06-15 17:46
Yeah, the recent topics is the reason that you haven't watched a single episode.
2015-06-15 16:57
how is this relevant to anything?
2015-06-15 16:58
Its relevant because your idiotic reasoning is that 'it is stupid' based on these recent topics. Despite the fact that you don't know who it is. You don't really have much upstairs do you?
2015-06-15 17:19
okkk just chill this conversation is retardelele
2015-06-15 17:26
The conversation is only retarded on one side of it, yours. You can't claim that you know something is stupid, when the fact is you really don't know. What is my point with all this? For you to shut up and only write places where you "belong".
2015-06-15 17:34
but i dont belong anywhere -_-
2015-06-15 17:36
Would it make you feel better that I tried watching the show one time and it ended up being a 10 minute scene of some guy talking to hookers about absolutely nothing and then I turned it off because it's terrible?
2015-06-15 17:16
ok, who are you?
2015-06-15 17:19
You know nothing, AndyNade :D
2015-06-15 17:21
y u spoil hltv bait plz
2015-06-15 16:41
f0rest | 
Serbia dankooo 
am i the only 1 who doesnt know who he is and doesnt give a fuck ?
2015-06-15 16:49
game of thrones charrector I think
2015-06-15 16:58
you know nothing danko95 ;(
2015-06-15 17:16
Tried watching this shit show, Game of Thrones once. You're all fantasy fans and virgin boys if you like it.
2015-06-15 17:01
Because your opinion matters...
2015-06-15 17:21
World Jeza 
Why do you cry in every thread? Abused as child?
2015-06-15 17:23
still too many characters in the show, so many that some didn't even appear in this season at all
2015-06-15 17:03
So many that half of them never been in the series, only in the books. Too many? No. Too many is what is in Steven Eriksons 'A tale of the malazan book of the fallen'.
2015-06-15 17:24
He will respawn in 1 years, Melysandre will...
2015-06-15 17:23
nice csgo thread, very related
2015-06-15 17:49
2015-08-15 12:56
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