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Shox what?
ScreaM | 
Dominican Republic casxd 
2015-07-04 06:17
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He knew he was there i do it all the time in mm when i know where someone is. the casters even say it before he gets shit on
2015-07-04 06:18
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ScreaM | 
Dominican Republic casxd
The mouse movement doesn't even look remotely natural. It triggers on top of Shroud's head (who is crouched btw), wiggles back and forth, and then jerks on top of another CT on the other side of the map, pulls back to Shroud. doesnt matter if the he hear from the caster that shroud was in there but that trigger so obvious
2015-07-04 06:23
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really good analysis. I agree completely that this was completely an aim assist. People are so fucking naive to believe that cheats are not present in the pro community (inb4 YOU CANT CHEAT ON LAN) Yes you can you dense motherfuckers
2015-07-04 06:54
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2015-07-04 07:12
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"HES NOT CHEATING" how do you know? So far there's only evidence pointing more towards the fact that he's cheating. So what's your counter argument? "HES NOT CHEATING" is not an argument. Please explain why you think he's not cheating and give a good analysis
2015-07-04 07:15
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Shox cheating 8]
2015-07-04 07:23
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French Source player isnt that the cheater starter pack?
2015-07-04 14:36
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+1 good one :)
2015-07-05 00:59
You can't provide evidence that he isn't cheating because if he isn't cheating no evidence of anything springs forth. It's not that you should think he isn't cheating, it's that you shouldn't think that he is. That's a concept that's hard for a lot of people to understand. There is little reason to believe that he is cheating, and definitely not enough to affirm that he is. Therefore, you shouldn't believe that he's cheating. If this starts happening all the time, your accusation would have more credibility.
2015-07-04 07:58
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2015-07-04 09:45
2015-07-04 23:32
thank you
2015-07-05 01:25
nt philosophy major get a real degree
2015-07-08 22:11
didnt know muricans are this stupid. lmfao stop embarrasing yourself you dumb silver
2015-07-04 09:59
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Im global and exactly what rank are you? Probably some shitty dmg who thinks hes experienced
2015-07-04 23:01
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xDDDD even some of my irl friends are now global while being double ak all the time. 1 year ago global meant to play against known players while now it means to bash bots like you.
2015-07-04 23:10
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global never meant anything nor will it ever
2015-07-28 05:29
go fuck yourself
2015-07-04 14:33
you fucking american, Cloud9 and all of your teams even if they cheat they will suck ball at the end of the tournament, this is for first time that their so far in the tournament and the reason is pure luck about BO1 games in the group stages, shox is not hacking, flusha is not hacking those guys are not hacking, talk about your thrower americans there. no ones cheating its just a random thing happened that is not called CHEATING!!!!!!!!
2015-07-04 10:15
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dont be so rude, santa clause wont bring you presents at christmas, he exists rly
2015-07-05 01:04
Luck ? luck doesn't matter if you beats top 3 team with 2-0 and almost beats top 1 team in 2 of the maps. So stop barking without any knowledge you dumbass from a Country whose flag i don't even recognise.
2015-07-08 21:17
why did I think "even if they cheat they will suck ball at the end of the tournament" was so funny
2015-07-28 05:41
ive already tried using that argument this guy is adamant. this is why hltv hates na
2015-07-04 23:05
you're accusing a legend of csgo of hacking on lan? real smart
2015-07-04 07:14
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LOL.... you truly are retarded if you think that just because he's a veteran doesn't mean he can't cheat. Wow, you are so naive kid.
2015-07-04 07:16
9 replies So where is the hole in their anti-cheat meassures?
2015-07-04 07:21
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Read what ChrisJ wrote.... Also dupreeh commented on another hltv post supporting what ChrisJ wrote about the firmware that could easily be brought in and be completely undetectable. These are people who PLAY at these tournaments by the way. Don't think that there's supervision over the players at all times, because there isn't. There's so many videos of players with their cell phones on their desks that are "forbidden" as well. Please use your head
2015-07-04 07:43
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i remember Pasha and Neo playing on Titans HS only to warm up. (it was before one of their matches @ katowice i dont remember exactly wich one it was. They wasnt rly good i mean nothing special tbh. But then Both of them (i was spectating them for like 60mins) just started to land insane shots their aiming was completely different then before. The funny thing is, both started with this in the same minute and kept on going till theyve left.... kd from 1.2 to 3 or something like that. It looked rly rly scatchy.
2015-07-04 09:45
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2015-07-04 10:14
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u dont belive me? thats sad
2015-07-04 10:24
:D No way. Man. Just please. Do not do any more damage to yourself.
2015-07-05 01:11
that was katowice.. i saw seangares with his cell phone after the match. nice try though
2015-07-04 14:37
my na brother we won the day dont spoil things by being retard and accusing shox of cheating
2015-07-04 08:47
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Its blatant, stop being retarded
2015-07-04 09:07
maybe he was showing one of his teammates where he was. like the guy next to him so he could know exactly his position. i think it was smithz. but he could of just called the position i dont know i dont care
2015-07-04 10:06
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bullshit. No teammate close. 2upper 2xbox 1longdoors why would he do this and risk getting pushed? basically u use voicechat and keep holding the angle xD
2015-07-04 10:26
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dude, on his screen. he showed where he was on his screen
2015-07-04 10:37
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no dead teammates
2015-07-05 00:24
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Denmark Remoyy
What the fuck are you talking about you dumb fuck He is showing it on his own monitor, they are sitting next to each other....
2015-07-05 01:38
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shroud made 0 noise on way to know
2015-07-28 05:31
maybe he wanted to show the viewers? dumb
2015-07-05 01:21
:D D: :D You mister just killed it. No hes not cheating, but obviously, you took the bait. gj!
2015-07-04 10:26
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im not sure that i took the bait. apparently posting my own opinion is "taking the bait" :D D: :D
2015-07-04 10:38
sad but true, trigger is real.
2015-07-04 09:29
2015-07-04 09:35
dont want to be rude or something. But looks like u guys from NA only complaining :/ sorry
2015-07-04 09:56
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Yeah I know they make us look bad just ignore them plz :P
2015-07-08 20:48
made me lol
2015-07-04 10:46
Watched that in slow motion and it doesn't trigger straight on Shroud's head or to that ct on the other side of the map...
2015-07-04 23:12
Even if the mouse movement isn't natural, that doesn't mean anything. Players can do dumb things once in a while ingame. During ESWC final, Happy totally stopped playing for like 10 seconds once and he got killed. Players aren't robot, they make mistakes and sometimes make things that doesn't make sense.
2015-07-05 01:48
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<3 EnVyUs
2015-07-05 02:21
Totally the behaviour of an aimbot Kappa
2015-08-04 16:39
2015-07-04 06:20
+ he was giving the info about 1 guy in this location
2015-07-04 06:21
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ScreaM | 
Dominican Republic casxd
but he aim right in his head like a trigger-aimlock like wtf bro
2015-07-04 06:24
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You're the reason there should be a fucking age restriction and IQ-test before you can register on hltv
2015-07-04 06:30
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You're the reason retards are considered less than normal people.
2015-07-04 09:40
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You care to back that statement and explain why I'm retarded? Or are you just spitting out random words?
2015-07-04 14:06
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Can you back your statement up about him being under a certain age? Or are you just spitting out random words
2015-07-04 23:23
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I'm pretty much spitting. Care to answer me question with an answer instead of a question now?
2015-07-05 00:20
United States GeT_ReiCh
m8 already tried rushing shox before, probably talking shit with his frenchies friends
2015-07-04 06:31
The fact that he lost the 1v1 and had a terrible game proves that he doesnt cheat, and its a lan, with 250k at stake ...
2015-07-04 06:46
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You mean like how flusha lost the 1 v 1 on dust2 after he aimlocked and shot through an impenetrable box onto the player on A ramp? Normally people who are playing bad need cheats, that's the whole point. Of course he wasn't trying to be blatant about it, and it was clearly an aimkey misclick, seeing as it locked onto the player across the map first, then onto shroud's crouching model. And it's possible to cheat on lan, don't be so fucking naive
2015-07-04 06:57
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for the sake of human decency im going to hope you are trolling
2015-07-04 07:00
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So you can't provide a counter-argument so all you can say is that im trolling huh? You are so naive to believe that the pro community isn't littered with cheats. French and German players are notorious for cheating in cs history, it's not a stretch of the imagination that shoxie is cheating
2015-07-04 07:07
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You didn't even provide an argument to begin with. All you said was "he locked onto the player". Great argument 10/10.
2015-07-04 07:17
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He locked onto two players consecutively, one across the map and one through double doors (shroud) Both of which the models were at different angles than he was holding. We can clearly see his crosshair move upwards first onto the player across the map, then a fast downward snap onto shroud's hitbox that's crouching way below headshot level that players normally hold. This is beyond unnatural behavior and resembles a 3rd party aim assist at work. His behavior that follows the aimlock shows him swing his crosshair quickly away from shroud's model in a VERY uncontrolled manner, as if it was a panic reaction. This is more than evident of some sort of unnatural aim assist at work
2015-07-04 07:24
2 replies And about this one, it was the last round, he knew he was here, and there arent more than 2 or 3 clips like this one out from shox, its 1 or 2 play on thousands Edit: lots of ppl say that novas and silvers think flusha cheats, but 1 of the best player thinks it too ..
2015-07-04 07:55
Well its ur opinion to think that hes cheating, be he's innocent until proven guilty. There are guys much better than you and i and nearly 99% of this community at valve that can analyse those clips and conclude things. He's innocent until proven guilty. Concerning shox, he firstly gave info before shroud's push, and when shroud killed him, he didnt have a surprise intonation, he just went "One ga, he offed. He's going back" as if he already knew he was there. Considering that, its very hard to judge his possible "aimlock".
2015-07-04 23:43
because shroud pushed. and he maybe paniced and stopped clicking the button and became inconsistent.
2015-07-05 01:24
how many times you think you've aimed straight at a guys head without knowing? like across the map or something? maybe he just got "lucky" and aimed straight at his head dude.
2015-07-04 10:10
Freya | 
Turkey Keepo
2015-07-04 06:24
It's strange. Maybe trying to regain attention by waking himself up. Unfortunately it backfired.
2015-07-04 06:26
people and their stupid theories, he was just playing with the mouse, and they are pros, the're cross-hairs are not aiming at the floor but and the HS angle, stop with the stupid crap like this and go learn to play.
2015-07-04 06:27
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and they are pros what about KQLY? he wasnt a pro too? and every1knows what happens next :) btw im not accusing shox of a cheater but that look really weird.
2015-07-04 06:29
he aimlocks to the player across the map first, which was ABOVE headshot level, then onto shroud's model that's crouching, BELOW headshot level. You need to rethink what you wrote and learn to analyse better
2015-07-04 06:59
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how can u aimlock on ur teammate? :D are u fucking retarded? he aimed on shroud, cuz shroud stepped, then he just normally aimed at the exit from tunnel because its normal that someone will peek from there, nothing special, even commentators said that he know that shroud is there, there is nothing blatant on this clip.
2015-07-04 10:11
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you're calling me retarded when you think he aimlocked onto his teammate? Are you fucking retarded? He aimlocked onto 2 CT's while he was T. Am I arguing with a 10 year old? lmfao
2015-07-28 04:53
silver noob
2015-07-04 06:28
deez hax
2015-07-04 06:28
but when flusha does it, its triggerbot on LAN right guys?
2015-07-04 06:30
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+1 if this was flusha the entire hltv will go craaaazyyyy
2015-07-04 06:39
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flusha did do that actually, he was trolling all the dumb witch hunters...
2015-07-04 06:44
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Not even remotely close, use ur eyes m8 :P
2015-07-04 08:55
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and how is that? That was atleast the third round in a row shroud pushed long, the round before that shox killed him so it was an easy guess that shroud was coming... if you're implying that shox was hacking then please explain why this was statistically one of his worst lan perfomances to date? I'm curious as to how this isn't 'even remotely close'.
2015-07-05 01:41
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Because he is a fnatic fanbot KappaPride
2015-08-04 16:42
Trying to show how innocent he is doesn't mean shit, since he already proven he cheated - inferno short double kill humanly impossible to do, since he reacted to the last guy in 0.01sec, did a unrealistic flick on him as well. I don't know how ignorant people could be to not believe he cheateded/cheats
2015-07-04 09:15
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where in my post did i say flusha never cheated, could you answer me that?
2015-07-05 01:38
Not sure what that was, it's like he knew shroud was there and was going to molly him out but as soon as shroud starting moving out of the door he quickly tried to get his rifle back out...
2015-07-04 06:37
flusha did not cheat, shox did not cheat... WTF is all this hatred about...Can you not just enjoy good esports nowadays without trying to find stupid things
2015-07-04 07:28
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flusha was cheating for sure, before whole witch hunt after kqly/sf bans started :) now he's clear but there are still clips with weird aimlocks/shoots from flusha :) + he's playing much worse than he was before DHW 2014 :)
2015-07-04 10:14
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Yeah, because an entire community out for your blood wouldn't be crushing at all or anything and affect, of course not. Maybe you should try it. Try doing your job while all your colleagues are flaming and insulting you for what you're supposedly doing wrong. If you have a job, that is..... You fucking retards. Innocent until PROVEN guilty, and so far there wasn't any proof...only .gifs made by jealous idiots, stuck together from opportune clips. If you don't like that concept, go somewhere where it isn't an integral part of society, preferably somewhere without internet, so we don't have to read your mental diarrhea.
2015-07-05 00:36
Really suspicious. He even switches his weapon twice which MAY BE because he got confused due to the new intel he got from triggerbot.
2015-07-04 07:29
i love how you say he 'locks' both on 2 players. he doesn't lock onto shroud at all before he spazzes out and doesn't even come close to the player across the map. i advise you to look at flushas vids again. you'll notice how he pretty much never actually locks onto a target.
2015-07-04 07:31
If you're not trolling then immediately find a new game to play dummy
2015-07-04 07:47
What if that were flusha guys. Damn the shitstorm would be real!
2015-07-04 07:47
People in here are so hilarious. All of the people that use now KQLY as an example had no fucking idea he cheated in the first place. None. Neither did the pro players who all said KQLY was one of the most promising players in the scene. Now that he got banned they jump the gun on everything they see that's not supposed to be "natural". Well you're full of shit because you have no idea about anything. You're just accusing people randomly based on a certain action that looks dodgy in your mind. You actually think people like flusha and shox will use CHEATS that LOCK onto people through walls? Are you dense? The only possible cheats that could fly are the silent aimbots that increase your hs rate with 10% for example. And that's because that shit is basically undetectable for the ordinary eye and pros have a good enough aim to cover any little spike like that.
2015-07-04 08:06
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actually scream and many french (sub)pros thought that he was cheating
2015-07-04 23:16
Its clear to see he is just taunting whoever is watching... The movement is like: "I know you're there, now push forward!!" (The flick to the left) Wtf are you all on about.. A bunch of silvers is what you are
2015-07-04 08:07
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shroud probably pushed long doors in a previous round or shox knows that he has this tendency so is basically taunting him and that is an "aimlock" on the head through a wall, an obvious cheat by the cheat specialists in here LMAO
2015-07-04 08:12
No, his movement is just clumsy, not natural at all wtf
2015-07-04 08:57
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man, shroud stepped in tunnel, watch the model, shox heard this and aimed on shroud, then he aimed at the exit, wasn't specially precise cuz he was nervous as fuck but still.
2015-07-04 10:15
Exactly. What can you expect from hltv though...
2015-07-09 15:36
His crosshair doesnt lock onto the enemys head at all. you guys a retarded. just watch the whole round, he knew the ct pushed behind that door. pls deinstall.
2015-07-04 08:36
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Funny how people can take random clips out of context and call people naive when they say anything against them. +1 I know you're German and probably trying to save these hacks before they're caught but you made a good point :P
2015-07-04 09:19
What a trigger Kappa :D
2015-07-04 08:37
no aimlock.
2015-07-04 08:50
hahahahahaha is this thread meant to imply that shox cheats ??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH
2015-07-04 08:53
but he didn't even kill him bad aimlock
2015-07-04 08:56
imagine if flusha is the one that is actually doing this? 700+ comment and people saying "FNACHEAT BAN FLUSHA PLZ"
2015-07-04 09:15
in a round of 12-15 and you are loosing i dont think its the correct time to troll whos with me at this point ?
2015-07-04 09:15
It's so easy to TRIGGER you kids with such situations. He already knew that some1 will push doors and he wanted to look fancy by showing us on stream that he knews that. Problem is that he failed so hard cause he died from that guy who pushed him. That's all.
2015-07-04 09:38
2015-07-04 09:42
If he had aim lock he would of got the kill when shroud came out....
2015-07-04 10:14
fking silver,shut up already
2015-07-04 10:18
As i said, u, forum rats don't even realize how match pro players cheat. Like 30-40%. Deal with it,it's life. + U can't proove shit to get them banned.
2015-07-04 10:39
Doesnt even look remotely dodgy
2015-07-04 10:43
shakey aim no big deal
2015-07-04 10:50
All you fucking people saying shox is hacking omg. HLTV at its best
2015-07-04 10:58
i can say 100 % he heard from casters and shown us how shitty esl is
2015-07-04 14:35
VAC Kappa
2015-07-04 14:38
2015-07-04 14:47
yeah, he hax on lan, that's why they lost the game lmfao
2015-07-04 14:49
if you look closely when he first locks before shroud and then start shaking the mouse no aimlock
2015-07-04 23:15
no aimlock, no vac, no flusha = clean
2015-07-04 23:16
I sometimes shake my crosshair on the wall, before entering a site as CT, to retake. I ask my teammates: "Is he there (shake left), or is he there (shake right)" because some of them don't know names of every box, on every site, on every map. I have noticed myself shaking my crosshair on enemies before aswell. With his game knowledge, knowing tendencies and timings of other team, he could simply guess an enemy is there (especially if he has heard shroud before around pit area). What worries me more is unnatural movement of his crosshair, like something pulls it with force/magnet:P
2015-07-05 00:44
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if you slow it down to 10% of original, slower than what youtube will do for you, you will see how MAGNETIC it really is. dudes a fuckin cheater
2015-07-05 00:43
inb4 flusha gets a Skype call recorded in which he tells of how sureness is that shox is cheating ;)
2015-07-05 00:46
some french was watching POV on this moment?
2015-07-05 01:11
2 replies
He only said they got the long, one is pit
2015-07-05 01:31
1 reply
2015-07-05 02:33
bad topic. shoxie is not use cheats. delete pls
2015-07-05 01:18
i heard that shoxie borrow CFG from flusha...
2015-07-05 01:37
Its aimlock my friend : )
2015-07-05 01:39
For all the people saying he's aiming at Shroud's head, did you even watch the gif ? We can watch precise frames with gfycat and that proves none bothered to actually check the gif properly. Nowhere close to the head ahah
2015-07-05 01:53
2 replies
2015-07-05 02:26
1 reply
It's one or two frames after that. But it's actually Shroud that crouches and place his head into the crosshair. Shox isn't at his head level from the start of his mouse movement.
2015-07-05 03:11
Netherlands EJVN
and here we go again... some retard finds one fishy thing, makes gif out of it, accuses player of cheating. if i had 1 dollar for each time somebody made this shit i've just described, i would have more money than motar2k. every fucking week i see a thread like this. yes, every pro is hacking then. fucking morons
2015-07-05 02:31
1 reply
I'm actually happy with this accusiation, shoxie was publically saying that he's undoubtly believe flusha was/is cheating. karma is a bitch. HAHAH
2015-07-07 03:51
Hahaha, this is so obvious cheat.. How can people actually believe this is a natural move?
2015-07-07 03:23
8 replies
Germany jonezz
idk right?
2015-07-07 03:32
7 replies
it would have been awesome to know how many pro players who cheats 4 real
2015-07-07 03:35
6 replies
basically, anyone who is still beating fnatic my biggest guesses are nV and TSM. TBH it may be case that none of the top teams are completely clean, except for maybe NiP. It's still so weird to me that they went from 87-0 dominant to completely unable to even qualify for the biggest events. Did the fall of NiP mark the start of the aimlock era of CSGO?
2015-07-08 21:48
5 replies
You make it sound like NiP became shit 1 day to another. They had growing problems in over a year upto their complete downfall...
2015-07-08 22:00
4 replies
Yes but what actually changed, aside from upgrading their fifth to a competent awper?
2015-07-08 22:02
3 replies
A mind can't keep coming up with new ideas, teams simply die out. See it like you playin against an encounter 200 times, eventually you will get a hang of it.
2015-07-08 22:13
2 replies
Sure, but that doesn't change the fact that NiP has two of the most accomplished lan players of all time, and some of the best team chemistry in the game. I'm by no means an NiP fanboy but the explanation that "other teams caught up" just doesn't sit well with me.
2015-07-08 23:54
1 reply
Lol bro, there are so many experienced 1.6'ers, saucers whatever in the game that never made it big like NiP. What about the old ESC lineup, they turned out shit aswell after 6 months in csgo. Look at Zonic, he tried comeback again not so long ago, do you deny his lan experience aswell? What about Spawn who also has over 1,5k hours and PLENTY of real life experience, where is he today? - He also tried with a few teams but never had a big impact. People have their prime periods, forest and get_right have had a long run, and the only way I see them ever getting back to top 1 again is a new IGL and probably 1 more replacement.
2015-07-09 16:00
All I'm saying is, can someone involved in professionally analyzing the game, and not an HLTV troll, give me a solid explanation of what this is. I certainly would like a resource from the EnvyUs team to comment as well. But instead, all I receive are attacks and flames, demands to forget what I saw, statements that I'm not qualified to judge what I saw, and floods of requests to completely ignore and forget about it altogether. In the meantime, I'm just waiting with curiosity to see if anyone else feels a little sketchy about this "event" that occurred and what discussion if any comes of it.
2015-07-08 20:56
3 replies
There is a video on YouTube, for which I unfortunately cannot find the link at the moment (if anyone can provide I would be grateful, it may have been taken down), where someone is basically showing how the "aimlock" hack works. It's a keybind that you press, and when tapped, it glides your crosshair towards the nearest opponent. If you press the key for longer, it eventually locks on, and it doesn't necessarily have to lock onto a head or anything like that. In this video, he uses original footage of himself using the hack on bots, and then compares it to a clip of Flusha on Cache, and it is extremely convincing. It explains the mechanism behind most Flusha aimlock clips, as well as the mechanism behind both Shox's aimlock here, and NBK's little aimlock during the same match against Cloud9. Basically, multiple pros are using this aimkey hack to locate nearby opponents. They press they aimkey while they are already moving their crosshair in a natural, sweeping motion so that it does not look suspicious, but as we can see from clips that have surfaced, sometimes they are not always successful in keeping the aimlock hidden. Furthermore, there was a blog by Deathwatcher a couple days ago that provided a technical explanation for why Shox's crosshair freaked out and looks so weird in the above clip. It has something to do with the way wooden doors are handled by this hack-- they fail the visibility check, which is why Shox's aimbot malfunctions and locks onto Shroud through the door. Notice how it doesn't "unstick" until Shox moves behind the concrete pillar? This is 99% evidence of professional cheating at a major LAN event. It is probably the best evidence the public has ever seen. The clip has been sent to ESEA, ESL, and Valve, so I guess the only thing to do is ignore the trolls/flamers and hope for Vaccening 2.0.
2015-07-08 21:35
2 replies
But if Shox had an aimkey like explained in the guy's video -(Here is link btw: - Why would he keep holding the key when his crosshair went bananas at the doors. He would have slipped the key/macro instantly when its starts to fuck up with the visibility checks. And also why would he have to take out a molotov to turn it off? Shroud pushed long doors 4-5 rounds in a row, two times when the timer was exactly 01:05-01:00 left. At exactly 01:02 shox takes out a molotov and gets at caught with it 01:00. It could be an easy read from shox, atleast I would have considered the time ingame, to get a read on when teams pushes, because its a normal tactical aspect when playin against team. However I do agree that the movement can seem abit inhuman, but I wouldnt justify a ban because of it.
2015-07-09 16:13
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Yeah it's weird, IDK what happened. Maybe the cheat software simply bugged out? Watch this version of the clip. Halfway through it replays the action, slowed down and zoomed in. Notice how Shox's crosshair actually "aimlocks" at all four remaining C9 players? It doesn't lock exactly on their foreheads across the map, but it does stop near them, to the extent that the "Flusha explained" video predicts that it might if the aimkey does indeed work like that. From a technical standpoint, it looks like Shox's aimkey bugs out/gets stuck when he presses it while aiming towards mid. He was planning to just sweep his crosshair to the right in what might be seen as a natural motion, to get a hint of how close Shroud had come, but obviously that didn't go as intended. It stops near the guy at B, then the guy in mid, and then finally it bounces between Shroud and the guy at A before he can unstick it. Shox takes out his molotov because he is panicking about the aimkey bugging out, and that seems to unstick it. I just don't know how anyone can watch the zoomed in clip and the flusha explained clip without coming to the conclusion that pros are indeed cheating at major lan events.
2015-07-28 05:54
that clip is really odd. and no we should NOT go around saying that the scene is 100% clean, because it's not. the prize pools get bigger and bigger, and obviously an insane player like shox who has played for many years MIGHT want an extra edge over the opponents in order to get the win. The players in the pro scenes are among the best, but if you don't win, being among the best is not enough. Or he might just have heard the caster say: "Shroud is in long house" the mouse movement is quite odd though. Just denying it instantly is simply ignorant.
2015-07-08 21:06
what the fuck this is exactly what flusha did before
2015-07-08 21:53
He is shaking his mouse on him because he knows he is there, by common sense.
2015-07-08 22:18
1 reply
The same common sense that tells you not to look at the angle shroud will peak but just look 20 degrees into the wall and make sure you still have that molotov you bought 45 sec ago. HLTV logic doh
2015-07-28 05:13
lol blatant cheater clear aimlock and still he can t kill him, he sucks even with cheat, ffs what happened to this game, even the pros cheat ^^
2015-07-09 00:09
I mean, besides the Hltv riffraff, have there been any real pros that have commented on it and said it was nothing? If not, that makes me thing it's actually a real concern behind closed doors.
2015-07-09 15:30
1 reply
HLTV riffraff: Ofc it's a real concern, there is a large psychological advantage to cheating or even being suspected as anyone who has pugged in MM b4 can attest. When you hear team say "flusha always knows where we are" I personally think he did cheat, but it could be just as likely he goes for "troll moments" like shooting through a wall he can only do 2 points of dmg per hit (the kioshima clip) to keep the suspicion alive because fnatic can use it to scare opponents and take em out of their game.
2015-07-28 05:10
he maybe was boring to wait and did that thing with mouse...just bad timeing i guess
2015-07-09 15:31
u silver noobs hes not cheating zzz
2015-07-28 05:14
Why is it always my fellow countrymen making these stupid as fuck posts about shox
2015-07-28 05:19
United States joke_cs
HUNDEN IS A CSGOD if you read this you are cursed you won't top frag ever again until you copy paste this somewhere on HLTV.
2015-07-28 05:34
Always said Shox was a hacker! He's been hacking for years.
2015-07-28 05:46
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