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NiP wins cologne 2015
United States Ostankino 
Why everyone saying that NiP will win cologne 2k15 They are bootcamping and i watch NiP TV all the time, f0rest said that cologne will be most important tournament in their lifes? Maybe it's true, maybe they will rape every team and will cologne? What u think guys
2015-08-04 03:36
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wont pass group stage
2015-08-04 03:37
They will win :)
2015-08-04 03:51
delusional nip fan
2015-08-05 19:15
youre from brazil, dont know shit about csgo in your country:P
2015-08-04 04:46
United States tattiman789 
Might of been the stupidest thing I've ever heard
2015-08-04 05:09
haha +1
2015-08-04 05:13
except you didnt hear it, you read it. big dumb amerifat
2015-08-04 05:28
Might of xD
2015-08-04 05:29
ye and "wont pass group stage" that was not stupid to say then? retardeeelelelee go eat burger and stfu
2015-08-05 13:54
United States tattiman789 
Salty seem mad did mommy not change your diaper?
2015-08-05 19:10
2015-08-05 22:14
Norway norskeN 
when murifats type "might of" ha ha ha
2016-03-07 21:07
Vietnam NaMNaMNaM 
Holy shit, you must be one of the guys that just discovered internet by leaving Somalia and going to Swedistan.
2015-08-04 05:28
United States i0N 
2015-08-04 05:46
nice try f0rest
2015-08-04 18:02
nope at best get to semi finals, tho will probably get past group stage.
2015-08-04 03:38
World N0nPT 
Final navi vs nip hltv confirmed
2015-08-04 03:40
They won't win a major with the current line up thats for sure
2015-08-04 03:40
Man I kinda don't want NiP to lose, cause if they do, then all the 12 year old kids on HLTV will be giving them shit for not making a SIXTH CONSECUTIVE FINAL They gotta lose sometime :(
2015-08-04 03:46
The only cologne NiP will win is the Old Spice.
2015-08-04 03:52
They've been having poor results before almost every major, and every time they reached the final at least. 5 fucking times in a row. It's normal for people to expect something magical again. I personally think they won't succeed this time, but who knows?
2015-08-04 03:52
yeah, they just wanna come in as underdogs
2015-08-04 03:56
same feeling nip curse or nip magic
2015-08-04 04:47
United States velocityy 
how do u watch nip tv? on twitch or their website?
2015-08-04 04:08
f0rest will be MVP friberg will rekt all gtr will win all clutches allu will miss only 6 shots all tournament xizt with best strats natu will just watch GGs
2015-08-04 04:13
will allu only fire 6 shots?
2015-08-04 04:18
2015-08-04 04:26
2015-08-04 05:07
better them or navi, than fnatic
2015-08-04 04:15
South Africa rAwRzZz 
If allu lays off the drugs for the whole month they will 100% win cologne. If not, no chance
2015-08-04 04:15
I hope c9 vs nip quarterfinal again so c9 can get revenge for last year.
2015-08-04 04:44
God I love nip fanboys telling their dreams in hltv
2015-08-04 04:45
paki scene stronk
2015-08-04 05:29
2015-08-04 04:49
Don't worry, they always top preform in majors, not a single major where they din't make quarter finals, half the time they were in the grand final, its not like they're just going to fall apart
2015-08-04 05:15
"not a single major where they din't make quarter finals, half the time they were in the grand final" >being this dumb
2015-08-04 05:30
wtf are you talking about its true they were in grand finals twice and won once
2015-08-04 05:39
they were in the grand finals 5 times. Every single major that has ever happened in CSGO, NiP has been in the finals.
2015-08-04 06:23
lolwut, bad b8
2015-08-04 06:30
forgot about dreamhack :p
2015-08-04 17:32
c9 and nip will not make it past group stage, im calling it right now
2015-08-04 05:22
Wouldn't be impossible. No one ever thought they would win Cologne 2014, so why not now.
2015-08-04 05:25
c9 vs nip final calling it
2015-08-04 05:41
Nip better have some new strats are they are done.
2015-08-04 05:53
Wait do they stream their bootcamp in NiPTV?
2015-08-04 06:08
nip wont make it to the finals this event, sorry bros.
2015-08-04 06:11
NiP is going to be with TSM, C9 and Ebattle. Good fucking luck to them.
2015-08-04 06:13
.9999999999% chance
2015-08-04 06:14
Reunion dklinh 
who is everyone?
2015-08-04 06:15
Group will be: NiP NaVi Cloud9 Immunity Top3 awpers in same group - Allu rekts GuardiaN Destroys Skadoodle and becomes the top1 awper - Friberg owns and becomes the ultimate spraymaster again. After Cologne he starts losing weight and becomes the ultimate sexy beast of CSGO - GeT_RighT wins 5x 1v3 against cloud9 and rekts NaVi with his new lurking style. n0thing cries afterwards. - Xizt outcalls and outfrags seang@res and same against Zeus. After they 16-0 NaVi we will see Xizt laughing for the first time ever. He will be happy <3 - f0rest will become the ultimate pistol player again. He will be used as one man army in pistol strats, opening with crazy shots and owning clutches in pistols. Also will find his form from 2014 with rifles. Uses the AWP in NiPs dual-awp setup like a beast. Finally gets out of the jail. After groups they will face mouz (ez Xizt eats GobB for dinner) and then Fnatic (JW realizes Allu is the ultimate god, quits buying AWP and all Fnatics strats are useless) and at the finals they'll meet Kinguin. This match is ez for NiP, 2-0 but these two titans fighting will gather 1.8million viewers on stream :)
2015-08-04 06:21
Australia BCP 
they havent won a single bo3 in the last 3 months vs a top10 team
2015-08-04 18:08
Poland trancemeister 
TSM , C9 , Na'Vi , Fnatic , VP , EnVy > NiP NiP wins cologne 2015 , sure. H@H@H@.
2015-08-05 13:55
2015-08-05 13:55
Friberg can't frag. Get_RiGht forgot how to lurk. f0rest lost half his gamesense. Allu too static as an awper. Xizt calls are too predictable.
2015-08-05 19:14
No chance ! eBettle 2 STRONG :D
2015-08-05 19:16
Yup, they got it, suprising everyone like shit
2015-08-05 22:15
did they win?
2016-03-07 21:02
Turkey Shanon 
yes, check out bro
2016-03-07 21:05
man I really hope fifflaren gets kicked,he should be a caster maybe
2016-03-07 21:06
Turkey Shanon 
yeah men wtf 7-44 ))
2016-03-07 21:08
olofm seems like a good player,I think fnatic could really become the best team in the world
2016-03-07 21:09
Turkey Shanon 
yeah, olof and krimz are just too good
2016-03-07 21:12
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