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ESL one day 1: Highlights
Denmark JackL 
Just a quick little edit i threw together with some of the best plays from today :)
2015-08-21 00:13
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When does next match start?again 2pm?
2015-08-21 00:17
the quality and smoothness is amaaaazing mate, but we all would've loved to see the action that is not in the 3 hltv videos aswell :(
2015-08-21 00:24
Denmark JackL 
It's basically the only sick actions from today tho :/ thought maybe some people would like it in 1 video instead with smooths and better flow than the hltv highlights.
2015-08-21 00:34
dude there have been lots of sick shots and 3k/4k and aswell some amazing antiecos which don't get highlighted
2015-08-21 00:40
Poland n1u 
Really nice edit mate! But where is Snax ace :(
2015-08-21 00:54
Good video man! Keep it up :D
2015-08-21 09:21
Lmao "Best plays" my ass Especially the last clip garbage
2015-08-21 09:22
Alright im sorry i called it best plays, instead of highlights - If i knew people would cry as much as you because of it I would not have done it. thanks for the criticism though It really is going to help me improve the quality of my videos.
2015-08-21 23:00
nice video
2015-08-21 22:14
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