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Latvia pRopaaNS 
My old A4Tech X7 started having connection problems few days ago. Today it died completely, it seems. // I could tinker with it and try to fix the cable, but it have more problems for that. -Since I purchased it, it have glitchy mousewheel which occasionally triggers without touching it(in game it leads to me making random jumps without reason) and it's pretty bad to begin with(messes up bunnyhopping on 1.6). -I never really used it's 3shot button except for testing it once. -it's buttons on left side are hard and awkward to press, so they're just bad. // I decided to go for Razer Abyssus or Logitech G400s (which one depends on which one is going to be easier and cheaper to acquire from this distant city of Latvia). -I've tried G400 before and out of mices I've used I enjoyed it the most, for I'm high sensitivity user and that mice felt just perfect for that purpose. -However I think that Razer Abyssus, despite of it's absence of a side buttons, would be better for me, because I prefer its shape. For me the shape of buttons is what is important for me in order to keep consistent grip. Alos, according to info I've read it's same in terms of performance compared with G400s. So this is my decision, but maybe I'm something missing? Going to shop tomorrow.
2015-07-15 00:51
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Interesting. Ok GL.
2015-07-15 00:54
Didn't read it, but my answer would definitely be nty
2015-07-15 00:55
To be honest, the side buttons on A4tech mouses are for me much better than side buttons of some other mouses for equal price... I just prefer not being able to randomly click with them as it was possible on most mouses under 30€, so yeah... (Plus, I've never encountered problem with my scroll wheel except once when it weren't working properly on computer startup which was fixed upon restarting my PC) (May I ask for how long have you had the mouse?) If you want a good hardware for your computer, never EVER pick anything from Razer. It's the Apple of computers... it just has nothing else to offer except a design
2015-07-15 00:58
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I brought the A4Tech on local shop 4+ years ago. It was a cheap deal for student I was. But before that I was using Logitech MX518 which I gave up due to cable problems, which I maybe could have fixed. Anglesnapping problems aside it was a great mice iirc. As for Razer, from info I read it's sensor is pretty good and the 2014v of Abyssus have addressed the jittering problem from older Abyssus. I don't have more pieces of info to give me more doubts about it's accuracy.
2015-07-15 01:11
Stick with a4 and get a bloody a9 or v7. Great shapes for medium-big hands i clawed my last mouse now i can either claw or palm my a9. It comes with 4 cores 2 pre-installed and 2 that you have to buy them If u need for like 10 dollars but you certainly wont need them. The only disadvantage is that you cant change the light color on it but anyway , it feels smoother than any other mice ive tried so far
2015-07-15 01:12
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I don't think that I want mouse with features I won't use.
2015-07-15 01:24
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Thats just a bonus ,and the features atent useless at all. You can calibrate the sensor,the mouse click response time,polling rate etc everything all these so called "best gaming mice" can do for a cheaper price
2015-07-15 01:35
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Thanks, didn't bother to check their price since a4 tech mouses didn't match my criteries.
2015-07-15 01:42
I got the abysuss 2014 it has some weird sysnapse drivers glitch but accuracy is pretty good has a tracking speed about 4 m/s from my tests
2015-07-15 01:13
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Thanks, G400s just moved up in my list.
2015-07-15 01:16
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but its really a minor thing ,it works really great ,if u dont need side button, and shape is really good aswell,you should pick it up
2015-07-15 01:21
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Well yeah, wanting to try something new is one thing pushing me. It's dilemma about buying something I know I like against buying something I think I could like even better, but haven't tried yet.
2015-07-15 01:33
latvia isnt a city u mong
2015-07-15 01:30
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Can't edit OP after posting.
2015-07-15 01:35
Had both, and actually using tha Abyssus 2014 at the moment with 70+cm/360. After reading about your preferences I would advice you to buy the g400 as its heavier (which I find better for high sens), you already played with it and liked it and it has better switches. However I always say that shape is the #1 factor when choosing a gaming mouse so if you tried the shape and weight of abyssus and you really prefer it, then go for it.
2015-07-15 01:42
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Good point, might just put all the weights in and play like that. As for shape, I'm skeptical about sculpted shapes, because I think that a sculpted and oval shape might as well just make it more challenging to keep precise grip on mouse. Symetrical mouse should be easier to "feel out" despite not as comfortable. But maybe the culprit for this concern is my r.i.p.ed A4Tech X710BH which on a glance looks symetrical, but have very slight assymetrical curves, thereby making it not raw not baked when trying to feel it's shape. I use the gaps on sides of mouse buttons as milestones for taking my grip, otherwise I'd place my hand on the mouse without clue if I'm taking the right angle.
2015-07-15 02:29
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Yeah I bought the abyssus like a week ago, still trying to figure out the "milestones" for getting a consistent grip :) To be honest this is the best mouse I've ever had, and I had a few (G400, FK1, DA, Kanav2, G100s, some a4tech x7). I've never used side buttons tho, and I've got no problems with using the mouse on 1800 dpi (no built-in memory in abyssus), got small hands and like lightweight mice, so this one is just perfect for me. Also the switches on abyssus are extremely nice, so tactile :O (I'm a switch addict, if there's anything that bothers me during clicking, it makes me hate the mouse). The only ones that felt better were those on G400. The only thing that bothered me on abyssus was a pretty high lod but got used to it in no time. Btw I'm clawing the abyssus, never tried to palm it, dunno if it's comfy to palm it. If there's anything else you'd like to ask feel free to pm me. I can even provide you some photos with my Abyssus and G400 compared on them. (still got my G400 somewhere around ;))
2015-07-15 13:29
What about V-track? Are there actual advantages for it accuracy-wise if I'm not going to use sleeping cat on a table as my mousepad but Steelseries Qck?
2015-07-15 02:04
Denmark Ahandii89
I got Abyssus, great for fingertip, too small for palm grip. Dunno about claw grip as i never quite understood that
2015-07-15 02:31
dafuq 3500dpi
2015-07-15 02:39
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Yeah, even I used just 1200 dpi as high sens user. Someone would have to play with XL monitor and higher senstivity than mine to make use of that lol.
2015-07-15 02:45
logitech g303, if u have muscle to pick it up <.> like me :
2015-07-15 02:46
Had neither of them in stocks, so I brought the cheapest a4tech v-track mouse for 5 euros to test the sensor and just to have something to use PC with for now. Well, the lift off distance is a problem for this one, otherwise seems to do it's job.
2015-07-15 11:41
Finland Jyubei
I cant recommend getting any other Razer mouse than the Deathadder. I would recommend getting a Zowie or Logitech mouse that is similar shape as your old one.
2015-07-15 11:50
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I think that most of other Razer mices are using same sensor as Deathadder. Well, for one I have to agree that it's nice that my new Logitech G100s is similiary shaped, except perfectly symmetrical this time. My grip is already set in place, no need to get used to the new shape except for the improved symmetry. It's kinda weird, but have to tilt my hand on slightly different angle and it's going to take some practice before this almost the same yet new grip becomes natural.
2015-07-16 17:33
Abyssus is shit. I used it for 4 months and regret buying this piece of crap. It's maybe okay if you have small hands but for me it's just small shit.
2015-07-15 11:59
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What exactly was crap about it? Was it really that bad or have you just used better mouses than it and it was crap in comparison?
2015-07-15 17:26
Logitech g100s? Looks like more convincing counterpart to Abyssus, as a simple gaming mouse with great accuracy.
2015-07-15 17:24
g400 for sure
2015-07-15 17:25
im using abyssus since 2k12 mouse is okay, but sometimes im jumping without even touching mousewheel, lol
2015-07-15 17:27
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I reconed that Razer uses pretty good mouse wheels. I guess not for Abyssus v1.
2015-07-15 17:28
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ye, i hate this mouse, it feels not confortable after 3 years old using. gonna buy zowie fk
2015-07-15 18:16
Ja perc abyssus, tad ir 39% atlaide! // If you buy the abyssus, then has it 39% cheaper
2015-07-15 17:36
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Well, I don't like that there is no option to pay on hand once the pack arrives, so buying online is something I'll do after I'm sure that I can't get what I want through local shops.
2015-07-15 18:17
If u are from Latvia, u can visit, they have lots of nice mice.
2015-07-15 17:42
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Well yeah, if I can't get it through a local shop then I'll try to buy online.
2015-07-15 18:12
g400s would be better if u ask me, and the mousewheel jump issue is a glitch in cs. Happens to me, and I know it happens to many others with DIFFERENT gaming mice
2015-07-15 17:45
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Happened outside of CS, the wheel for the X710FS was so poor quality that I prefered to use sidescroll when reading.
2015-07-15 18:14
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Ah ok, but either way, if it happens in cs you should know its a common bug ^^
2015-07-15 18:15
Argentina naykos
a4tech? arent those cheap mice? or are they actually good?
2015-07-15 17:59
Portugal dascouves
2015-07-15 18:10
Avoid razer.Buy steelseries or logitech or zowie.
2015-07-15 18:12
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why avoid razer but go for steelseries? cuz i cant judge razer cuz i only have 1 piece which is DA and its just fine after 2 yrs
2015-07-15 18:14
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I have used both steelseries and razer.Razer is shit compared to other mouses.My brother has even A4 tech bloody v7 and that mouse is better than razercrap.I'm currently using Da but I don't like it a bit. Also If you have big hands go for Rival. But small/medium and claw grip go for zowie fk2 or ec2
2015-07-15 18:49
get g400s mate
2015-07-15 18:12
mimi | 
Denmark nsk-
I have both! and i can tell you that G400s>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Abyssus. -Just go for the Logitech buddy.
2015-07-15 18:19
G400s is nice but weird shape, depends whether or not you like the shape but everything else about that mouse is top notch
2015-07-15 18:25
Found Logitech G100s on local shop for 28 Euros and brought this one. What can I say after few minutes of using it is that it's more accurate than my old A4Tech X710FS for sure. No angle snapping and even with same DPI settings(1250) it feels more sensitive and much smoother. One annoyance however, the cable is still stiff and freshly uncurled, which adds some interference when handling this very light and very sensitive mouse. Anyway I'm satisfied. Now just have to get new Steelseries Qpad, which I didn't see on local shops however. My old one is pretty deformed and with one rolled up corner after using it for 6+ years. Still does it's job however.
2015-07-16 16:39
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