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United Kingdom -Joe 
So after being kicked from their organisation for being racist and issuing an apology it seems rml still hasn't learned his lesson. shame really, bad player, bad attitude, :(:(:(
2015-06-19 18:05
He's always like this, not a big surprise.
2015-06-19 18:07
And I can't even think of another "pro" player that toxic.
2015-06-19 18:09
troubley, k1ng0r
2015-06-19 18:21
I don't think that Troubly has ever insulted a whole race when he lost the pistol round.
2015-06-19 18:33
no i speaking about toxic IN TEAM, raging crying etc etc about teammates...about enemy i think rml is one and only, but he is right about turkish guys :)
2015-06-19 18:37
rml is constantly insulting his mates' mothers but yea i think that rml is right too
2015-06-19 18:38
insulting hes mates? then what he is TERMINATOR? slap that bitch up and send him home...
2015-06-19 18:42
he might be kicked for now btw They are now at a lan with another fifth.
2015-06-19 18:43
2015-06-19 18:37
Hungary SancheZjr 
2015-06-19 18:08
go dm instead of making a topic
2015-06-19 18:09
Europe pirey 
i can tell you they need some training
2015-06-19 18:11
2015-06-19 18:10
2015-06-19 18:12
That's Dissapointing.
2015-06-19 18:12
hahah he is so retarted
2015-06-19 18:13
i hope he will get banned
2015-06-19 18:13
Is VOLGARE even ranked in Top 50 World?
2015-06-19 18:14
top 1 universe in insulting
2015-06-19 18:43
Sweden BenneDoT 
feel sorry for the rest of the team that gets dragged down by that...
2015-06-19 18:15
his teammates should get rid of him srsly
2015-06-19 18:18
XD rml.... XD no1 XD
2015-06-19 18:21
You can't kill me noob nigger, losing 8-1 xd
2015-06-19 18:23
Finland Kashmir69 
ban inc rip
2015-06-19 18:23
they won both games =)
2015-06-19 18:26
who cares? he acts like a bitch
2015-06-19 18:30
2015-06-19 18:45
World 1663 
hes stupid, he should just delete the game
2015-06-19 18:28
Hi Joe, congratulations on the thread my big boy
2015-06-19 18:30
lol 3rd worlders..
2015-06-19 18:31
When gipsy saying nig*a
2015-06-19 18:31
who cares they never attended any lan or participated in a tournament
2015-06-19 18:33
Hungary Griffisz 
You are wrong. They have attended several lans
2015-06-19 18:35
I'm never wrong
2015-06-19 19:01
Sweden pyth 
Should ban him 1 year imo disgrace to the scene!!
2015-06-19 18:36
who the fuck cares. i bet 3/4 the idiots itt has posted or said racist things in cs and on hltv. hope you all get banned first.
2015-06-19 18:46
2015-06-19 19:52
Who cares? Why can't he say anything he wants? You can be rude, you can insult other, and still not posted on HLTV, but if you just say the word "nigger" or "gipsy" or "jew" or "gay" you'll be instantly posted on HLTV and etc etc... :D
2015-06-19 18:39
nt rml
2015-06-19 18:41
Hungary powi 
Yup this attitude can hold back teams. but i dont think his teammates are much more different, they just dont write it to public chat.
2015-06-19 18:42
CIS skruxie 
Rml suck dick
2015-06-19 18:42
What an idiot.
2015-06-19 18:44
chrisJ | 
United Kingdom Harribo 
Wow first case of racism in CSGO ever, these screenshots will go down in history
2015-06-19 18:45
Spain ewg 
2015-06-19 18:48
He is a fucking faggot. He would die probably, if he falls down from his ego level to his iq level :D He is the most toxic player I have ever know. He always shittalking. Somebody has to hit him right inda face. The whole hungarian community hates him cuz he is a bad player. He licked so many assses to be there, where is he now. Shame.
2015-06-19 18:45
Cuz where is he now? On the top of the trash in Hungary? Lel
2015-06-19 19:59
He is nowhere, but people still talking about him. Its enough for him. The sad thing is thah there are players who deserve more chance but players like rml hold them back. I mean the position here. But they (rml's teammates) are the same. They talking with each other same. "Go fuck your mother, you fucking piece of shit" and more. There are no english words for those. I know cuz I played with rml in 1.6 and he was same that days too. Thats why there is no hungarian team in even t3 :D we deserve it.
2015-06-19 22:13
Spain ewg 
anger management problem
2015-06-19 18:47
2015-06-19 18:49
They didn't get kicked from the organisation for those comments though
2015-06-19 18:52
no shit LOL
2015-06-19 19:02
"So after being kicked from their organisation for being racist" Retard
2015-06-19 19:02
no shit LOOL
2015-06-19 19:03
He's a bad player and even worse person. o/o
2015-06-19 19:02
who the fuck cares. everyone has written what he have anyways. If you should expose every racist the hltv forums would be overloaded. get a lyf
2015-06-19 19:22
who cares? let him talk shit if he wants to, block communication
2015-06-19 20:03
Yea thats a shame but not that big deal. Who cares about a random T10 player's racist behaviour? There are plenty of dumb people all around us. You dont really need to use your brain when you are a hater. (sry grammar)
2015-06-19 20:08
Turkey Purchase 
ban him pls
2015-06-19 20:11
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