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Best mouse made today?
Sweden lidda;D 
Gonna buy a new mouse cuz my Xai is fukked up pretty bad. So the question is which one should I buy?
2011-08-08 23:21
another xai :D
2011-08-08 23:22
Ukraine DREv 
2011-08-09 11:51
Russia goodjob 
2011-08-09 13:19
Europe Blaw 
2011-08-09 14:08
Bosnia and Herzegovina zgb 
2011-08-09 15:32
2011-08-11 01:15
ccccccombo breaker
2011-08-11 02:44
Seriously, what's up with those Xai mouses? Everyone I hear about has broken his Xai. Do they just break easily or what's up?
2011-08-09 15:11
xai and kinzu are very good mouse, but the buttons in It are very weak and after ~1-2years of clicking your mouse is a shit - button is too smooth, and you shoots when u dont want to shoot sometime xP (I think you know what i mean)
2011-08-09 16:07
had 2 xai's both dead after 3 months each and i handled them with care.
2011-08-09 16:12
problems with xai occure when you don't properly clean your mousepad (dust gets into the sensor). many pros use xai and that prooves the mouse quality imo. although there are still some other issues as Maniuras clearly said, but that can also happen to any other mouse.
2011-08-09 17:01
Russia Zhan 
Zowie EC1 or Razer DA
2011-08-08 23:23
Chile Ganb^ 
x2 DA
2011-08-09 00:44
is there a Zowie ambidextrous or some other good ambidextrous mouse other than Xai/kinzu i heard lot of negative comments about Xai, so need good recommendations..Currently i have SS Kinzu, its ok but kinda small to grip, i need a palm mouse basically suitable for lefthanders
2011-08-09 07:42
Denmark Wich 
intelli 1.1
2011-08-09 09:43
DA for lefties
2011-08-09 13:47
Dosia | 
Russia brattt 
DA of course
2011-08-09 08:55
Russia goodjob 
after Xai, Razer is SHIT
2011-08-09 13:20
Deathadder rapes Xai. Xai sucks fucking crapmouse.
2011-08-09 14:06
more pros use xai than DA i think...
2011-08-09 17:03
Slovakia 851 
i think no... steelseries craps sucks balls ...razer maybe sucks but deathadder is quality
2011-08-09 18:47
lol that's only because steelseries sponsores so many cs teams. Whatever the team is sponsored by they have to use their mice. i have both a Xai and Kinzu and i am now using Deathadder. And the deathadder completely rapes xai and kinzu.
2011-08-09 20:13
well that is not true, cArn for instance uses (or used i dunno) DA eventhough ss are their sponsors. i have DA + Xai I also had mx518 and other stuff and i must say that Xai is one of the top3 mice in the world.
2011-08-09 21:27
i had DA, when it broke i bought xai, imo DA is better mouse but shape of xai is brilliant
2011-08-11 01:21
Dosia | 
Russia brattt 
2011-08-12 15:50
2011-08-08 23:41
2011-08-09 00:03
2011-08-09 03:36
2011-08-10 15:01
2011-08-10 15:02
zowie ec1/2
2011-08-09 00:10
Serbia posS 
omg another fail xai :S i was going to buy it ,but i am not sure right now :/ i heard that the ikari is very good try it
2011-08-09 00:10
It's the best mouse out there in my opinion but I wanna buy something new, something that fits me better. I would recommend you to buy the Xai for sure, I wan't taking care of mine so good :P
2011-08-09 13:14
I wan't taking care of mine so good do you make alternate uses of your mouse apart from using it on your computer :D:D
2011-08-09 14:51
Haha no. I was borrowing it to friends and they fucked it up. Then I spilled coffee on it and did stupid things like that, didn't clean it etc. =P
2011-08-09 15:09
Turkey yalin 
ikari optical if you have big hand.
2011-08-09 00:16
2011-08-09 00:24
2011-08-09 01:33
intelli 3.0
2011-08-09 00:27
Chile Ganb^ 
2011-08-09 00:43
2011-08-09 00:57
2011-08-09 07:47
2011-08-09 14:06
2011-08-09 17:53
ikari laser
2011-08-09 00:32
genius optical 50 dpi
2011-08-09 00:37
2011-08-09 00:40
2011-08-09 00:45
Zeus | 
Other Chuckeee 
wait for ss 1.1 edition
2011-08-09 00:47
Finland teco 
1.1 ss was made many years ago and it discontinued?
2011-08-09 02:45
Its not IME/IMO 1.1, and that SS mouse name will be changed.
2011-08-09 10:07
Zeus | 
Other Chuckeee SteelSeries Designed by Gamers: Mouse1.1 campaign
2011-08-09 13:53
When is it coming out?
2011-08-09 13:15
Zeus | 
Other Chuckeee 
This month or the next i think.
2011-08-09 14:02
markeloff's mouse when avilable. or DA/EC2
2011-08-09 00:54
Difference between EC2 and EC1?
2011-08-09 13:16
EC1 more like 3.0 EC2 more like 1.1 with that being said EC2 is smaller and EC1 is bigger.
2011-08-09 13:18
Nothing else that is different between them?
2011-08-09 13:19
from what i know its only size :P
2011-08-09 13:21
Ok, thanks :)
2011-08-09 13:24
Italy </3 
Why? Because markeloff used it?
2011-08-09 15:06
Because it's a steelseries product, and taking into account that markeloff used it and not grubby, it's made for FPS games, so why not?
2011-08-09 16:00
Italy </3 
It was a test.
2011-08-09 16:07
2011-08-09 01:00
Portugal muni 
2011-08-09 01:10
Vietnam VarreT 
2011-08-09 07:45
Portugal muni 
Kinzu Of Course, for me better than Xai
2011-08-09 01:11
you guys gotta be kiding, KINZU? I have one and I'm disapointed... lot of bugs
2011-08-09 01:23
Portugal muni 
BUGS??? Where Download is Setup on SS site and put a good configs to kinzu like nothing configs but edited to ur style and u will see
2011-08-09 03:37
Positive acceleration bug... To work properly, you need to do the "double CPI trick" in all profiles. Isn't that bugged for you? Plus, if I buy a gamer mouse, I don't want to install drivers and all that crap stuff...
2011-08-09 05:36
+1 Kinzu sucks big time. People only pretend to like it because players like f0rest and gtr have to play with ss mice. Only fanboys like Kinzu.
2011-08-09 13:46
If I have kinzu so I'm fanboy... Ok...
2011-08-09 20:13
I dont think they made any today. But you could try mx518, im using it and its quite good. Or you could wait for the made by gamers thing from steelseries :D
2011-08-09 01:31
Lol. The best mouse that has been made 'til today.
2011-08-09 13:16
there is difference between best mouse made today best mouse made till date he answered mouse made today
2011-08-09 14:53
Yeah I know. I tried to edit the name of the topic but I couldn't. I just replied to him what I meant.
2011-08-09 15:10
I know what u meant, it was just for fun :) Also if you read my whole post you see that I anwsered you aswell :p
2011-08-09 15:34
Hehe. I know, I already tried MX518, I didn't like it so much since it didn't fit my hand. Thanks for helping anyway! =)
2011-08-09 15:38
Argentina wamu 
microsoft intell 3.0, is the BETTER :D:D:D
2011-08-09 01:33
bad scroll but really good mouse
2011-08-09 01:47
Denmark Wich 
that is rly not a problem to solv, easy to fix and/or avoid
2011-08-09 09:46
how to fix!
2011-08-09 14:39
i made a blog about it some time ago
2011-08-09 15:31
is it possible to replace the scroll? kinda like that ime3.0 but its scroll just turned me off
2011-08-09 17:51
i dont know what your tring to say to me.... you want to replace the scroll?.... with what? a new one?... just follow the video to see where to put the piece of paiper... its very easy...
2011-08-09 19:37
you mean best?
2011-08-09 02:58
zowie 1.1 or xai ruse
2011-08-09 02:40
lol I have both and they are far from deathadder and EC2...
2011-08-09 02:45
Difference between EC1 and EC2?
2011-08-09 13:17
The size. The EC1 is the size of an 3.0, and the EC2 is slightly smaller than a Deathadder.
2011-08-09 15:34
Ok, ty.:)
2011-08-09 15:36
now I have DA and imo its worst than IE mouses in aiming but other things are better like no bugs, quality etc...
2011-08-09 17:59
razer imperator !!
2011-08-09 02:45
2011-08-09 02:59
Other Mortal_Wombat 
original WMO - since year 2000!
2011-08-09 02:59
Other Mortal_Wombat 
oh and its 5$, value/price its unrivaled 11+years, quake pros still use it, they have better pure aim than average cs players.
2011-08-09 06:27
pffff, 1.1a ofc
2011-08-09 03:01
Ukraine gungrave 
2011-08-09 03:02
buy kinzu the best mouse
2011-08-09 03:13
Denmark Saiya_7 
ec1 and ikari (if you are right hand) very good mice
2011-08-09 05:40
Canada kapp 
I own a Xai and I would honestly recommend you stay away. For the price it has too many issues and frankly I prefer my mx518 even after using the Xai for 6 months. Just my two cents.
2011-08-09 06:15
i have started hearing negative reviews/comments..its scaring , i was thinking of buying it..what a disappointment :-(
2011-08-09 07:38
2011-08-09 07:51
1.1, 3.0, 518
2011-08-09 09:26
buy insider ie 1.1a :D
2011-08-09 09:31
I just ordered me a krait.. good times -i like that mouse alot few years ago
2011-08-09 09:39
Turkey Avoe 
Zowie IntelliMouse Microsoft 1.1a and SteelSeries Kinzu White Special Edition =))
2011-08-09 09:41
Started with a deathadder and couldn't change even if I tried the 3.0. I'm pretty satisfied with it. I had to buy an another one though cause the first one was pretty fucked up after 2 years.
2011-08-09 09:44
steelseries kinzu ofc ..
2011-08-09 10:13
2011-08-09 10:46
zowie 1.1 steelseries xai and steelseries kinzu
2011-08-09 10:50
2011-08-09 12:06
France MAo. 
intelli 3.0 if you are right-handed with a big hand or intelli 1.1 if you are left or right handed with a small hand :)
2011-08-09 12:19
2011-08-09 12:28
2011-08-09 12:33
Buy Xai again it's great, kinzu is great too, but if you want some older pick inteli 1.1 ot 3.0. Razer mice are very precise but their shapes are terible, deathadder is the best from razer. I didnt try zowie mice, but i guess ther are good.
2011-08-09 13:04
Portugal odr@ 
lidda you disappoint me with that qusstion.... :|
2011-08-09 13:08
2011-08-09 13:19
Portugal odr@ 
I thought you were a good member of the community with your blogs an such, this kind of "questions", imo, it's a noob question, because I think you know that this is a PREFERENCE question/answer and it's not the first thread made. and, obviously, people will list almost all the "good" mices, which supposedly will not help, if you were looking for "help" and not a thread with many posts. :| you've gone to the dark side
2011-08-09 13:44
Yeah, maybe you're right, maybe it is a noob question, because I know nothing about gaming stuff. I've read so many reviews about different mices and I wanted to know what the HLTV Community thought about which mouse is the best so I could check them/it out. I don't know which mouse fits me the best because when I bought the MX518 I thought: "Damn, this one fits me good.", and after some weeks it didn't fit me well, at all, I couldn't move the mouse. That's why I want different suggestions so I can pick one that will fit me well and that will make me satisfied. I will list which mices have been named the most and try them out. My intentions were not to get a thread with many posts, I really need help to pick a mouse.. Have fun mate.
2011-08-09 15:14
the best way it's to try them "I use deathadder because it's big, beautiful and suits my hand" Where did my information help you? But I will help you, at least with razer mices, go there: read the information (you have like 6 more pages with information). At least you will know what razer mices maybe fit you (if you try them) PS:razer mices are indeed the most beautiful(imo) :D
2011-08-09 15:32
That's the problem. I tried MX518 and got fukked because I tried it and it wasn't as good as everyone told me. I don't wanna make the same mistake again like I did with my MX518, I gave money for nothing. Btw, don't wanna buy any Razer mouse but thanks for helping :) They are very beautiful but I'm not looking for anything that is looking good :p
2011-08-09 15:36 already know that you don't want a razer mice and a mx518 what's left roccat zowie microsfot steelseries(if you liked your xai, buy a new one or a similar one)
2011-08-09 16:12
Do you know any good mices from ROCCAT?
2011-08-09 16:58
again, try themi ad you will fid out if you like it or not...what can be good for me can be bad for you. No, I never tried roccat mices
2011-08-10 02:24
MX518 rox...
2011-08-09 13:35
2011-08-09 13:40
Dont buy Ikari laser trust me shape is perfect but hardware is crap died twice after 3 months -.-
2011-08-09 13:44
Razer DeathAdder
2011-08-09 13:46
World VN 
intelli 1.1 or 3.0
2011-08-09 13:48
Sorry mate, but this thread has been deleted. :o
2011-08-09 13:58
2011-08-09 14:02
2011-08-09 14:03
Razer Deathadder "Respawn" 3500 DPi infrared
2011-08-09 14:07
Razer Deathadder 3500 DPi or xai
2011-08-09 14:08
Europe Blaw 
Intelli 3.0
2011-08-09 14:11
x7 ofc
2011-08-09 14:13
DeathAdder ftw. Using it for 3 years now.
2011-08-09 15:08
MX518 or Ikari Optical! :D
2011-08-09 16:17
the new zowie ec1-2
2011-08-09 17:09
I have ikari optical more than 3 years...great mouse! :)
2011-08-09 18:02
Guys COme back 1.1 A steel alive ;)
2011-08-09 18:11
2011-08-09 18:20
Man, i've read the hole topic and let me tell you something, i have a xai now and i just loveit but before i buy it i had a DA and 2weeks after it broke the mouse was death the sensor stoped working, still i dont say that it sucks becouse this maybe is a 1 in a million situation... Still 4 me xai makes me feel more comfortable but this is purely preference. One more thing, why buy a mouse that is 10yo? I dont get it...
2011-08-09 18:36
Which mouse is 10yo?
2011-08-09 21:01
3.0 Dunno know the exact date but has got to be closed... Anyway is just my opinion ;)
2011-08-11 01:11
Intelli 3.0
2011-08-09 18:43
Xai and Kinzu china its fucking bad maybe razer
2011-08-09 19:44
tbh i still prefer my 1.1ss its sensor is solid, i find EC1/2 sensor is VERY unstable if you check its hz out when doing a circle itll go from 600-1200hz :<, on 1.1/3.0 sensor itll be solid 500(when overclocked to 500) xD
2011-08-09 20:14
2011-08-09 20:56
2011-08-09 21:19
2011-08-09 21:28
2011-08-11 01:16
2011-08-11 01:50
2011-08-11 01:51
mx 518 or inteli 3.0, 1.1
2011-08-11 02:25
2011-08-11 02:38
XeqtR | 
Hong Kong wqnxy1 
i had used deathadder ~5 years in a row; just a few monthes ago i bought abyssus and think it's brilliant mouse (imo)
2011-08-12 15:53
Turkey Syv 
steelseries sensei
2011-08-12 16:09
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