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Washing mousepad
Colombia PedMar 
I own two mousepads that I use, I switch them a lot theyre a qck+ TyLoo and a Razer Goliathus Control; they're all dirty and I tried to wash them using the Gomez suggestion of using a small wet towel, clean them in circles and let them dry under heavy sun, but after they dried they have this white marks of like dry sweat that makes the glide different, and I cant get rid of it. how to make another full wash to remove this? I did the gomez thing twice and still
2011-08-07 16:23
bump for this...
2011-08-07 16:54
hmm i would have said the same as gomez but if thats not working you should throw it in the washer. for sure on low temps and 10mins or something
2011-08-07 16:58
put some soap on it and wash it with hot water. works for me (i own a qck)
2011-08-07 17:21
Ill do this, after that do I use cold water to remove soap?
2011-08-07 18:06
like i wrote... i use hot water :) oh and by the way, its better to use liquid soap.
2011-08-07 18:42
I did that. now drying in shadow
2011-08-07 18:44
Germany pa$co 
I always use turpentine, works awesome with my S&S.
2011-08-07 17:58
isnt that too strong and might take my pad colors out?
2011-08-07 18:05
well the s&s is a hard pad :D
2011-08-07 18:09
I also have a 9hd but doesnt work that well with DA, and I dont wanna be buying skates everymonth
2011-08-07 18:15
you need to dont eat near mousepad and problem is solved buy new mousepad
2011-08-07 18:11
I dont eat, but I sweat, where I live is really hot and fan broke :( No AC in this room
2011-08-07 18:14
It's bad to clean mousepad with cirlces and dry under the sun! You should clean it with dish soap, then clean it with soft sponge of course with warm water, when you do it clean again it with cloth softener so your mousepad will'nt be electrified, when you do it splach cold water on it and put on standing dryer or outside but not under the sun but in shadow.
2011-08-07 18:16
And clean it left/right like you moving your mouse on it.
2011-08-07 18:17
I did this but up and down
2011-08-07 18:31
Your mousepad is done for it, you clean it with circles and then put under a very hot weather under sun? :/
2011-08-07 18:38
fortunately there was no sun yesterday so I had to put it in the shadow :D
2011-08-07 18:45
It's a shame there's no girls on this page, they'd know. Joke asides. Try Monster energy drink, mine's got a hell of a glide after that spill, haha!
2011-08-07 19:18
Finland teco 
2011-08-07 22:34
2011-08-08 10:55
:D irreversible process
2011-08-08 10:59
man he got lot of courage and brains for this thing +1 he did it to both mousepad at sametime
2011-08-08 11:01
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