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eBettle wasted spot at Cologne
United Kingdom Finding 
They just lost to some randomers tier 69 team called Epifanny Before you ask no I didnt lose any skins I actually won some as I bet on Epiphany :)
2015-08-10 19:55
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Finland jayss 
Still better than Immunity.
2015-08-10 19:57
I guess so, shame we won't see them play each other at Cologne.
2015-08-10 19:59
could very well see after they scramble the groups
2015-08-10 20:07
Poland HajperCSGO 
mix team>roccat
2015-08-10 19:59
They had a lucky day. They played train alot and the fact its super ct-sided helped them get a spot in major.
2015-08-10 19:59
saving strats for Cologne top, kek
2015-08-10 20:01
Poland SoLLL 
Sticker money <3
2015-08-10 20:03
Which they will spend on endless supplies of fast food.
2015-08-10 20:06
it's funny because a guy form ebettle has nickname gruby gruby in Polish means fat :P
2015-08-11 11:26
2015-08-10 20:05
Who cares they qualified in the European qualifiers so they deserve the spot simple as that every major tournament will have heavy underdogs at least they aren't hosting useless qualifiers in random Asian countries anymore. (Wolf)
2015-08-10 20:06
-eBettle +rattlesnk
2015-08-10 20:07
Epiphany is not a Mix team. They've been together for a few months now + I believe they have idea of staying together. They also were in the Cologne qualis and lost to eBettle on overtime. So no they are not just a random mixteam.
2015-08-10 20:08
United States allnewluke 
so wasted cause they did not beat the 2 teams that were favorite to qualify
2015-08-10 20:11
how much u lost?
2015-08-10 20:49
I'd say it's Titan's bad performance in match against them.
2015-08-10 20:57
- Ebettle + Dignitas - Inmmunity + Roccat Roccat stickers would be the best in the game
2015-08-10 21:01
G2 stickers would be cool but they are shit and tier99
2015-08-11 11:27
Well epiphany was also playing the qualifier if im right? eBettle won their qualifiers and have beaten titan which makes them deserve their spot ;) not wasted at all... Or if we talk with your logic, we could very well say epiphany beat ebetlle, ebettle spot wasted .. Ebetlle beat titan titan spot wasted aswell
2015-08-11 11:31
Saving strats ?
2015-08-11 11:35
losing two close maps online means a lot they qualified so they deserve it /thread
2015-08-11 11:36
they throw for skins, one of many teams that do so.
2015-08-11 11:37
eBettle 100% to playoffs haters <3 :D
2015-08-11 11:38
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