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Steelseries Rival
Denmark Søren 
+1 or -1
2015-07-12 14:49
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2015-07-12 14:50
I don't like it's shape
2015-07-12 14:51
what mouse do you have?
2015-07-12 14:56
I'm using Logitech g402 right now (but I had many mouses in my hands - FK1, EC1-a, G400s) but I still have Rival and I'll try to "make it work". I have a big hand (21 cm) and my problem is I always have some weird grip on any mouse. But yeah, if you don't have such problems this is a great mouse ;p
2015-07-12 15:17
Haha its the exact opposite for me :D Same size hands but Rival feels perfect and G402 felt super awkward
2015-07-12 15:25
funny rival is more comfortable than g402, I have both and 22cm hands
2015-07-12 17:47
Japan Akano_Hoshi
+1 best mouse
2015-07-12 14:51
I got.its amazing just look
2015-07-12 14:51
yesyes the Rival has some scripts and hacks here and there helping you to get some headshots and stuff, recommended buy........... Kappa
2015-07-12 14:59
im not cheating btw
2015-07-12 16:32
+1 took me a couple days to go from zowie to rival but thank god i did
2015-07-12 14:52
2015-07-12 14:57
I love it! +1
2015-07-12 14:58
-1 had it for 1 month then i returned it to buy a zowie insted.. random mouse bug ingame where i just looks to the ground and spins (common error on rival)
2015-07-12 14:58
I've never experienced this, tho..
2015-07-12 14:59
well im not the only one atleast:D i looked at yzn`s stream yesterday, his rival did the same thing a couple of times over 1 hour :)
2015-07-12 15:00
I was thinking about a zowie too, maybe deathadder but i dont know which one should i buy
2015-07-12 15:07
had that bug too for some reason it stoped. but now the sides where i hold the mouse are geting wholes
2015-07-12 15:18
u should get teh white rival or fnatic version doesnt have tht problem
2015-07-12 15:21
they changed the sensor on the mouse, the new sensor doesnt have the problems the old one did
2015-07-12 15:18
nothing special tbh
2015-07-12 14:59
+1 amazing mouse
2015-07-12 15:02
Get a Zowie EC-1 A, smae but better :D
2015-07-12 15:04
+1 amazing im global eleite and i have this mouse before I had this mouse I was I and I had a rank called I and dmg But srsly best mouse ever fuck zowie
2015-07-12 15:20
2015-07-12 15:25
Just global eleits can handle this text. Any global here to confirm?
2015-07-12 15:30
Poland Madziula
is rival good for small hands?
2015-07-12 15:20
Mine is dead after 1 month. But is amazing for game.
2015-07-12 15:22
+1 its honestly like a deathadder but better. the mechanical buttons it uses makes sure u know u pressed the button. its a little bit bigger but even with smaller hands it works because of how far back u can press on the button. only way i say to not get this mouse if u use a claw grip because its shaped for palm users
2015-07-12 15:22
rival good but zowie ec1-a/ec2-a best
2015-07-12 15:26
+1 i had g402 and now rival rival is awesome but g402 has wierd shape and materials
2015-07-12 15:31
zowie=baby hands
2015-07-12 15:38
Will the Rival work with QCK heavy?
2015-07-12 16:01
Will work? It's best mousepad you can get on market ATM, and it's also from steelseries, so it's best combo you can get.
2015-07-12 16:31
Well i have it, im just asking cuz my current optical mouse doesn't work on it, if i flick with the mouse fast the mouse just wont do it, but that's probably because of my shitty mouse
2015-07-12 16:45
Finland Kurppa
It's fine. I have QcK+ and had Rival. Didn't have any problems with tracking.
2015-07-12 19:08
+1, using it.
2015-07-12 16:02
2015-07-12 16:03
+1 prefer it over zowie.
2015-07-12 18:21
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