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Girls in CS:GO
United Kingdom rhyho 
For the first time during my 750 hours on CS I finally met a female player and it was in a LEM / SMFC match. Is it really this rare to find a female player near the higher ranks?
2015-07-07 00:06
i found a rare pepe once
2015-07-07 00:09
Aleksib | 
Bangladesh 696969 
2015-07-07 00:50
girls are "worse" because they dont got the reaction time as we male players got
2015-07-07 00:10
omg old are you?? you really believe this shit? so sad..
2015-07-07 00:17
sry thats just my opinon. didnt knew it was wrong
2015-07-07 00:20
France JPK_ 
2015-07-07 00:24
maybe he is , that's why zaaz is one of the most insane cs player ever ... she can keep up with any of the male pros like get right and stuff
2015-07-07 00:25
lol, shes not even close to the same level as the top males
2015-07-07 00:28
actually she did win vs various pros years ago in 1v1s , she is really good. at least she was , havent seen her play for a while now.
2015-07-07 00:30
1v1s doesn't mean anything, its 50% getting a good spawn. The only real way to see if they are better or not is to pit the best male team against the best female team, and ClutchCon was a slaughter.
2015-07-07 00:51
well if you put them against each other you will have the team results not for example zaaz and get right abilities !
2015-07-10 00:09
I met her in a DM, she's good but not as great as comments above.
2015-07-07 01:00
Dude she is okay but not rly that good compared to the male scene. Even I won against them ( on lan ).
2015-07-07 01:15
played against here in a pracc, she is good but you are right, nowhere close to getright, olofm etc
2015-07-07 14:43
France JPK_ 
zaaz participated in the balkan showmatch between pros and was easily the last one on the server by far
2015-07-07 00:55
well, there is always some exceptions.
2015-07-07 06:29
Sweden klvmeister 
what a joke...
2015-07-09 07:47
that is your only proof? you really have to stop believing everthing only based on one little thing.. I want to see REAL proof etc.. not only text with 200 words saying "oh ye we did this and so yeah..that well it must be 100% correct" but well..go ahead and believe it..
2015-07-07 00:30
France JPK_ 
It is a study, what kind of proof are you expecting ??
2015-07-07 00:36
a good one and not only one
2015-07-07 00:38
Okay but you don't have any proof, I'd say Colorado Boulder is more reliable than "AngelShinta" from the forums
2015-07-07 00:49
2015-07-07 01:16
Honestly, that study is decent and supports one side of the argument. Meanwhile no one who says otherwise can provide a study that proves their point. Nuff said.
2015-07-07 01:36
Stop the bullshit. Where are korean teams like WeMadeFox destroying everyone?
2015-07-07 15:58
What does that have to do with anything?..
2015-07-07 22:10
pretty much n0thing. I just wanted to know about korean scene since you guys used to be really wild back in WeMadeFox days. 축하합니다
2015-07-07 22:26
France JPK_ 
What is a good proof if not a study coming from people dedicated to it ?
2015-07-07 00:51
it is true and this isnt the only study that says the same. The fact that men have faster reflexes is based upon decades of studies, im not sexist or anything... it is just facts :/
2015-07-07 00:57
United Kingdom rhyho 
she probably wants statistics not just words saying something that might not be proven
2015-07-07 00:39
France JPK_ 
Read then, there are numbers in it if thats what you are looking for.
2015-07-07 00:50
United Kingdom rhyho 
numbers that are actually correct or just estimates?
2015-07-07 00:52
France JPK_ 
Lol just read dude, these are values they measured. You ask for prooves and then you dont even bother reading and keep arguing...
2015-07-07 00:55
okay one example: you ever watched a female football match? never noticed how retarded they look while playing football?
2015-07-07 00:39
United Kingdom rhyho 
Thats a bit sexist. Just because they have boobs that jiggle while running doesnt make them look retarded.
2015-07-07 00:44
the whole movement is strange
2015-07-07 00:52
United Kingdom rhyho 
2015-07-07 00:53
Yeah this is actually true. It's the same as when they kick a ball it's like a male using their weaker foot (whilst not being good with both), there's just awkwardness. They might generate power and some accuracy, but the whole technique isn't there.
2015-07-07 15:56
lol pretty sure its just like a first year eeb course and this study is just by some random university students xD fail .. this doesnt prove anything edit: i guess im replying to other guy, not u
2015-07-07 01:09
holy fck u believe this highschool nooname test?
2015-07-09 08:54
there are 10 others and they all say the same
2015-07-09 11:12
girls are just not meant to compete , they do things for fun while we men try to be the winners in everything
2015-07-07 00:44
United Kingdom rhyho 
Men have different egos to girls. Men are just competitive in more things. Girls can also be competitive but its mainly in other sports.
2015-07-07 00:46
"girls are just not meant to compete" just lol... where do you guys get this stuff??
2015-07-07 00:50
well if you look at any sport , guys dominate everything theres only that rare ocasion that a girl achieves smth in sports , like look at basketball , put a girls team vs a guys team , girls will probably get 100-10'd or smth like that , same in cs and e.g in school tests , girls will usually be the ones who got average scores , while guys will be the ones who got the lowest and the highest scores, that just means that girls are all pretty consistant at what they do but they almost never get below or above their 'zone'
2015-07-07 00:58
Poland Madziula 
Comparing physical sports is pointless because of different anatomy, strength. As for the brain power.. there is no difference.
2015-07-07 01:47
and you know why? because sport was a men thing for many years... it's not like today..women couldn't just make a team and do that sport. Men didn't like the women who tried to do the same sport as them and they didn't even had a chance to compete because they weren't allowed. Women WERE meant to be wifes who take care of the kids ..and not ppl who do sport. Even today if you look at sport women are mostly overlooked.. I know many men won't watch women because of the "pride" thing.. the caveman still of thinking.. "women aren't meant for sport etc..they are meant to be at dinner.."it's not a real sport if women do it etc" " e.g in school tests , girls will usually be the ones who got average scores , while guys will be the ones who got the lowest and the highest scores, that just means that girls are all pretty consistant at what they do but they almost never get below or above their 'zone'" where did you get that from?? that is so not has nothing to do with gender..(ATLEAST NOWDAYS!) that statement could come from the 50s...and would be somewhat true..because like I said.. women were only there to have kids etc.. BUT IT'S 2015! stop thinking like a caveman.. there aren't that many women in sports as man because there are still ppl like you that think that way.. eventhough it's not true.. and that is sad. as a woman in any sport it is extremly hard to be respected by "man society" most man dislike women who do sport and or lable them as being lesbian / butch / whatever ... when they are better than man or as good as them because man can't handle it.. (like I said's a pride thing)
2015-07-07 02:30
Ignore these idiots and trolls. Girls = guys if you put your mind to it!!! :D
2015-07-07 02:34
2015-07-07 02:34
"Girls = guys" in this society yes, naturally.. not
2015-07-07 13:49
I agree with almost everything you said, but it still is true that men are usually the worst and the best in a given field. Women are now better than men on average in seemingly almost EVERYTHING measurable, but the top .001% of all these fields tend to be men for some reason, as well as all the worst.
2015-07-07 08:27
Flying straight to the fact that men are by NATURE physically more envolved than woman. Faster, Stronger. You can put any excuses you want, yes it is true that woman were marginalized in pretty much everything, but in sports it is just a fact that woman are inferior. It is not sexist, it is just a fact. Regarding education well saying woman are inferior is just pure bullshit, no studies support that opinion and from where I come from usually woman have better results than men in school.
2015-07-07 13:15
You think that mens are stronger etc, but womens smarter right ?
2015-07-07 13:53
Did I say that? :S I'm saying they are equal in terms of intelligence, contrary to what people are saying.
2015-07-07 15:34
no you didnt say that, thats why im asking, theres a "?" at the end of my sentence, so its question Mr.Retard. and you cant know if we are equal in terms of intelligence, theres different kind of intelligence, like communication, etc. Women are good to mimic, they are better than men at learning things, thats why they are better at school. Womens are "followers" they follow the path that the MAN is making. Man are the most intelligent, and idiot at the same time, while female are irregular Womens are better in : communication, language and other things that are made to make us "closer" Mens are better in reflexion, conceptualization, .....
2015-07-07 16:38
Yeah, before the "?" there was a right, so its safe to assume you are actually confirming something rather than asking. Also, I think you have a very wrong definition of intelligence on woman, a bit ignorant if I might say. The way you define both intelligence for both genders is without any actual evidence but rather you are stating your observations which are completly biased. Especially today, woman are leading in a lot of fields and some are in a position of power with man following them, your comment is a rather sexist way of defining intelligence on both genders without any actual logic behind of what you are saying, well maybe in mediavel era that would be logical. But, nowadays? not a chance. Also, in terms of IQ points, which reflects the intelligence you are giving to men, woman are similar to men. Some are genious some are not. Also, you understood what I said, but you reformed your question in order to make a point which I wasnt even contesting. So dont claim innocence on that one, when you understood what I said but you wanted to force a reply.
2015-07-07 19:52
smooya | 
United Kingdom azrl 
All female sports are starting to get more and more popular, which in my opinion is a good thing! The female football World Cup got a lot of press this year. It's nice to see that slowly things are changing and people are starting to realize that there's no reason why women can't compete. Ignore what most of the people on hltv say as the vast majority of them are attention seeking kids.
2015-07-07 16:02
that's true :)
2015-07-07 20:18
do u agree that girls in fighting sports its fine too ? female football/soccer/hockey boring as hell but others sports its fine for girls
2015-07-09 11:04
I'm sorry, I didn't know thinking like a caveman means stating the obvious. I guess ugabugauga
2015-07-09 21:22
reread it. your thinking is "outdated".. nowadays it's different..
2015-07-09 21:35
First of all i don't know where you get your facts but women in education they are toping the scores for a while. I do not watch female sports because i find it boring, exactly as boring as man's sports. Stop with this feminazism on hltv i swear is getting ridiculous, stick to your 9gag whoring/raging please. Nowadays? Srsly? Why don't you go on twitch and check the lady streamers. You will find only boobs and 0 inteligence. The best IGL i played with was a lady who was extremely extremely good at strat calling and midround calls but lacked in aim and movement due to inflexibility and the fact that WOMEN can not take themselves seriously doing such things. I know A LOT of lady gamers and i can tell you that the best i know is about average pubber IN ANY GAME. Dota2, CSGO, WOW, SC2, HOTS etc.etc.
2015-07-09 22:28
sure..whatever man.. " feminazism" right ..saying the truth has to do with feminazism... go and google that word.. and most of all grow up..
2015-07-09 23:19
No. Ignoring the truth for other "truths" to be valid is feminazism.
2015-07-10 00:04
sure grow up kiddo
2015-07-10 02:47
if we are equals as persons IRL doesn't mean we are equal at all categories of life. I win some, you win some. I win at games, you win at money management. I win at football, you win at swimming. I win at A, you win at B. Stop the bullshit crying for help, is pathetic.
2015-07-10 18:44 sure like I said ..grow up ..get a grip and stfu ^^ kiddo
2015-07-10 21:35
the lack of actual arguments made my statement of "feminazism" instead of feminism. Good luck old lady
2015-07-10 22:14
sure ;)
2015-07-10 23:00
United Kingdom rhyho 
feminism* (that's how its spelled) means "the advocacy of women's rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes". You know females are equal to men now in most countries now. Maybe not in your 3rd world country but in the majority of places females have similar amounts of rights. If you're going to argue with facts then kill your self. It will get rid of some hate us men get from females because people like you are sexist and it will save the females seeing retards like you when they want to do something different to what they're "meant" to do.
2015-07-10 11:00
There's the knight in shining armor. "You know females are equal to men now in most countries now. Maybe not in your 3rd world country but in the majority of places females have similar amounts of rights." NICE SENTENCE. You must be stupid for sure. "Women's rights, including the right to vote, to hold public office, to work, to fair wages or equal pay, to own property, to education, to enter contracts, to have equal rights within marriage, and to have maternity leave." These are rights!! What we are talking about right now is skills and not righs. Women are equal to men because we are all humans, not because of political-social scene or agenda. You canot claim that a woman at her peak is better then a man at his peak in the field of work/sport of a man, exactly how a man canot do that in the world of a woman. I am not talking about rights, it looks like you're the sexist stupid kid, and trust me, at my age i probably had more gf's then you even met/know irl and I did not do it by being sexist[sometimes]. Feminism implies EQUAL rights, as we both have the right to play the same game, but that doesn't mean that we are skilled equal just because we can play it. You should really stop being stupid on forums cause you are shaming your countrymen.
2015-07-10 18:42
United Kingdom rhyho 
kill your self
2015-07-10 22:09
Im getting braincancer by you people. Wow ! You are such a cool guy ! You are competing in CSGO !!! Gratz to you. And secondly you are not even right with your statement ^^
2015-07-07 00:58
read #86 i explained it in depth as i remembered an article or a video where it was said like that, btw ofc you are competing in csgo if u are playing it... u are always trying to get better than others so u can get higher rank / kill faster / outplay etc.
2015-07-07 01:04
Still sad ... Search for a real competition besides an computer game. Ofc i agree with you because i like cs like you do it but i still think its sad.
2015-07-07 01:18
Poland Madziula 
ooo... you're so wrong
2015-07-07 01:47
although males do have better reaction and coordination on average, your statement is completely false and absurd
2015-07-07 03:08
Well I played against 3 female professionals on faceit last week. They were actually decent, eventhough I cant deny the fact that I'm a bot and i probably cant judge about it, but they were definetely good autosniper players :D
2015-07-07 07:54
Indeed.I really dont like seeing girls streaming matches on twitch.
2015-07-09 18:36
You idiot, girls have faster reaction time than men. Nice belief, backed up by sound scientific proof Kappa
2015-07-07 02:33
that's so sexist
2015-07-07 12:39
TaZ | 
Poland rolin' 
Actually all pro grills and retired pro grills are globals so what's your point? :D
2015-07-07 00:13
United Kingdom rhyho 
Im just saying its rare to be in a match with a girl in the higher ranks. In silver you prob see all them sellout streaming girls showing there tits for money.
2015-07-07 00:17
i was in silver a long time ago ... and i was there a long time ... but ive never met a girl (that spoke), except onetime when we were 5 "man" premade ... but if you find them they play bizon/p90 the whole game xD
2015-07-07 00:22
there are many of them... we just don't say "HEY I'M A GIRL" ... we play like every other person.. the problem is when we talk ingame ..guys notice that we are girls and start like "omg a girl LOL.." "go back to your kitchen" ..."I drop a gun if you suck my d***"... 95% of the guys in that game are immature little kids who tend to have never seen a girl irl despite their mother... (which is funny because by being so stupid they don't even realize that they insult their own mother by saying shit like that..) so believe me there are many girls /women out there playing csgo and other games which are not categorized as "girl games"... and who cares with what person you are playing..male or female.. doesn't matter.. just play that game..
2015-07-07 00:16
TaZ | 
Poland rolin' 
2015-07-07 00:19
so girls are these tards who dont communicate at all when i soloQ ...
2015-07-07 00:19
2015-07-07 00:46
2015-07-07 03:00
2015-07-07 08:37
2015-07-07 14:24
2015-07-07 21:12
legend xD
2015-07-09 08:57
United Kingdom rhyho 
Im not against any girls playing the game. I actually love the fact that girls play the game. Its just a shame that the majority of guys you run into in MM are sexist and think they are the superior ones. When I was on the same team as a girl I communicated to her like I would to anyone else. And she was a good player, pulling of important clutchs. My point is that its rare to see female players in MM at LEM / SMFC. Got nothing what so ever against them.
2015-07-07 00:21
that wasn't my aim to offend you sry if that came up like that. you are right
2015-07-07 00:31
United Kingdom rhyho 
Its fine. I understand what your saying about this. You're 100% correct. Just ignore all the immature virgins.
2015-07-07 00:34
2015-07-07 00:38
Short story.. yesterday, we played with 2 girls in our team DMG/LE & the other team just shittalked the whole warmup.. -> 16-2 Win, 2nd & 3rd place for the girls in my team ^.^
2015-07-07 00:21
+1 lots of girls don't bother to talk because they just get harassed by immature guys
2015-07-07 00:23
United Kingdom rhyho 
them immature guys are the ones that are prob 20+ living with their mum / dad and have never had a girlfriend.
2015-07-07 00:25
You, i like you. Not because you're right , but because you dare to speak up as a girl in hltv. Also i have some girls in my friendlist that are actually decent in game & now they are starting a female team ! But yeah they don't speak that much in mm but they can trahsktalk like a man when they are on ts3
2015-07-07 00:38
2015-07-07 00:51
Zeus | 
Other Chuckeee 
on behalf of all those dickheads, i'm sorry.
2015-07-07 02:42
I guess that's the main reason every girl wants to play with a full lobby?
2015-07-07 11:06
well it's better
2015-07-07 11:57
I don't get why people can't act normal just because a girl is in their team/enemy team. Maybe that's their normal behavior? :o ;D
2015-07-07 14:21
actually i had a mm game with a girlon our team and she talked, no one even batted an eye it was like normal game good communication etc.
2015-07-07 21:13
2015-07-07 15:03
alright and how do u know that these players are girl if they dont communicate? and about which rank are we talking... < DMG i guess cuz everything above u NEED TO communicate (and tbh im smfc and its rly rare to find a match where someone is NOT talking...maybe in the night sometimes but even then its rare)
2015-07-09 09:00
you know you can play with 5 friends don't you?? I play mm alone sometimes or with another firend but most of the times we play as a stack.. because I know many girls and if I start to talk they start to talk too because they see that I'm not a guy.
2015-07-09 21:10
okay so basically you are my key to the gamergirls right? so PM me Kappa
2015-07-09 22:42
Girls who are lem/smfc global are always boosted by friendzoned nerds who think they can impress her. They are baiting irl and ingame, its actually pretty sad.
2015-07-07 00:24
+1 this :) good playing girls at supreme/global are a myth :) but you cant stand the truth!
2015-07-07 00:25
United Kingdom rhyho 
Some are "boosted" Some are legitimately ranked SMFC / GLOBAL
2015-07-07 00:26
every pro girl going to eswc is better than you so your point is invalid
2015-07-07 00:26
Not really, they are just like swedes; they think they are good (being boosted),mbut looking at the facts, they just suck. No offence to sweden.
2015-07-07 00:29
roman | 
Palestine ndr[o] 
remember Titan vs BMG at fragbite masters? they literally sucked dick and got what? 16-0'ed or 16-1'ed?
2015-07-07 00:38
I scrim against some of the top-tier girl teams quite regularly, they're solid enough but not really anything beyond ESEA Intermediate-ish.
2015-07-10 13:32
pls.... ez global, ez lyfe :D
2015-07-07 00:50
United Kingdom rhyho 
who cares if you're global?
2015-07-07 00:51
just saying i would rek those girl gamers :D btw nice id "622442" you made your account today? :DDDD
2015-07-07 00:53
United Kingdom rhyho 
what if you already lost to a girl without knowing in MM :O
2015-07-07 00:54
check my flag.
2015-07-07 00:55
United Kingdom rhyho 
2015-07-07 00:58
well played
2015-07-07 01:00
United Kingdom rhyho 
So what if my account on here is new. What difference does it make?
2015-07-07 01:00
for germans, global is always EZ
2015-07-07 12:50
Germany volt =D 
+100000 had no problem with it when they just admit it and don't be like Miss Rage 'I'm not boosted' when it's so obvious.
2015-07-07 01:07
only seen 2-3 girls who play cs, total about 5000h cs playtime. and i dont want to fuck boys
2015-07-07 00:24
You've met so many more without you noticing it. ;)
2015-07-07 01:00
mby, but those couple are the ones that actually speak and not like polaks putting girl pictures in theyre profiles
2015-07-07 01:07
You ussually only see females at higher ranks. They get carried by cheaters. A guy will buy a cheat in a second to impress a girl. Notice almost every game with a girl there is that one guy going off.
2015-07-07 00:27
United Kingdom rhyho 
there wasnt when i played with a girl.
2015-07-07 00:30
Sweden thof 
i met only one "women" in LE but in the end it was a man using voice changer :(((((( rip pussies
2015-07-07 00:30
seen 2 girls in MM in my team. can't really draw much conclusions from only 2, but both of them had terrible crosshair placement and game sense (0% chance to win 1on1)
2015-07-07 00:35
United Kingdom rhyho 
what rank
2015-07-07 00:37
2015-07-07 00:42
so lem. why can't people just write the rank they are and not add that higher rank that they have once got carried to.
2015-07-07 00:47
United Kingdom rhyho 
I am LEM but i play against some supremes most of the games i play. So i say LEM / SMFC MM
2015-07-07 00:50
you are LEM but you say you are LEM / Supreme. what an idiot.
2015-07-07 01:27
United Kingdom rhyho 
I know im LEM but in MM you are against a range of ranks from LE / SMFC Thats why im saying LEM / SMFC MM
2015-07-07 11:43
i'm silver but i played against a global who teamed up with a bunch of silvers once that's why i'm saying silver / global mm
2015-07-07 13:44
so if the range goes from LE to SMFC the middle is LEM and you can just say LEM, lol.
2015-07-07 17:43
hahaha good point xd
2015-07-07 00:51
i am supreme, been supreme for a very long time (can't get that global!) but i didn't check their ranks. mostly enemies are from lem to global, sometimes le i assumed #44 was asking for ranks of the girls
2015-07-07 01:05
United Kingdom rhyho 
i was asking for the rank of the girls
2015-07-07 01:07
i would assume they were lem, maybe le, hopefully not supreme :D and definitely not global
2015-07-07 01:12
kittyPlaysGames is LE just fyi so don't expect much from these ranks xD
2015-07-07 13:45
Norway duffz00r 
met some girl streamers, that's all
2015-07-07 00:40
i've seen two. i've played 1400 hours. some guys were boosting both
2015-07-07 00:42
United Kingdom rhyho 
Just to prove that there are some girls in high ranks. here is a screenshot of my rank which is the same rank of where i have met female players
2015-07-07 00:42
In my friends list i have about 4 girls that played MM with me, so i think there are much of them.
2015-07-07 00:46
United Kingdom rhyho 
There is probably a lot of girls who play cs but personally i rarely see them. I would love to play and talk to a female who plays cs rather than 4 other men in the team that have a high ego or just trash talk the whole game
2015-07-07 00:49
most of the times so do i :)
2015-07-07 01:33
Played against one. She was carrying her team of males, including her boyfriend. I wonder who was the man in that relationship... ;)
2015-07-07 00:56
United Kingdom rhyho 
2015-07-07 00:59
obviously one who play cs better , ofc.
2015-07-07 01:02
United Kingdom rhyho 
So many sexist people commenting on this forum.
2015-07-07 00:56
Pansy ez global and best caster..
2015-07-07 01:01
i actually played with a 5men premade team against missrage and her MASY squad. they got slaughtered :D
2015-07-07 01:01
Germany volt =D 
Her squad is a joke, they take that so seriously and practice In MM as 5 Squad o.O
2015-07-07 01:05
we destroyed them in faceit but yeah. none of them was actually able to win aimduels. [*] masy dream
2015-07-07 01:13
you actually get many grills who add you when you have le skins - even if u didn't play with them h3h3
2015-07-07 01:05
United Kingdom rhyho 
I have le skins but no girls add me :L
2015-07-07 01:09
i have better skins and many grills - living the steam swag life m8
2015-07-07 01:19
United Kingdom rhyho 
the karambit life isnt real enough to get anything buy bots adding me
2015-07-07 01:23
you need to have this m8: then ur gonna wonder which grill is gonna add you today
2015-07-07 01:24
United Kingdom rhyho 
wow. That fucking inventory man. How many people you scam ;)
2015-07-07 01:26
2-3 daily m8 - want to be friend on steam maj friend?
2015-07-07 01:27
United Kingdom rhyho 
yeah sure
2015-07-07 01:31
thx bro just used ur screenshot in the club, got vip access and vip bitches all night DAMN THX BRO
2015-07-07 01:29
np man , anything for a fellow HLTVer
2015-07-07 01:34
2015-07-09 09:42
I am supreme and im not "boosted" at all^^ Its not that hard to reach the highest ranks even doe if you dont play with skilled players.
2015-07-07 01:05
nt gyros
2015-07-07 12:52
Germany volt =D 
Stop CS & pay debts
2015-07-07 13:31
here we go with some good ol' virgin sexism, this thread is so fucking disgusting it hurts. it would actually be kind of nice to solo q and get a mix of men/women in a team. maybe it will happen one day if you fucks will ever get mature enough and stop being crying-ass-teenage-acne-big-ego virgins and give the women respect that they deserve. i feel sorry for your mothers/sisters that they might have such a smelly-wanker in their house :c
2015-07-07 01:19
United Kingdom rhyho 
Agreed. Girls need to be accepted in this community instead of being harassed for being a different gender playing a shooter game.
2015-07-07 01:22
Thank you.
2015-07-07 01:24
agreed - fuck sexism, its really disgusting and makes me feel bad for all the females in the gaming communities!! always being harassed and stalked by 15 year old virgins !! you sick people!! - any grill wants to play pls add steam
2015-07-07 01:26
Poland Madziula 
Pour this man a beer xD
2015-07-07 01:55
Met a UK female Global with 120 wins
2015-07-07 01:26
10/10 would bang
2015-07-07 01:38
this is the best I met. Is Eagle and plays well. and the best is fucking fuckable and sometimes does web cam
2015-07-07 01:34
calm your tits m8
2015-07-07 01:35
United Kingdom rhyho 
Hey look CLG got a female team
2015-07-07 01:42
2015-07-07 01:49
not that rare,but most of them would hide the fact cause they dont wanna hear jokes like i would tell you about my cock but it's too long.
2015-07-07 02:53
any grills reading this who need the boost on MM then send me a pm
2015-07-07 02:56
The difference between male and female reaction time is about 1/60th of a second, so it doesn't make to much of a difference. The main reason there are no high level pro cs players is that about 98 percent of cs players are male and >0.1&#8453; are good enough to be pro (like decent level. T3+). That means the chances of a t3 female is >0.02. That means there is a 1 in 5000 chance for a female to be good enough to just be t3, so the chances of female being t1 is 0.0000625 or 1 in 16,000.
2015-07-07 05:19
i met ~3 grills randomly in mm. I make them wet with my 30 bombs and amazing clutches
2015-07-07 05:41
A girl in a faceit game with 1 overtime was like my cheerleader when i dropped 76 bombs :o
2015-07-07 08:38
and it was in a LEM / SMFC match She is not an "it". LEM/SMFC is full of terrible players anyway, so I wouldn't say that it matters.
2015-07-07 05:59
Finland Kurppa 
"it" as for "the first time he met a female player"
2015-07-07 06:29
omg a grill
2015-07-07 06:18
Portugal tnyk1ng 
I play with supreme girls almost everyday...
2015-07-07 07:07
im playing with regularly with two, about dmg-lem. its pretty amazing how some boys are getting pissed about playing against female.
2015-07-07 07:14
Vietnam yolesnoobs 
"3 long pushing up" "OH MY GOD SHUT THE FUCK UP SQUEAKER" "i'm a girl..." "YEAH RIGHT GIRLS DONT PLAY CS"
2015-07-07 07:14
Only girls in Silver. Or they are 11 year old boys who sound like females.
2015-07-07 08:01
Play with a couple of girls, most I meet are pretty chill but always fucking whiteknighters on our team thinking they'll get pussy lmao
2015-07-07 08:03
i'm pretty sure that girls don't solo queue and usually play with friends
2015-07-07 08:13
Thats correct. Well it is for me. I never play sole. Can't play normal then. Aaaaaaaw a girl, can I drop you, whats your bra-size, wow, you are good for a girl, or wenn you miss one shot: girls suck. And then I skipp all the really insulting and mean things they are said because that ended up in a ban on HLTV last time ;). Horrible.
2015-07-07 15:01
You are wrong. I play alone just to prove jerks that I don't need anyone to boost me. I can achieve whatever you can, on my own.
2015-07-08 18:35
did i say the opposite ?
2015-07-09 06:31
Yes you said "I am pretty sure girls DON'T soloQ and play with friends" I don't play with friends, I soloQ to prove I can do it on my own.
2015-07-09 08:09
did i say you can't do it on your own ? Did i say "girls play with friend for being boosted" ?
2015-07-09 09:47
" girls don't solo queue and usually play with friends"
2015-07-09 10:33
ok impossible to discuss with u, don't know why i'm even trying
2015-07-09 11:18
i try hard as fuk when there's a grill on my team. I did meet one that was boosting her bf though. I just bought a molly every round to die in just to watch her wallbang people.
2015-07-07 08:26
Germany volt =D 
2015-07-07 13:36
Que mge+global and you'll get insta match when 3 globabl carrying 2 goldnova girls. Works erytime.
2015-07-07 10:51
+1 got some grills that are LE/LEM and play like nova 3 :D
2015-07-07 10:57
its nice to get grills in global elite,see them play like silver elite :) fun 2 watch :(
2015-07-07 12:59
ive been s1-gnm not a single girl in <300 games
2015-07-07 10:57
Played with a girl in enemy team yesterday. My rank is lem. Girls sucks. We won this game, that was so easy. I really like to play vs girls in matchmaking. Easy win -> Supreme -> More girls -> Global
2015-07-07 11:04
Dunno have one one fl she's global (yes global I'm not bullshitting like u all do) and played with one yday in a mm game - thought she was garbage.
2015-07-07 11:09
I've only met about 3 girls in my time playing and none were above DMG. There are some good female players though, a few of them stream too. Mattye (or something like that) and Gina are both pretty good.
2015-07-07 11:52
MissHarvey :heart:
2015-07-07 11:58
once i went solo faceit and queued with 3 girls in my team vs xantares and e1 tryhards, was fun.
2015-07-07 12:02
go play casual. Every server is literally full of gurls
2015-07-07 12:35
what's a girl?
2015-07-07 12:55
Man, I don't play matchmaking very often, but I've played with and against a lot of girls. I don't care if they are girls or not, upside with girls are that it is much less likely they'll be spamming the mic with bullshit and insulting people for no apparent reason. The best girl I've played with or against is probably juliano, she's actually pretty good, but still nowhere near the male pro-scene. Sure, there are probably like 1.000:1 ratio on male/female players, but yet I feel if males didn't have an advantage of sorts in CS, there should be SOME girl that's able to compete at the top level, but there's not, why? Do they not dedicate as much time to CS? Or is it simply due to the fact that there are female only tournaments and they don't have to get better to win shit? I'm genuinely curious, I have absolutely nothing against female gamers.
2015-07-07 13:15
Get your hot Mike Tyson grill today at GO matchmaking!
2015-07-07 13:51
I play with a girl all the time - my girlfriend. :) She's Supreme. I also happen to stumble upon a girl premade on ESEA one time. Me + 4 girls.
2015-07-07 13:54
you can die happily now
2015-07-10 18:46
Actually, a lot of girls are playing! I met one grill who play since few months only, not even a year and she is already Eagle and dont even play much. I've played with some girls from the female scene since few years and she's not far from their level. So yeah its only about time/want to be in that scene imo. It also means you have potential future top male and female around the scene waiting in mm/ffa, its only about meeting the right persons at the right time.
2015-07-07 13:54
That girl is boosted
2015-07-08 18:29
she boosted me :<
2015-07-09 09:00
this will actually never change. As long as the majority is 12 to 18 years old, guys are always immature little fucks. I mean...just HLTV is a great example. Make a pansy thread and all you see are "strange kitchen" "I'd bone her" "she's so annoying, someone should do her good" etc. It doesn't surprise me one bit that even if they play, they don't say anything.
2015-07-07 14:40
2015-07-09 08:24
I know a lesbian norwegian, she's pretty cool. Plays 8 hours of awp only maps per day I think. Other than that at supreme matchmaking I occasionly get a group of a girl duo queing with 2 or even 3 guys, of who one will always hardcarry the game while the girl is anything from okay to pretty bad.
2015-07-07 14:46
Yes they are rare. I only have one girl in my friend-list who has the same rank as me (I'm trapped between DMG and LEM :(, can't rank up). I never get any girls against me in mm. I think only 1 or 2 times, and I played a lot of houres. It's sad, I wish there were more girls playing this game serieous. I feel lonely between the guys. Well thats not complete true, I have great guys who I play with and only girls is also no funn, that creates bitchfights ;).
2015-07-07 14:55
Ive played with quite a few. Most play like down syndrome
2015-07-07 16:01
You want find something that hardly exist like high skilled girl... Global elite girl XD only boosted
2015-07-07 16:01
The only times I have seen grills is when they are in a 5 man with 4 dudes and they go 4-19. Titties = ez boost
2015-07-07 19:18
Not rare to find a LEM-GE ranked female player but to find a female player that actually is worthy of LEM-GE rank is about as rare as a unicorn.
2015-07-07 20:45
there are plenty of girls, they just don't let you know because most of you would say some sexist shit to them see: this entire thread
2015-07-08 18:37
im supreme
2015-07-09 06:58
met a girl at smfc. someone gifted her a statracked ump so tahts all she used didnt do taht badly, bottom of the scoreboard but not that far from the rest
2015-07-09 07:44
I play with girl pretty often and she never speaks in mic so everyone still thinks she's a guy.
2015-07-09 07:55
United Kingdom ecu 
Prob a pedo too
2015-07-09 11:38
300th comment boiz edit: 303 still okay
2015-07-09 10:44
2015-07-09 10:47
Played with Gina once and she was as weak as expected. Or could have been Smithzzz but both hold a similar level anyway.
2015-07-09 10:48
It was definitely Smithzzz
2015-07-09 22:56
I knew a girl once, took her to see the Oval. Hardly any in CSGO - but there popular on Twitch tho.
2015-07-09 11:11
Once i was playing Mirage MM and there was a girl on my team, i friended her because she was prtty good. 2 days later I invited her to antoher match, turned out he was a little boy. How the hell?
2015-07-09 11:25
met a grill at LEM game she was top fragging for our team :D i was pretty embarrased but for my excuse i had really bad hangover that day :D
2015-07-09 18:34
2015-07-09 21:12
most of them are boosted because the GE players think they can fuck them when they hang out long enough
2015-07-09 21:23
that's not true;i know a gril from denmark whos actually pretty good,i can only assume there that there is many like her.
2015-07-09 23:23
never go full retard.
2015-07-09 23:39
you are a full retard,and a fukcing noob aswell.
2015-07-10 00:20
k den
2015-07-10 00:29
United Kingdom rhyho 
Wait people are still commenting on this post?
2015-07-09 21:28
>be me >get global >meet Juliano on "smurf" >get deranked >mfw
2015-07-09 21:35
girls bring positive in the match :D
2015-07-09 22:44
I have a girl in my team, she's LEM and NO she's not been boosted. Besides, unless you're global today's ranks don't show much. Even then, global's are often average players now.
2015-07-10 00:10
United Kingdom rhyho 
People will always call someone else bad if there not global now. Even though the VAC wave really didn't do much.
2015-07-10 11:02
Can I ask what rank you are? It is without question easier... I was supreme before the VAC wave, after I got global in a matter of games. I haven't dropped from supreme since, don't really need to try to keep that rank. Previously, I always had to keep quite focused at even LEM.
2015-07-10 12:00
United Kingdom rhyho 
LE before vac wave. LEM now. I didnt play much MM after the vac wave. I was playing esea or faceit. Never seen so many retarded randoms in my time.
2015-07-10 12:19
I'm Supreme and played with a girl in MM once. She was from Bosnia or something and she was the most bossy, annoying bitch I've ever heard. She made all female gamers look bad :(
2015-07-10 12:36
You've obviously not played with enough..
2015-07-10 13:56
well if they are equal lets just mix teams up no two seperate shit tournaments
2015-07-10 13:49
its rare i guess, but i met a norwegian girl who was global rank. pretty decent player played like 10 years of cs.
2015-07-10 13:50
idk there are a lot of female silver-mg's though. I constantly met one female or more every 3 games when i was in those ranks.
2015-07-10 18:46
750 hours and i played or see a girl 8/9 games
2015-07-10 18:47
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