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csgodev big news
Denmark OIJM8 :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD nice. better focus on merchandise and shit instead of improving your fucked up game. i like it.
2015-07-17 08:50
well, does this mean u can sell your skins for irl stuff then its kinda positive
2015-07-17 08:54
Denmark OIJM8 
yeah because who wouldn't love a t-shirt or a hoodie for $120+ with some shitty csgo logos on it. and no, it's bought from valvestore not marketplace :D
2015-07-17 08:56
damit, well I try to stay positive and suppress my anger for the bad hitboxes and 64 tick server, but well well...
2015-07-17 09:00
Denmark OIJM8 
it's just so hard not to :(
2015-07-17 09:02
gyazo please? site is blocked at work
2015-07-17 08:56
Denmark OIJM8 just random merchandise. t-shirts, hoodies and shit thats expensive as fuck that the community can create and sell on valves store.
2015-07-17 08:57
ty i thought it can't go worse but valve always proves me wrong.
2015-07-17 09:35
Poland Mannix 
hahhahaahahahahahahahah good job Valve
2015-07-17 08:59
Why have skills when you can have skins \_(ツ)_/
2015-07-17 09:02
Sweden Hampzuka 
Overpriced as usual, can find most of those merch at different stores.
2015-07-17 09:42
having merchandise is always a good thing and so is involving the community having people fixing the hit-boxes is also a good thing
2015-07-17 09:56
I think people should read this. Valve Dev speaking about the hitbox issues.
2015-07-17 09:58
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