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EAC server host?
rah | 
United Kingdom rah(-_-) 
Yo guys. Is there any server host which includes easy anti-cheat? Thanks :]
2011-09-25 01:33
Trust me, EAC is useless.
2011-09-25 01:50
is not
2011-09-25 17:00
It is ;) I've reported a lot of cheaters, they just ban their steamids. They buy another steam and still play there. And there's some kind of cheats they say "oh its a derp herp interference IP so its not cheat!!11!1" They are just stupid.
2011-09-25 17:26
yxo | 
Ukraine piratz0r 
ye its sad. they even dont understand that in this way they kill game. like in my country cheaters and onliners win almost all online cups with prize money @ eac.
2011-09-25 19:24
2011-09-25 02:24
its :p
2011-09-25 02:42
Haha my bad it was late :P
2011-09-25 16:24
fRoD | 
Russia cowoncrack 
imo myAC+nosteam cs>>>>>>>>EAC :) theres a lot of cheats on EAC and its funny, when ppl says : oh, eac+steam its cool, and who plays on nosteam are cheaters. My friend used to play on steam+EAC in clan wars, so he always noticed aimbots and whs.Imo you should play cws with ppl, who usually plays on lan tournaments with you, and all would be ok :)
2011-09-25 02:33
Haha, I use EAC every day and no hackers.Best AC imo. (sometimes EAC is turned off by server and then enemy cheats so always check for EAC)
2011-09-25 16:59
yxo | 
Ukraine piratz0r 
cool story bro. eac proof cheat costs ~50$
2011-09-25 19:26
Brazil sidde^ 
I <3 EAC
2011-09-25 17:05
2011-09-25 17:29
eac is cool :)
2011-09-25 18:06
2011-09-25 19:01
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