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How to get a beard? maybe anyone here use some oils of something like this? y'know, all russian must have a beard like a bear, and vodka for sure. p.s. im not kidding, im 17 and i wanna get beard
2015-07-06 03:52
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Korea saddummy 
It only takes one step my ruski friend 1. Don't shave
2015-07-06 03:53
srsly how hard can it be
2015-07-06 03:54
ask Havoc or Edward, they'll tell you
2015-07-06 03:53
shave always
2015-07-06 03:54
Norway Clo^^ 
Minoxidil 5%
2015-07-06 03:57
im really looking for try it, but will it helps in 17 y/o and what can i get after 2 months?
2015-07-06 04:01
2 months? well, probably some improvement, but it gets MUCH better after 4 months or so, at that point you probably will have a full beard.
2015-07-06 05:07
You need to never shave and it depends on your genes.
2015-07-06 03:57
Put ground up cocoa beans on your face
2015-07-06 04:04
People usually say "don't shave" but it makes 0 sense. You need to shave few times, let time go and see if beard starts growing. It's basicly same as hair - if you cut a bit of it once in a while, it starts producing more healthy hair. If it doesn't then your body is not ready to produce any facial hair yet. My first facial hairs started appearing at 16 and I shaved them off instantly and now I'm 18 and have somewhat that looks something like a beard (not a viking kind of, but still cute) It takes time and patience. Take care of your skin, try to keep healthy (healthy food, do sports, go outside) and shave once in a while when your facial hair starts growing. But if you really want facial hair right now cut some from your balls and glue it to your face. Nobody'll notice difference.
2015-07-06 04:07
2015-07-06 04:22
Why do people cut nails? So your body produces new healthy ones instead of ones that have grown. Hair growing works by same idea. I've asked professionals about this many times.
2015-07-06 04:29
No wtf how can dead haircells feel if you cut it? no its only wear and tear that will chew of your nails/hair. Just look at these: how come that their hair grow without them cutting it?
2015-07-06 04:33
They do cut it but tiny bit once a while and then wait for it to grow more than it was before cutting it again. It's as simple as it can be that they do cut their hair so it grows faster.
2015-07-06 12:47
work out / use testo booster (u need more testo in your body)
2015-07-06 04:11
Finland Jiksu 
Working out decreases testosterone levels slightly, that's why some bodybuilders tend to use testosterone in the first place. edit: clarified.
2015-07-06 12:55 pushs the lvl...alcohol, tobacco ect does but not working out (like a normal guy no bb ect) booster are just 4 bodybuilder or other hardxore athletes not 4 ppl to work out to get a good feeling from their work or some sh**
2015-07-06 12:56
Finland Jiksu Seems we both were right. Men with low testosterone levels gain a boost to their testosterone levels from working out, but it doesn't last very long (and gets diminished over time). Working out alot reduces the testosterone levels for some cases.
2015-07-06 13:09
always trust in mister bfrost. he is bigger than pasha!
2015-07-06 13:17
shave it a lot, the next months, then let it grow
2015-07-06 04:12
I can donate you my pubic hair for skins
2015-07-06 04:13
Looking like Dan Bilzerian since 15, shave it will somehow stimulate it's growth.
2015-07-06 04:27
you should probably have somewhat of a beard already at 17, atleast i did. but it looks retarded at that age. wait like 2 years and keep shaving till you're like 18-19 and it starts to look OK.
2015-07-06 04:31
There's no secret recipe. Despite what many people believe, shaving over and over again won't make your hair grow any stronger (except for the first few shavings of your life). We're not equal regarding beard, some people have a lot, some people have some, some people have none. If you have none, it's likely to be that way all your life, and my best advice would be to accept it and let it go. There are ways to build a beard via hair transplant, but it costs quite a bit of money. The growth of beard is linked to the production of testosterone in your body, but also to your DNA, so making a testosterone injection once a day won't change your smooth-chinned skin in a furry forest. Besides, there are ways to increase the amount of testosterone by selecting your food accordingly and maintaining a fit body, which is much safer ^^. Also, someone's beard can change up to his 40-50s, sometimes even after that. If you don't have enough beard right now, it doesn't mean it'll always be the case (but it could). Another thing to point out is to have PATIENCE. A correct beard takes time, and it won't look always pretty when it's growing. If you give up and cut it every time you don't like your face in the mirror, you won't grow anything and will just decide that your beard is ugly anyway, even though you could have had a glorious full beard if you had waited longer. For a standard beard, it takes at least 3-4 months, depending on individuals. It can take up to 6 months if you have weak parts or only 2 months if you have it really thick. If you have holes in your beard, they may be filled over time (some may never be filled though). There are some medicines which can help the growth of facial hair like minoxidil, but I don't advise using such things: for most people the progress made stops and regresses as soon as the treatment stops, and it can come with disturbing side effects. If you have enough money, I strongly suggest going to a good barber, he/she will be able to help you find what kind of beard you can build and how long it will take. He/she will also be able to make your beard look much better than its natural state. In the end, the best course of action (in my opinion) is to learn to accept your image as it is and do the most with it. Protect your body from stupid things like hormone injections and stuff like that, it will thank you later. Good luck.
2015-07-06 04:37
just dont shave, easy as that
2015-07-06 12:57
Russia art7 
just delete system 32
2015-07-06 13:16
edward bear good but not best (havoc bestest)
2015-07-06 13:16
Have sex with farmyard animals. This is proven by science.
2015-07-06 13:17
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