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Zeus Toxzilla
World deewhyann 
Listened to Na'Vi's POV. I don't think I would ever wash off the urge to punch Zeus's face. He's disgustingly toxic. Yes, just like THOSE Russians you hate most on MM. Except that this ONE is supposed to be professional and mature enough to understand the negative impact of his toxic behavior on team's performance.
2015-06-19 22:52
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and he's shit player too in na'vi ofcourse
2015-06-19 22:54
Poland FX eXpected
Probably butthurt NiP fanboy:)
2015-06-19 22:54
Well if you watched other povs, you'd see that they're not much different. Flipside shout at each other so much, you can't hear the game.
2015-06-19 22:56
Latvia Ke]R[4u
in f3 only s1mple rages and rest pretty much tries to keep him calm
2015-06-19 22:58
2015-06-19 23:46
2015-06-19 22:58
link to pov?
2015-06-19 23:00
what did he say?
2015-06-19 23:01
ha said fuck and bitch a few times
2015-06-19 23:10
omg hes so toxic someone arrest him pathetic
2015-06-19 23:13
This doesn't mean he said it in a toxic manner, you can get killed and say fuck or cheer your team up with something like lets fucking go and so forth. All I'm saying is it depends on the context.
2015-06-19 23:14
That's not the problem here.
2015-06-19 23:28
Zeus was like that since he was captain of NaVi (before and after starix). He's good player overall but when something goes wrong he rages.
2015-06-19 23:13
but thats what makes NaVi play better. Dont get me wrong NaVi has alot of talent but they do stupid shit mistakes that cost them rounds. Zeus then decides to pause and tells them what he thinks. It works more often than not just not this time around.
2015-06-19 23:31
Lithuania mao~
agree. if he rages, it's not like "you idiot cyka blyat"
2015-06-19 23:42
Latvia SEHUN
I feel like kids these days are retarded, like really this is like a sport, ofc swearing n shit is bad but dafuq idiot? You cant just keep everything like a robot and leave the emotions to yourself. GetTheFuckOut ples
2015-06-19 23:44
Can you give a example? (i dont undestand the language)
2015-06-19 23:48
nah,he isnt toxic,he is a typical CIS captain,its ok
2015-06-20 00:21
10/10 reply
2015-06-20 00:26
i prefer 8/8 but still ok,ty
2015-06-20 00:27
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