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USP vs P2000
United Kingdom tiimo 
which one do you prefer to use? and why?
2015-07-20 09:06
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Cyprus Swishh_ 
knife all the way, pistols too mainstream
2015-07-20 09:07
2015-07-20 11:39
nt to joke
2015-07-20 11:59
Cyprus Swishh_ 
ty ty <3
2015-07-20 14:09
Chance knife
2015-07-21 18:49
Usp-s but sometimes I just don't feel it. Both are good.
2015-07-21 23:32
Played with p2000 700h, then tried usp-s and sticked with it. Because I like slow pace shooting and I have very good first bullet aim.
2015-07-20 09:09
cyx | 
Europe dA-oInK  
see #7 P2000' first bullet accuracy is actually better than USPs.
2015-07-20 10:42
AdreN | 
Kazakhstan Aiomie 
Nope. There is actually some test of it on youtube. You can find yourself.
2015-07-20 12:25
Game files tell you otherwise. The inaccuracy while standing still for the P2k is 6.9, for the USP-S it's 6.4.
2015-07-20 12:25
I play p2000. I don't know why I hit more with that shit. Everyone is telling me the usp-s is more accurate but i can't hit with it xdd
2015-07-20 09:09
the p200 is actually more accurate at first shot accuracy than the usps (31m/29m), but the recoil on the p2k is bigger
2015-07-20 09:16
it is more accurate from 29 to 31 metters. in shorter or longer distances the usp-s is a bit more accurate, if u don't believe me go into the game and check it by urself
2015-07-21 10:13
+when you sneaking you can ez pew pew every1 and nobody knows where bullets come from
2015-07-21 12:18
p2k feels mor accurate whuile running and spraying
2015-07-20 14:11
2015-07-21 09:20
f0rest | 
Finland valta- 
cause its the noob gun for those who cant headshot with usp
2015-07-21 23:34
USP . I don`t want to explain .
2015-07-20 09:14
most of the time ive used the p2000 but could switch sometimes
2015-07-20 09:14
P2000 if u are at a very bad streak, just rush bullets...otherwise usp, mainly for long shots.
2015-07-20 09:16
Usp because of a larger chance of not giving up your position, and nice feeling when tapping heads
2015-07-20 09:16
I liked P2000, every pistol I got atleast one 1click but then I switched to the USP because I got a really cool Orion... I know...
2015-07-20 09:17
I was using m4a1 until i get Howl. So, I understand you.. xD
2015-07-20 09:53
Preference. /close
2015-07-20 09:17
Its a fucking discussion forum, you're supposed to discuss shit like this ("__")
2015-07-20 09:46
Ok let's discuss what is faster, an Audi A4 red color or blue color
2015-07-20 11:33
I prefer asiimov over howl
2015-07-20 11:35
I dont deserve for rekt But srsly though, you can use p2k because you like its look, but then again you cant say it is better than the usp, and the other way around.
2015-07-20 11:38
usp better becuz pewpewpew?
2015-07-20 12:05
omg why are u not understand when u got silencer u are invisible, easy choice they cant see u when u shoot. P2k really noisy they see u easy
2015-07-20 12:07
You are not my friend *my friend intensifies* my friend, you are my brother, my friend
2015-07-20 12:09
"I do not understand too much but i should to want" -Papabicep aka realG
2015-07-20 12:12
nt jw
2015-07-20 12:37
'which one do you prefer to use? and why?' 'Preference. /close'
2015-07-20 12:22
p2000 because one extra bullet
2015-07-20 09:17
but i only kill with the last bullet. usp reaches last bullet of a mag faster.
2015-07-21 10:05
Since i mostly play premades with 5, i usually take the same positions on the maps we play. I mostly play short to medium range positions as CT, so i prefer to use the P2000. I tried the USP-S a few times but i just get more kills with the P2000.
2015-07-20 09:19
USP but first round I'd buy an upgraded pistol if not buying armor.
2015-07-20 09:21
Germany pr9ud 
five seven + nade, GG B on d2 :D
2015-07-20 10:59
5-7 + smoke is better
2015-07-20 12:10
Germany pr9ud 
if they rush b and double nade the rnd is over :D
2015-07-20 12:20
United States Valyns 
USP. I can get the individual one taps with the P2K, but if more than one rush me, I prefer the USP cuz it has less recoil.
2015-07-20 09:23
Bulgaria J&J 
2015-07-20 11:36
USP because i think is more accurate on long range. But i think that is bullshit, something in my head. Something like you change your resolution, but this is just stupid reason when you have bad day.
2015-07-20 09:27
Silver1 confirmed.
2015-07-20 09:42
Ye, i'm suck. I can't go up to silver 2
2015-07-20 09:48
I'm suck Lol lern english...
2015-07-20 12:52
yeah "lern" english
2015-07-20 14:15
? It's written right?
2015-07-21 09:15
2015-07-21 09:27
NEO | 
Denmark Bqlle 
2015-07-21 09:31
correct your English first
2015-07-21 12:16
rekt yourself there
2015-07-21 23:34
I dont really feel the difference, i would play with p2000 but i have usp-s orion XD
2015-07-20 09:28
USP without suppressor
2015-07-20 09:43
+1 most accurate gun in CSGO kappa
2015-07-20 09:47
Forest on hltv?
2015-07-20 10:36
well this decoy account got busted too time to get back to the drawing board
2015-07-20 10:39
P2000. Just felt i couldn't hut Shit with Usp so I switched
2015-07-20 09:44
p2000 "spray" is more accurate and better to control
2015-07-20 09:49
Finland Jiksu 
I've played both quite a bit, currently USP-S. If I had to name a reason I probably would go with the very slight extra time for enemy to locate my position on some occasions (ie. on cache I sometimes push into A-main on top of the boxes with a smoke as a cover for info). Definitely not a necessity, either weapon works just fine. tldr; Personal preference.
2015-07-20 09:54
i find p2000 is better on pistol rounds but the usp is better in every1 other situation
2015-07-20 09:55
P2000 - kit - smoke
2015-07-20 09:56
NEO | 
Poland Andrze7j 
P2000 but i don't kno why.
2015-07-20 10:02
Thailand meisy 
p2000, because i have stattrack skin
2015-07-20 10:09
500hours USP-S then switched to P2000. Playing P2000 since 2500 hours and sometimes USP but iam confused using USP on pistol round am not hitting any shots with USP. I am actually bad with pistols at all but sometimes i make 4 headshots with 4 bullets with P2000. I played a Faceit cup managed to get to the final match bo3 and made 4 brutal headshots while flickshooting with P2000. I dont get it :/ Help! :P
2015-07-20 10:26
You need help or you need us to say how good you are ? W0w bro theses 4hs... in final of FACEIT so brutal you are a beast damnn
2015-07-20 10:37
yeah its ok worstplaya come fuck me :( , i just want help what im doing wrong sometimes or why i play so inconsistent with the pistol, i think everyone did good hs with pistols. I just wanted to tell one example, where i played under pressure but still did great hs, its unusual to me but ok pls hate me, yeah, that gives me a pic of you
2015-07-20 10:56
Turkey powergs 
Sik beni prooooo
2015-07-20 10:56
my turkish is actually terrible but... hayir
2015-07-20 11:03
Turkey powergs 
Ohhh... Okay dude thx anyway :) topkek
2015-07-20 11:07
lulz :D
2015-07-20 11:08
Sweden klvmeister 
For me p2k works better on pistol rounds because With the ADADADADAD war that 90% of pistol rounds turn out to be, I find the P2K's movement accuracy to be invaluable. USP dont have tracers and only good point is "silencer". I remember watching shroud the other day and he used a usp while he normally uses the p2k and he didn't hit a single shot and they all looked perfect. He threw his hands up and was like "I dont get the usp." Exactly how I feel. Sometimes nothing connects...
2015-07-20 11:23
happened to me as well so because of that iam not using usp but on anti eco iam sometimes dominating with usp ?!?! Volvo pls fix :D . Iam trying to make accurate shots with P2000 but yes iam using that adadad movement. Can you give me any tips for being more consistent with Pistol because iam horrible sometimes or what am i doing wrong ?
2015-07-20 11:32
Sweden klvmeister 
pistol rounds are annoying if 5 man are rushing in your spot so I prefer p2k. In long range just tap... tap... One shot every 350-500ms. btw I just warmup on this map and sometimes DM using pistol only.
2015-07-20 12:27
so the idea is sometimes playing against bots might be usefull, ty :)
2015-07-20 12:31
United States Asop 
P2000 because it is more accurate.
2015-07-20 10:32
World johnDOE 
right hand USP, left hand p2k
2015-07-20 10:34
When i am tired of one i switch to another)
2015-07-20 10:35
2015-07-20 10:35
USP. Idk why but I feel like I can't hit shit with the p2k.
2015-07-20 10:36
p2000 is a headshot machine for me if I tap somehow usp-s always fails me no matter what plus it has less bullets
2015-07-20 10:37
depends on a game style...if you prefer to push on pistol rounds then p2k is better choice imo, but if you like to wait and play sneaky then USP is the best :D I like both, sometimes i switch them depends on map
2015-07-20 10:38
To further put some logic behind your opinion: You use pistol to finish off enemies or in the 1st round. In both these cases smth with reliable dmg (decent RoF) and capable of holding against glock train is required. This is P2K. On the other hand some use pistol for longer ranges when playing sneaky in eco rounds. This is Usp. Now considering how I use pistol and the majority of the cases I use it in, I prefer P2K, and I think it is underrated. For P2K style examples see Guardian, Shox and N0thing.
2015-07-20 11:37
2015-07-20 10:41
Usp besterst
2015-07-20 10:51
Israel sbd123 
usp cause tap tap is for the big boys DONT FUCKING SPRAY WITH USP NOOBS
2015-07-20 10:55
P2k best
2015-07-20 11:00
p2k close range,usp long range
2015-07-20 11:07
Spain chanSw0w 
2015-07-20 11:08
I like p2000 more on most maps. I like usp for holding mid on d2 for example though. Those long ranges where you don't have to worry about aimpunch are perfect for usp
2015-07-20 11:10
usp-s ftw
2015-07-20 11:18
USP-S coz better accuracy and after 1st shot enemy dont see us on radar
2015-07-20 11:20
P2000 is for noobs who cant aim so they can just spray :)
2015-07-20 11:24
2015-07-20 11:25
p2000 all day long.It feels more comfortable rahter than using usp,your choice is yours.They are actually the same.
2015-07-20 11:37
i play p2000 and mainly because i hold mid and if i have to rotate it will go down to close range . I used to use usp but i just found the p2000 better even tho i couldn't stand that pistol
2015-07-20 11:51
Spain ewg 
I switch between them all the time, idk after some time using p2k for example if I try the usp I feel much more confident and viceversa
2015-07-20 11:51
I am using p2k but what i dont get is that iam getting rekt by USP on DM all the time if i have 200 kills and 100 deaths, 95 deaths are only because of USP headshots
2015-07-20 11:53
I play with p2k cuz skin (fire elemental). :-) but I actually prefer usp, lol
2015-07-20 11:56
p2000 all the way
2015-07-20 12:12
New Zealand eoos 
USP-S p2k for me is worse, idk why, maybe bigger recoil using usp is funny, headshots, headshots and headshots
2015-07-20 12:19
smooya | 
United Kingdom azrl 
p2k. I can aim better with it for some reason.. Get more hs kills with it than usp-s..
2015-07-20 12:34
xantares uses usp so usp
2015-07-20 12:35
USP-S...I feel like a hitman with this gun :)
2015-07-20 12:46
nitr0 | 
Netherlands TTHump 
p2k all the way
2015-07-20 12:49
I use both, P2k good because of a lot of ammo, usp ninja
2015-07-20 12:54
Brazil AL1en 
2015-07-20 12:56
usp is just a little bit more accurate. Outside of pro level cs, all the way up to low level invite, i really don't think there is much tangible difference between usp and p2k, just whatever you feel comfortable with.
2015-07-20 12:56
USP feels more accurate to me. And it's ninja.
2015-07-20 12:56
usp without silencer bestest
2015-07-20 13:02
Russia baryga007 
usp, because of forest leaves skin.
2015-07-21 10:21
usp headshots hnggggggh
2015-07-21 10:24
usp because of good accuracy and stealth (i play very carefully with pistols and definitely don't want to be spotted).
2015-07-21 12:24
usp is better my friend
2015-07-21 12:25
USP cause it has less ammo - make me more self-collected, u have to aim to the heads in both cases.
2015-07-21 18:40
Brazil mth^ 
USP-S atm
2015-07-21 18:43
usp idk why but i feel like its more accurate
2015-07-21 18:48
p2000 because it makes [more]sound when shooting, so it doesnt make you feel like you are shooting with a water gun. Tried both, stuck with p2000
2015-07-21 18:53
I do p200 pulse for urban maps and usp blood tiger for desert maps :>
2015-07-21 18:55
p2k because i have an ocean foam
2015-07-21 18:58
I stick with one until I start doing bad with it constantly Right now I have used the usp-s for 3 months
2015-07-21 19:00
on the paper i know that the USP is better, but I just prefer the feeling of the p2k, though i usually switch around xd
2015-07-21 22:21
P2000, usp recoil looks too retarded with my viewmodel.
2015-07-21 23:37
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