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This guy is insane with an AWP. I only saw him rifling all the time, recently he started to AWP(instead of pasha) and he´s a beast...he lands some crazy flickshoots, can outawp guardian or skadoodle as well. Was he playing with an AWP in 1.6 actually?
2015-08-20 22:27
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Sweden SLITZ 
He was p90 god in 1.6
2015-08-20 22:27
Yes, he was playing with an AWP in 1.6
2015-08-20 22:29
He starded AWPing after that 16-0(we all remember). Yes, he was like secondary, if I'm not mistaken. I think LUq was awping in 1.6
2015-08-20 22:29
NEO | 
Poland koperek 
1st awper in 1.6 was luq/pasha, 2nd neo, 3rd kuben - they played three snipers sometimes
2015-08-20 22:34
NEO | 
Poland koperek 
he plays very well last few months
2015-08-20 22:30
he wasn't playing with awp in 1.6 too much. In the beginning LUq was main awper and then pasha.
2015-08-20 22:32
NEO was one of the best awpers in 1.6
2015-08-20 22:36
in 1.6 he played with riffles and awp.
2015-08-20 22:37
Sweden mrarrogant 
he was not main awper but he did pick it up regularly.. just like i pick up women ;)
2015-08-20 22:40
in cs 1.6 he was sick with every weapon
2015-08-20 22:41
neo could play any gun in 1.6 he was probably the best rifler, had the best movement and was a very good with awp aswell. compare him to olof now, just with way better movement (can't be done in csgo)
2015-08-20 22:44
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