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Kinguin, potential lineup?
Poland Deedei 
Kinguin linep -Scream -Shox -Dennis -SmithZz -Maikelele Wouldn't this be a pretty decent lineup? I mean Shox, scream and smithzz have all played together so they should have some chemistry together. Dennis as IGL and Maikele as their main awper? Just watching Scream play with Shox again would be a pleasure. -Scream -Shox -Dennis -Maikelel -Rain would also be pretty decent. (no hate please)
2015-07-12 22:34
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Korea saddummy 
ScreaM shox dennis eksem rain pretty good lineup if i say so myself
2015-07-12 22:35
hipster wannabe
2015-07-12 22:36
shox said himself he wants to play with scream again.
2015-07-12 22:37
Where did he say that?
2015-07-12 22:41
Sweden fued 
^ as he said, where did he say that
2015-07-12 22:45
^ as he said, where did he say that
2015-07-13 12:48
+1 If this happens i will be a fanboy together with all 10 year old boys fapping at home over pictures of Maikelele #Kappa
2015-07-12 23:06
Greenland LilPeep 
2015-07-12 22:36
Norway duffz00r 
2015-07-12 22:38
Lol, rip Rain then. This sounds like a cool idea, but that makes the Kinguin team as someone that is constantly changing players.
2015-07-12 22:39
2015-07-12 22:40
smooya | 
United Kingdom Kripps 
IMO, best lineup would be: shox smithzz scream dennis rain
2015-07-12 22:42
why smithz and not kennys?
2015-07-12 23:04
-Maikelele +anyone. I beat him 10/10 :p
2015-07-12 22:44
yeah Maikelel could probably leave also, who would you take instead then? rain? and smithzz as their main awper?
2015-07-12 22:56
Why drop rain for smithzz?
2015-07-12 22:45
Because Scream, Shox and Smithzz have all played together, they have the chemistry.
2015-07-12 22:54
to be fair, the 15 or so french players spread across envy/titan and other teams have all played with each other a lot.
2015-07-13 12:48
Smithzz is still decent but I find that he is kinda overshadowed by players like shox and happy. Plus the chemistry between the ex titan guys.
2015-07-12 22:57
2015-07-12 22:59
+1 when SmithZz goes bestmode he's on kennyS lvl, but usually he played support role in envy
2015-07-12 23:02
Kinguin -Remove all players. then Kinguin would be: +NBK +shox +SmithzZ +Happy +kioshiMa. then EnvyUs Hiko Maikelele ScreaM OverDrive ioRek
2015-07-12 22:59
Kinguin Baguette: ScreaM SmithZz shox dennis Maikelele Kinguin cyka: s1mple XANTARES NiKo fox some random igl
2015-07-12 23:03
2015-07-13 12:26
I are think that too
2015-07-13 12:32
Poland miiR 
Make it happen!
2015-07-13 12:34
As long as maikelele stays in the team im happy, love that guy
2015-07-13 12:47
NEW KINGUIN LINEUP ScreaM NBK shox Maikelele dennis
2015-07-13 12:47
Rain is like the most consistent player in Kinguin, wouldn't remove him.
2015-07-13 12:47
2015-07-13 12:57
shox doesnt leave without smithz
2015-07-13 12:47
Maikelele - Built Kinguin with ScreaM rain - Kinguin paid big money for his contract ScreaM - Built Kinguin with maikelele shox - wants to play with ScreaM, wont play without SmithZz SmithZz - joins Kinguin because shox gets him in
2015-07-13 12:51
Poland miiR 
Fair enough, shox as IGL?
2015-07-13 12:56
Shox plays shit as IGL, you don't want his "firepower" missing, let smithzz IGL, he always seems calm and collected.
2015-07-13 12:59
yeah if it was up to me. shox as igl and maikelele/smithzz on awp, the rest madfraggers :>
2015-07-13 12:59
nt but dennis> maikelele/rain/smithzz evveryday
2015-07-13 13:01
Kaze | 
Malaysia Swattax 
If they replace rain,they waste 40k
2015-07-13 13:02
rain, scream, shox, dennis, maikelele would be perfect. Too bad smithz and shox are a package deal :(
2015-07-13 13:06
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