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Europe THE GOAT! 
This match its so funny im lmao :D its just about 2 cheating teams who are trying to win against each other. hahahaha this is so sad cant belive it :D GG VALVE you messed it up again.
2015-08-23 20:03
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How much?
2015-08-23 20:04
I didnt bet anything thx for asking. :)
2015-08-23 20:08
Yes, you will need this later:
2015-08-23 20:11
trashkid >_>
2015-08-23 20:12
It's ok my friend, i know it hurts.
2015-08-23 20:13
Sweden Rojder 
you mom had no time to raise you, I can see that, so she gave you away to live with the wild pigs and crows
2015-08-23 20:36
You are biggest trashkid there, stop making retarded threads. silver noob
2015-08-23 20:36
Silver Things, How much?
2015-08-23 20:05
Yep, novas should not get overwatch.
2015-08-23 20:06
Im global and i made my way up there on my own, playing cs since beta 0.8 . And now you ?
2015-08-23 20:09
wtf, after 15 years "experience" you call these guys cheater? W0W. 2 Years CSGO, Supreme-Global, 11RWS in esea.
2015-08-23 20:12
you nailed it. obv i know way more about the game then 99% of the newbs on hltv
2015-08-23 20:13
sooooo whats the point of your post?
2015-08-23 20:15
He is loosing dem skinz and mad now.
2015-08-23 20:16
the point of my post was that 800k ppl are watching cheaters on twitch and getting hyped.
2015-08-23 20:30
You have proof of them cheating, or are you just going on your own opinion?
2015-08-23 20:37
last round 1v2 obv aimbot. but unfortunatly you will get ripped apart by the hltv user when u say that. ppl should learn something about hax before the reply to threats like this one. its just sad. trying to rise the attention on cheating, even talked to valve and gave them a lot of info but its just like nobody cares. is so sad that cs is dead. and all i get is flames by newcomers who just have no clue about the history of cs. im done , hype your cheater scene.
2015-08-23 21:04
Still dont see proof, ecxept your bullshit. Got proof? Or are you just a guessing silver-boy? go cry to your mother, maybe she can hug you.
2015-08-23 21:05
omfg this behavior is so poor. this community has become something i never wanted to be part of.
2015-08-23 21:13
because you still a silver who thinks he can "spot cheats"? kk, buhbye! <3
2015-08-23 21:15
you're so sad, i bet you're one of those guys who dies on first round and instantly calls hacks, global my ass, silver kid, go cry to your mom
2015-08-23 21:18
15years and only 11rws? Mate get checked.
2015-08-23 20:18
why u dod isis?
2015-08-23 20:32
learn to read mate
2015-08-23 20:33
Finland jayj 
"2 Years CSGO, Supreme-Global, 11RWS in esea." U read it wrong
2015-08-23 20:33
lol 1 sec, u got a 11rws too, lets do a gay marriage.
2015-08-23 20:36
this thread is fucked up. The G0at:"And now you ?" My answer:"2 Years CSGO, Supreme-Global, 11RWS in esea." dem keks
2015-08-23 20:39
first, there wasnt any 0.8 beta. second, how much? third, my acc on hltv is older than yours even csgo being my first cs... :D
2015-08-23 20:39
you just destroyed his life
2015-08-23 20:41
csgo is your first cs ga,e... ofc you know nothing about things before hl1 or maybe even hl2. shut up and never ever try to argue with ppl on hltv about cs. oh and btw : #rekt and do you belive it - there was even a 0.7 or a 0.6. and also 0.1 since its not hard to know that every single fucking game has a beta and alpha and u say it just didnt exist at cs? xD lmao please stop it :D
2015-08-23 20:52
you seem to be the only one who doesnt know anything about cs in general + hl...
2015-08-23 20:49
but for real, there wasnt a 0.8 beta
2015-08-23 20:51
hl users are you fucking retarded and think they know it all. common behavior. i quess this guy is playing cs since sauce or csgo idk. fucking braindead kids >_>
2015-08-23 20:53
yes, and you are one of these retards that write an "q" instead of a "g". "quess".
2015-08-23 20:56
2015-08-23 20:59
n p
2015-08-23 21:01
2015-08-23 20:07
majors should have a dmg+ requirement to watch them
2015-08-23 20:07
said the LE xDDD
2015-08-23 20:09
im lem and whats wrong with that?
2015-08-23 20:13
cuz u talk about rank req. 2 ranks below your own xD
2015-08-23 20:18
2 ranks isnt a small difference, im 2 ranks below global..
2015-08-23 20:20
everything below global is trash since valve messed up the ranking system sry.
2015-08-23 20:21
im casually playing and im enjoying the game, stop thinking that if you're global then youre some sort of elite class human
2015-08-23 20:23
wtf are you talking about? you was the one who started to count out low ranked players xD
2015-08-23 20:24
lem-supreme and everyday i see alot of shit globals some dmg´s are better ;) global only aim no brain ...
2015-08-23 20:33
ye happens a lot.
2015-08-23 20:35
I lold at "elite class human"
2015-08-24 16:57
nbkill :D
2015-08-23 20:32
2015-08-23 20:07
Finland kappaboi 
2015-08-23 20:24
kioshima jumpkilling people 24/7
2015-08-23 20:13
Zeus | 
Ukraine trNc 
pure silver
2015-08-23 20:13
rofl u godamn kid, how much just tell me ? BUHAHAHAHAH " i didnt bet " HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH GET REKT
2015-08-23 20:15
Hahahahhaha its so fun to watch salty fans like you
2015-08-23 20:17
thx hope you enjoy it. btw im not intrested in this match since its obvious whats going on.
2015-08-23 20:20
some people need to do research, i know exactly whats going on here like u the goat!. sadly this is how cs:go is nowadays. it's to obvious that almost every single pro team has 1 or more cheaters who pays a coder to provide them with cheats. even coders like supex0 and me1n says that there's atleast 20-30 active cheaters in the pro scene today. and they are being nice with that number :) tho it seems like this will be cs:go in the future, if not the coders and players somehow gets mad at eachother for payment issues etc, the coders will give dll files to valvle and gg's ^^
2015-08-23 20:33
2015-08-23 20:36
Btw, since u are a smart guy ;) How come like almost every player, like flusha and JW use their middlefinger on scroll? U've seen that Tweeday clip of kRYSTAL when he was accused of cheating on mirage? He also used middlefinger on scroll with his toggling with aimkey. I'm kinda confident that many players use that scroll for smooth aim, what do u think? Since it's likely the cheats is in their mouse memory.
2015-08-23 20:41
idk, i think mouse 4/5 would be better because u dont ahve to change your mouse grip. ive already wrote below that krystal uses his mwheel for weaponswitch when hes awping. might have been an aimlock (but i would denie that) but defently not on mouse3. rewatch it and youll se the weapon switch.
2015-08-23 20:47
if u look at his keyboard u can see him using either Q or 1-2 when switching weapons, and not his scroll. Would be easier to show u in person to explain. But take a look and u can see it.
2015-08-23 20:51
2015-08-23 20:43
no bet no crying gtfo fag
2015-08-23 20:20
delete csgo and play dota pls.
2015-08-23 20:28
wow you are defently one of these hltv users with a lot of useful answeres. glad you post something here.
2015-08-23 20:30
l2p nub
2015-08-24 16:39
this is hilarious, people can't be so blind to see that both these teams are toggling incredibly hard..
2015-08-23 20:31
it's cuz they are in denial and not eduacated u can say in how cheat coders and cheats in general works. and how easy it is. Someway it gets fair, since both teams have 4-5 cheaters :P
2015-08-23 20:34
not really cheaters but ex cheaters, there are esl guys behind them so i doubt anyone is cheating right now in this game. But yeah flusha, jw, apex they cheated in the past
2015-08-23 20:33
trust me there are atleast 8 cheaters playing on the stage right now, whether u wanna believe it or not :) the cheat coders are so freakin good, they can hide the smooth aim and trigger sooo freakin good, even if u stand right behind them and look onto the screen, u cannot see it. The only way is if u get cameras onto the keyboard and mouse of all players, therefor u can match the game with their movement, and see anything fishy. just like kRYSTAL with Tweedays filming of him, u can see him using "scroll" as an aimkey. note that many pro players, like flusha and jw, has their middle finger on scroll almost permanetly. Coincidence? I think not ;)
2015-08-23 20:37
Switch weapons or bind jump?
2015-08-23 20:42
I lol'd so hard at this post. "u cannot see it. " And yet you imply you do. "many pro players, like flusha and jw, has their middle finger on scroll almost permanetly." Many players use scrollwheel for jumping. Also, it's a common mouse grip. I have my middle finger on the scrollwheel 24/7. Am i cheater as well?
2015-08-23 20:43
man u are retarded. i said u cannot see the cheat, like common man, they aren't using a box-glow wallhack u prick. THINK, and do RESEARCH before saying they don't cheat, it's blatant obvious they do. And i said i dont think its a coincidence that the accused players that all of them holds middlefinger on scroll, when recently u could see kRYSTAL using his aimkey on scroll. I just said thats a probability.
2015-08-23 20:45
"u cannot see the cheat" "it's blatant obvious they do" smh
2015-08-23 20:47
"just like kRYSTAL with Tweedays filming of him, u can see him using "scroll" as an aimkey. " he fastswitches with the mousewheel when hes awping. I think ive pointed this out in a previous topic, if u dont belive me take a look at his CFG and look what hes exactly doing. And even cams behind the players wont be enougth to catch them. There are cheats you wont even notice if you are playing on an "infected" pc. #rip
2015-08-23 20:43
what i meant with cams is that it would scare the players to use it more. Since A TON of clips viewing when they are toggling a aimkey or not pressing mouse 1 for shooting etc.
2015-08-23 20:58
/delete /ban
2015-08-23 20:33
Belarus 4rz 
Envy is seriously pretty suspicious...
2015-08-23 20:34
idiot or idiot?
2015-08-23 20:35
lolol i thought it was just me, u notice too
2015-08-23 20:35
I just dont get how ppl on hltv can be that blind and defend them. Its a known fact that around 30% of the top players are cheaters. So many players got banned and nobody would have ever suspected them. So many blinded ppl are defending them. No body gives a shit and thats why they are allowed to play on this lvl. Cmon flame the shit out of this post i know you will enjoy it.
2015-08-23 20:40
Exactly, just ask the famous coders like supex0 and me1n how many they think are cheating, they are kindly saying atleast 30 in the pro scene and cheating and have a cheat coder providing cheats for them for some ammount of money in exchange. People need to think logicly.
2015-08-23 20:43
So logically for you is "listen to this random dude from the internet"?
2015-08-23 21:02
well he makes more sense then 99% of the ppl who replied to my threat. since hes not following all these idiots and atleast haves his own opinion. i mean ppl are just replying and see that 90% say they are legit and flame the shit out of everyone whos telling you something else. thats just common human behavior to follow the bigger percentage of ppl cuz you expect them to be right. sry bad english but maybe you understood me.
2015-08-23 21:10
Many people agreeing with someone doesn't make it wrong nor right. Most people in the world believe that the earth is round, doesn't make it wrong. Many people used to believe the earth is flat. Didn't make it right.
2015-08-23 21:13
i understand u :) u are 100% correct, people are just following the crowd and not willing to do research themselves and look after what themself thinks.
2015-08-23 21:14
Hi please reply
2015-08-23 20:48
2015-08-23 21:02
Apex, kio, happy, flusha, krimz, olof, I'm just hoping the toggling will keep escalating until one of them undeniably self-busts. This match makes me want to puke.
2015-08-23 20:50
Sadly it won't untill the coders or themselves reveal or mess with the DLL files :/
2015-08-23 20:55
Your looking like a silver elite insulting a dmg of absolute aimbot.
2015-08-23 20:50
GuardiaN | 
Slovakia Kedo2 
HLTV kids
2015-08-23 21:07
Goat logic
2015-08-23 21:12
Other kkd 
vac cuz mad
2015-08-23 21:15
Damn those aimkey toggling from flusha there 1v1 vs kio was so obvious lol :P
2015-08-23 21:17
Europe smaletski 
VOLVO cant get better anti cheat?
2015-08-24 16:45
yea yea i love it when i see people like you flaming ... you just cant get on that level ofc you have to flame gg wp
2015-08-24 16:51
You can yell as much as you want, it is still the most stupid thing to do until you bring proof to back what you are saying.
2015-08-24 16:52
gr8 b8 m8
2015-08-24 16:55
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