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New study about violent video games
Switzerland bäsch "It was found in five of the nine studies that an increase in sedentary behaviour was associated with an increased risk of anxiety. In four of the studies it was found that total sitting time was associated with an increased risk of anxiety." No surprise why so many nerdy hltv kids who sit in their basement all day long and don't see the sun are afraid of muslims, immigrants and everything "different" to what they know. It all makes sense now, you are mentally damaged!
2015-07-17 00:31
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Norway duffz00r 
gr8 study score m8, i r8 it an 8/8
2015-07-17 00:32
I saw a study a year ago that said most studies are bogus. Anyone can say they studied anything and just pop out some numbers.
2015-07-17 03:11
90% of statistics are made up on the spot
2015-07-17 03:40
kennyS | 
Turkey J1T_T3R 
you are lying it's 100%
2015-07-17 18:19
Korea saddummy 
Saw flag, didn't even start to read
2015-07-17 00:33
you are a long haired boygirl, nobody cares about your opinion anyway. homo.
2015-07-17 00:41
Korea saddummy 
Ah I see the problem here.. you're jealous aren't you baldie? :)
2015-07-17 00:43
i remember your name and i remember your post and i don't talk to proud gays. and no i'm not bald, i just have a manly short haircut.
2015-07-17 00:47
Korea saddummy 
n1, were you thinking another excuse for these past 4-5 minutes? Don't worry bruh, keep believing you'll grow some hair :)
2015-07-17 00:48
guess you are mentally damaged aswell!
2015-07-17 01:13
seems like someone was sitting infron of computer a lot huehheheh
2015-07-17 01:10
And all this come from a german. U sure u wanna talk about mentally damaged people?
2015-07-17 00:34
Ok, tell me something generalizing about German people. I listen.
2015-07-17 00:54
Rofl nazis u goof, stop pretending that 1914 - 1945 never happened in Germany. Not to talk about the so called "neo nazis"
2015-07-17 01:02
I think you have to learn a lot about history if you solely blame the German people for that.
2015-07-17 01:03
Who else to blame? Tell me! I want to know
2015-07-17 01:05
If you only knew a little about the first WW and how it actually came to it we wouldn't have this discussion now. The second WW was a direct consequence of the first WW. Anyway if you are truly interested you should listen to this for example:
2015-07-17 01:08
United Kingdom Mattthematt 
Germany were not solely to blame for both of those two wars. However since they lost both they were forced to admit war guilt so i guess legally they were to blame.
2015-07-17 01:20
Kinda awkward you think Germany wanted to or even started WW1. Why chat about things you clearly know jack shit about :S Anyway, the fact you'd correlate an ideology brainwashing a peoples ancestry some 70/80 years ago today just screams clueless pre-teen.
2015-07-17 01:24
Stfu. U are saying that Germany can't be blamed for holocaust? And they arent to blame for invading my country for 5 years? I think u are the clueless pre teen here
2015-07-17 10:26
Holocaust occurred in WW1 did it? Tell me more.. It's blatantly obvious you're young and dumb from the way you speak to people. Keep dribbling kid.
2015-07-17 17:25
Lol bro, can u tell me where in my comment i refer to holocaust in ww1?
2015-07-17 17:43
Your train of thought is all over the place and you make no sense. Which is why I said you have to be young, dumb or both. My reply to you was regarding you proclaiming Germany instigated WW1. >> Germany started WW1 > No they didn't >> Stfu Germany can't be blamed for the holocaust?! WW2 showed us it's ideologies that are dangerous. Only a spastic would attribute a nation of peoples, especially 80 years after the atrocities occurred to them.
2015-07-17 18:23
invading ur country haha sounds like u had any resistance. u were mere dolls and too shitty to do anything about it
2015-07-18 02:02
Dr.Edward Richtofen brainwashed you all.
2015-07-17 01:51
Excuse me?
2015-07-17 03:07
2015-07-18 01:52 on the right, we "nerds" are right to be afraid of you
2015-07-17 00:36
Go to school kid ("__")
2015-07-17 00:59
less than 10% in almost every country of Europe doesn't sound too bad.
2015-07-17 02:31
its enough to force your laws and rules onto a country
2015-07-17 02:32
Polandos are basically the only ones obsessing over immigrants. Must be because there's so many over there kappa
2015-07-17 00:39
ignorance is always strongest in such areas where noone dares to go anyway
2015-07-17 00:54
please stop
2015-07-17 00:40
i dont like study
2015-07-17 00:46
Everyone has Anxiety atleast one time in their life.
2015-07-17 00:56
It's valid to be distrustful of Muslims m8
2015-07-17 00:59
Says the american ("__")
2015-07-17 01:05
You don't have to be American to see that they are violent.
2015-07-17 01:25
Tell me exactly, who is violent? ("__")
2015-07-17 02:01
Please pardon my american friend. he is brain washed by media. I just think he was referring to extremist or anybody that supports ISIS, Taliban, Etc...
2015-07-17 02:34
Finland hzu 
2015-07-17 01:02
Please stop posting photos of mine, i didn't give you any permission to do that.
2015-07-17 01:12
Finland hzu 
being serious I think that's total bullshit ... basically I can say that the other 4 studies(45%, which is a relatively important percentage) prove that anxiety is not correlated with being sedentary.
2015-07-17 01:31
I guess it also depends a lot on the individual, of course not everyone is equally affected by it. But I think there is a connection between lacking physical activity and an unhealthy mental state. Since we all know physical activity releases happiness hormones.
2015-07-17 01:44
pretty sure its not only nerds who are afriad of ISIS
2015-07-17 01:14
2015-07-17 01:17
I know that Americans generally have a pretty low attention span but I'm sure even you will manage to read these few sentences.
2015-07-17 01:19
false. I like kebab and I like nude hijab girls in my room. I love everyone, i just dont like the violent ones, there is no need for violence. (at this point and time) enough resources for evryone
2015-07-17 02:03
Not too sure what to think about this!
2015-07-17 03:39
nt germany cheaters
2015-07-17 13:51
Only brainwashed can believe in those studies, actually in any "studies".
2015-07-17 15:51
North America Foxaika 
The study the article references doesn't even mention violent videogames, let alone videogames. Just sedentary behavior in general. The article draws a conclusion from an article that is not directly related. Not only that, it makes a leap between playing violent videogames and playing for extended periods. The two are not the same.
2015-07-17 15:52
I stopped caring about these kind of studies long ago. People only "study" the group that favors their opinion.
2015-07-17 15:55
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2015-07-17 17:26
2015-07-17 17:45
op confirmed immigrant muslim lmao
2015-07-17 18:21
2015-07-18 02:06
i don't know anything
2015-07-18 10:16
You have 2300 comments on hltv, nerd B8ed
2015-07-18 10:22
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