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Deadpool trailer
Denmark OIJM8 I love it :D your thoughts?
2015-08-05 22:16
not quite carling
2015-08-05 22:18
Deadwhoo?l Kappa
2015-08-05 22:19
Looks like the kind of stuff 13-year olds get boners from
2015-08-05 22:22
Denmark OIJM8 
lmao sure
2015-08-05 22:23
Serbia Svipke 
pure shit :(
2015-08-05 22:24
Libya Ayudaaa 
what are you want
2015-08-05 22:25
Serbia Svipke 
Trailer worth of deadpool, not this 6yo crap. In whole trailer there is no single scene that makes me want to watch the movie.
2015-08-05 22:38
Libya Ayudaaa 
Still doesn't explain anything
2015-08-05 22:38
Bs, Deadpool was killed by Wolverine in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.
2015-08-05 22:24
Libya Ayudaaa 
That was in a parallel universe.
2015-08-05 22:25
i dont consider that movie relevant, it was pure shit
2015-08-05 22:26
well considering Deadpool killed the whole Marvel universe in a parallel universe, your arguement is invalid.
2015-08-05 23:05
Libya Ayudaaa 
Holy crap this looks amazing, cant wait :D
2015-08-05 22:24
Not even close to orginal Deadpool from comic. But still can be a nice movie for people who doesnt follow comics
2015-08-05 22:27
i dont follow comics, it just looks good plus ryan reynolds is perfect for the role IMO
2015-08-05 22:28
Yea, agree. I just hope they won't forget that Deadpool is not even close to being a hero :)
2015-08-05 22:33
Libya Ayudaaa 
Nothing like the comic but it still looks good, yea Deadpool isnt a hero except fot the one time he tried and failed xP
2015-08-05 22:40
His 'hero' acts usually came from random stupid shit xd
2015-08-05 22:58
Libya Ayudaaa 
2015-08-05 22:59
Lithuania TaigoN 
Crap as all the other movies of superheroes like spiderman, batman, etc. I'm prepared for a big amount of hate.
2015-08-05 22:32
since when was batman crap? you do realize dark knight is one of the highest rated movies right
2015-08-05 22:33
Latvia SEHUN 
When i saw the mlg triple kill allready understood that the movie will be released for children. Even if R-rated blabla kids will watch it lol.
2015-08-05 22:35
Damn those fckers, they're similar to the "Fast&Furious" producers - they also try to squeeze a water out of the dry stone, when they "resurrected" that Chinese friend of Toretto after his deatch in the 3rd "F&F" and put him into the 5th, 6th and 7th chapters of the movie. And now Deadpool, who appeared in X-Men Wolverine and was killed right there, and now he's somehow alive, has a different face, damn dem idiots, who decided to make the movie.
2015-08-05 22:36
you dont even know what you're talking about. han was not resurrected, tokyo drift happened after f&f 6, hence why han was talking about moving to tokyo in that movie. he died in tokyo and then f&f 7 happened. x-men wolverine was utter shit, no wonder they decided to remake deadpool, his mouth was fucking sewed shut lmao
2015-08-05 22:42
Han died in the 3rd F&F, if you aren't able to understand, that the idea of priquel in this particular case is to resurrect already dead heroes and make money out of them, then it's nothing to talk about. They killed him in the 3rd chapter, but then found out, that he's a pretty lovely person, that can attract more viewers. Look at the whole F&F - they should have closed the project after the 4th chapter, they released the 5th one - OK, it wasn't that bad, although it contained an obvious fantasy (do you need me to point out, where it was a fantasy?) but the 6th was even more of a fantasy movie, and the 7th was pure crap. To make the obvious crap less crappy, they resurrected Han and put him into all the movies after the 3rd F&F.
2015-08-05 22:54
you are stupid, my friend... X-Men Wolverine happened in a parallel universe...but if you really want to go there, in an other parallel one, Deadpool killed the whole Marvel, yeah. There you go.
2015-08-05 23:08
grow up and get yourself any brain b4 calling someone else stupid no need to be mad
2015-08-06 11:41
Grammatically incorrect sentence. Maybe you need to learn a little more English before trying to argue with someone. Anyway, calling you stupid is a valid fact, therefore you can't call me childish, nor immature.
2015-08-06 14:43
nt kid, but you're still too small-brained to troll me, try harder next time may be when you grow up, you'll be able to troll like a boss
2015-08-08 14:56
2015-08-05 23:11
i like this actress so beatiful
2015-08-05 22:41
i personally dont give a fuck infact first time i heard about deadpool this year...
2015-08-05 22:42
Another retarded superhero movie, yay
2015-08-05 23:13
except hes not a superhero
2015-08-05 23:13
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